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If you’re looking for a guest that will get your phones to ring, book Tanja Diamond!  The only way your phones will ring more is if you were giving away money – and then only barely.  Tanja is enthusiastic, entertaining and knows a lot about sex….and we mean a lot!  She’s the perfect guest to spice up your show.

Nat and Drew in the Morning, 95Crave Vancouver, BC

Tanja has helped me face some big issues – I realized limiting beliefs that no amount of self -improvement, and seminars (including Tony Robbins) could do. She has truly shattered my beliefs around masculinity, energy, and sexuality. I’m honored to call her a mentor and look forward to more of her teachings getting out there.
Cheyenne K - Canada

Below are some video testimonials from Couples who attended a Neo Tantra couple’s intimacy workshop I do.

“It was fabulous, Unbelievable,  so safe, way beyond anything I ever would have expected really.

It’s just been a fabulous week and both of us have done a lot of work in the past, and we kept getting stuck in one specific area, and this whole weekend made us move past that with just a lot of hope.”

“I’ve learned some basic things that I can take away and that’s gonna really help us move forward in our relationship. We flew in from Miami,  yeah, we had our doubts,  but our money was well spent.  

 I was kind of on the border wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. I just knew I wanted to save my marriage I wanted things to be better than what they were. And, you know me and my wife we’ve been taking a small step forward, backward, forward, backward, and coming here we took a huge step forward. So it was well worth it.”

“What this work does is it brings me closer to Jen my partner.  I am a businessman, I run a lot of busy retreats and we do a lot of different things here and this couples intimacy retreat, what it does for me is brings me so much closer to myself, I get practical skills that I learn as a man, but I’m also getting very practical skills that I get to use with my partner. It’s the second time we’ve taken this course and to see the change that I’ve made within myself and how much closer we are as a couple goes beyond any words, and I’ll let my beautiful goddess take it from there.

I feel deeply and strongly after taking this for the second time and witnessing my own growth from the first time that not only every couple should have this. But every person on the planet should,  have this foundational knowledge of how to connect deeply with another human being, and appreciate the sacredness and all of life. Then our planet would be different. It’s not just about great sex,  I mean yeah that’s like the icing on the cake part. Yeah, but it goes way beyond that, it’s about connection, it’s about spirit, it’s about two people, you know, supporting each other in their journey of lovemaking and union and spirit, and that, that’s what it’s really about that’s what Tantra is what I’ve learned from this workshop and from Tanja.”

This couple got engaged at the retreat?!

“It was great for us because there’s a lot of different couples in different spaces of their life but it’s just so fabulous to come and play, and lay the foundation for the future because it’s gonna give us the tools we need. There were a lot of really profound moments for a lot of us.

 I’m a very, very guarded person, and was very nervous about coming or being exposed and vulnerable and it was amazing, so grateful that and Tanja is fabulous, just do it.  It’s so safe. It’s so comfortable.  I had a bunch of worries driving up here we’re both nervous, not knowing what to expect and it blew our wildest expectations!”

I’ve been through Landmark (many of them), Tony Robbins (a bunch of them), Goddess Temple, Back to the Body, One Taste, worked with all sorts of “healers” ….should I go on because the list is extensive and international.

I’ve spent thousands of dollars and years and years of my life trying to find emotional and spiritual health. You, in one sentence, on a free consult call, gave me more than anyone else ever had!

Yeah, it sounds whacked, but right then and there I knew I was going to be ok. Our work together has been epic. I tell everyone I meet, you’re the only person they’ll ever need. I’m eternally grateful.

Natalie - Actress - UK

When I first heard Tanja’s voice on the phone, I instantly knew something was radically different and intriguing about her. Relatively soon after that, at one of the lowest points in my life, I reached out to Tanja for guidance. My life has subsequently shifted in ways I could not imagine at the time. Now, Tanja is not one coddle or bullshit to make anyone feel good.  I am regularly amused by her shockingly candid heartfelt manner. There are few people in this world I trust as much as Tanja.  If you want a vivid vibrant life of freedom and presence, then take Tanja’s classes.
Doug Sparks- Sufi teacher and 5th Dan Aikido instructor

Video Testimonials from a weekend of men’s and women’s Neo Tantra workshop participants

I have found Tanja to be an open book, meaning she coaches from her center, from her integral self – and lays out her life and experience for you to draw upon, and to understand her by. There is a lack of pretense, a vulnerability, a brutal honesty, and a walking of her own talk to Tanja that I can rely upon, because I know the source. Who knew integrity meant awakening to and aligning with our real values and beliefs, letting feelings just play out inside us, and nudging ourselves to alignment and realignment through little practices and pattern breaks? Although she has tremendous depth and knowledge around sexuality – the subject I first came to her for – she normalized the topic for me as an expression and outgrowth of integral self – not for separate consideration, but an important part of my whole. Thank you Tanja
Paul A. - CEO

“Tanja’s course (Your Personal Evolution) changed the way I live, the way I breathe, the way I interact with my family, friends, and the world. My patterns became clear with time and I was given tools to help break those that did not serve me. I am still working on breaking patterns, breathing more fully, utilizing my energy in positive and efficient ways but feel much less anxious and more confident about my place in the world with these tools. Thank you, Tanja for your support and wisdom even when it was tough to hear. Especially then.”


