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The Power of Tantra

Many thousands of years ago Ancient Tantra Masters were the grand experimenters of life.

Exploring and pushing the bounds of human potential they created the most powerful systems and technologies for personal transformation that has ever existed. Lineage based, passed from teacher to student in an unbroken stream of wisdom, Guru devotion is a core element of Lineage Tantra.

Modern Tantra- the Six Tantras of Integrated Living, 15 years in the making, was created from a combination of my Lineage Tantra training and my extensive studies in modern brain science, our evolutionary design, along with other allopathic and holistic modalities of healing and transformation.

Neo Tantra, Western Tantra, or New Age Tantra, is an important practice in our society where shame and repression are common around sexuality. Neo Tantra offers a variety of formats and practices designed to enhance our sexual pleasure, expand our capacity to experience better orgasms, better connection to ourselves and others and to heal from our sexual wounding.

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“I have found Tanja to be an open book, meaning she coaches from her center, from her integral self – and lays out her life and experience for you to draw upon, and to understand her by. There is a lack of pretense, a vulnerability, a brutal honesty, and a walking of her own talk to Tanja that I can rely upon because I know the source. Who knew integrity meant awakening to and aligning with our real values and beliefs, letting feelings just play out inside us, and nudging ourselves to alignment and realignment through little practices and pattern breaks? Although she has tremendous depth and knowledge around sexuality – the subject I first came to her for – she normalized the topic for me as an expression and outgrowth of integral self – not for separate consideration, but an important part of my whole. Thank you, Tanja” .    – Paul A. CEO