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Some teachers have the ability to demonstrate the techniques in comfortable circumstancesOthers are the living example of their teachings. Some can reveal the deeper concepts and roots of the path. Others will bring you closer to living the practice each moment of every day. It is rare to find one teacher who embodies all of these qualities. That teacher is Tanja Diamond! Shaun Robinson- founder Paradigm Martial Arts

You’re here for a reason, you’re searching for something.

Sexual Mastery

Healing Trauma

Sublime Relationships

Curing Sexual Dysfunction

 Soul sex


Energy Mastery

Overcoming addiction

Peak Arousal

You’re in the right place

Are you Bankrupt in the Bedroom?

by Tanja Diamond

“I have found Tanja to be an open book, meaning she coaches from her center, from her integral self – and lays out her life and experience for you to draw upon, and to understand her by. There is a lack of pretense, a vulnerability, a brutal honesty, and a walking of her own talk to Tanja that I can rely upon because I know the source. Who knew integrity meant awakening to and aligning with our real values and beliefs, letting feelings just play out inside us, and nudging ourselves to alignment and realignment through little practices and pattern breaks? Although she has tremendous depth and knowledge around sexuality – the subject I first came to her for – she normalized the topic for me as an expression and outgrowth of integral self – not for separate consideration, but an important part of my whole. Thank you, Tanja” .    – Paul A. CEO



Lineage or Classical Tantra

Many thousands of years ago Ancient Tantra Masters
were the grand experimenters of energy and life.

Exploring and pushing the bounds of human potential they created the most powerful systems and technologies for personal transformation that have ever existed.

Lineage based teaching and wisdom was only passed from Guru/Master to the student in an unbroken stream of consciousness. Guru devotion is a core element of Lineage Tantra.

Like old school martial arts, you had to prove yourself worthy of the master’s attention and spend years devoted to the process.

 Only 3 percent of its teaching had anything to do with sex and many masters were celibate. 

This path would be right for you if you desire to learn energy mastery
and explore a lifestyle of deep knowledge and profound transformation and can find an authentic Tantra Master.

Neo Tantra,  Western Tantra,

or New Age Tantra 

Neo Tantra is a relative newcomer on the scene and has little to do with its namesake Tantra. 

If good boundaries are practiced and ethical
practitioners are found it and can be an important
practice in our society where shame and repression are common around sexuality.

Neo Tantra offers a variety of formats and practices designed to enhance our sexual pleasure, expand our capacity to experience better orgasms,
better connection to ourselves and
others, and to heal from our sexual wounding.

Sadly Neo Tantra is a place where there can be
a lot of abuse of power and much misunderstanding
exist so please use caution when engaging in workshops or private work.

Some can call themselves a teacher after reading a book or taking a weekend class, check references. A teacher should always teach boundaries and consent as well as have trauma training, and not engage in sex with students.


Tanja Diamond inhales the ancient alchemy of Tantra and breathes new life into us through our senses, re-awakening the magic that is our birthright.

Rev. Dr. Katherine O’Connell, Jungian Psychologist, Author

  Modern Tantra
Modern Tantra – The 7 Tantras of Integrated Intelligence

Modern Tantra – The 7 Tantras of Integrated Intelligence
, is the life mastery education you never
received from your family, your schooling, or anywhere else.


A deep profound personal journey into your truest self free from childhood programming,
poor or abusive sexual miseducation, societies should’s, past traumas, unwanted behaviors and addiction symptoms, 
and anything else that doesn’t serve your highest good.

Modern Tantra Tantra 1 – The Tantra of Spiritual Connection

Modern Tantra Tantra 3 – The Tantra of Relations

Modern Tantra Tantra 5 – The Tantra of Passionate Purpose

Modern Tantra Tantra 2 – The Tantra of Self Awareness

Modern Tantra Tantra 4 – The Tantra of Sexual Healing

Modern Tantra Tantra 6 – The Tantra of Energy Mastery

Modern Tantra Tantra 7 – The Tantra of Integration Intelligence

Tanja has helped me face some big issues – I realized limiting beliefs that no amount of self -improvement, and seminars (including Tony Robbins) could do. She has truly shattered my beliefs around masculinity, energy, and sexuality. I’m honored to call her a mentor and look forward to more of her teachings getting out there.

Cheyenne K