Learning Tantra can happen in a few different ways and really depends on what it is you are wishing to experience and come away with. I welcome your appointment for a free consultation call with me so I can help determine the best direction depending on your goals. You can also explore the links below.

Private Tantra and Neo Tantra Coaching

A highly effective custom experience tailored to you for the challenges you have and/or the areas you want to focus on.

I work with women, men, and couples on the topics of sexual mastery, abuse recovery, addictions, integrated living, relationship enhancement and/or repair and the alchemy of money and business mastery.

I  work online with clients all over the world and will travel to your location or you can travel to mine for weekend intensives.

Online Tantra Programs

Tantra, Neo Tantra, and Modern Tantra Online programs give you a variety of ways to attain experience, gain knowledge and mastery.

Tantra Sexual Mastery Programs- Men

Exploring Your Bliss Programs- Women

     Discover Sex and Soul- Couples (Repair)

     Deep Sexy Relationship– Couples   (Enhance)

Modern Tantra- The Six Tantras to Integrated Living

The Tantra of Business- Online Programs and Mastermind

Tantra and Neo Tantra Workshops 

The Tantra Connection- for All

Unleash Your Bliss- for Women

Awaken Your Warrior- for Men

Connect Sex and Soul- for Couples

 Tantra Sacred Intimacy- for Couples

Ignite Your Life- Healing with Tantra- All

Ultra Exclusive Peak Arousal Immersion