Jenny G. Private Chef

Hi Tanja,
Thank you for being Tantric and for finding your way from the paralysis of trauma, rising like a true Scorpio from the depths of fear, to forging a path to the light, and for holding that flame as a beacon for others. I marvel at how deeply troubled so many of us are at the root, and likewise how our strength to meet with our mates draws our collective healing forth. This is the work that demands the most courage of all. 
Karen and Richard

Tanja Diamond is an incredible teacher. She made an impact on my life from the first moment we met.

As I walked in the door for my first workshop, my immediate impression of her was she genuine, authentic, and real. She brings a level of comfort and trust to the room, unlike anything I have experienced.

We have been working together for years now, and I have experienced a variety of her teachings: workshops, individual coaching sessions, group coaching, and a few additional programs. Her educational strategies have helped me move mountains in my personal life, business life, and in almost all of my relationships.

Working with Tanja has helped me become a man that I can be proud of. I know with my continued education I will be able to experience a life that far exceeds my expectations.

Weston Serame- Model, Wilhelmina Agency

Just thinking about Tanja invokes some big emotion inside me.  I feel waves of love, gratitude and inspiration, plus bubbling excitement, with some awe and wonder in the mix too.  This woman is truly amazing and her coaching skills invaluable.

I was first introduced to Tanja the summer of 2013 as a result of a referral I received from a trusted family member.   It was at a time of my life when I was facing some huge changes and I felt the need for professional help navigating through those changes in a healthy way.  After my first one hour session with Tanja I was blown away with how valuable the time was.  Instead of spending an hour of my life replaying a depressing video of my circumstances to a sympathetic listener, Tanja masterfully guided the conversation, gathering the pertinent information and then delivering to me the actionable take-ways, encouragements, vision, and education I needed and more.  The decision was easy to continue working with Tanja and every session from that point on, whether it was one on one or in a group setting, was just as valuable as that first session.

Today I can look back and laugh at my initial intent for wanting to work with Tanja…”navigating though big life changes”, ha!!!  That was just the tip of the iceberg of what I needed and of what Tanja had to offer.  I’m grateful that I not only got what I came to her for, but far more.  In Tanja’s world, contrary to popular belief, “change is easy”.  As it turns out, she is so right.  With a mindset based on truth and some practical actions, real change is easy.  Just a few examples of change that I am so proud of and thankful for include:

  • Greeting each day with thankfulness and excitement rather than wanting to hide under the covers out of the dread of just another overwhelming day
  • Exchanging a state of numbness for the ability to identify and feel my true feelings
  • Putting a stop to procrastination and taking action
  • Establishing healthy boundaries in relationships
  • Parenting my children with stronger leadership and conviction

Tanja is a true artist in her coaching craft.  She has a depth and breadth of knowledge, a spot on intuition, and a level of compassion that amazes me.  I’m so grateful that our paths crossed when they did.  My journey of growth and change, challenges and victories will never end, but because of the tools and strategies Tanja has imparted to me, I am confident that I can not only take on whatever life brings, I will thrive.  I know that “I’ve got this!”

Amy Ross

I want to shout out one of my mentors and coaches. You won’t meet anyone like Tanja Diamond. She taught me that in order for me to achieve my epic goals I first need to work on the small stuff so that my success will be sustainable at high levels.Not what I wanted to hear, but it makes sense if you think about it.

I can be hard headed but Tanja stuck with me while I resisted until finally, it started sinking in.What I enjoy most is her patience with me. Always pointing me back to the foundation work whenever my brain goes off chasing squirrels and Red Herrings. She has a deep understanding of what keeps us all from getting what we want from life. Combine all of that with her non-judgemental attitude and her unwavering belief that we CAN ALL succeed….and you have one very special coach.Thank you Tanja.

William Kelley

The Your Life Unleashed program teaches us to integrate, insource, and essentially be our own guru.
Tanja’s practices are simple to incorporate into one’s daily routine and are a practical way to change patterns that are no longer serving us. Evolution One has been a priceless experience for me, as it continues to bring gifts. What I learned about myself opened me up and allowed me to be more of the person I desire to be.
The group experience was exceptional, as one can be as interactive as one chooses. It’s a built-in support system during the transition that is insurmountable! And Tanja’s interaction with everyone leaves you knowing that you are being heard and cared for as she shares her wisdom.
Other programs have proven to be a waste of time and money. With Tanja’s programs, I have never been disappointed. They certainly work if you allow them to!
Keli D- MSW, Evolution Coach

Some teachers have the ability to demonstrate the techniques in comfortable circumstancesOthers are the living example of their teachings. Some can reveal the deeper concepts and roots of the path. Others will bring you closer to living the practice each moment of every day.It is rare to find one teacher who embodies all of these qualities. That teacher is Tanja Diamond!
Shaun Robinson- founder Paradigm Martial Arts

These teachings have been life-changing. I am not the person I was. The daily practices are integrating and I find slipping into the energy stream comes easier each day. Thank you, Tanja and everyone who has provided witnessing of this unfolding.
Hazel Tree- Author

Thank you!!! I’m stoked to reconnect. I was at one of your ladies’ tantric retreats in Halfmoon Bay way back in 2011. The weekend with you helped me change direction in my life 100%. Or should say turned my life upside because I realized I was on a path of destruction if I didn’t get real with myself quickly. I’ve been wanting to write to you to tell you how much you helped me in just a weekend.  


I started working with her 4 years ago, and I’m so glad that I did…

She has a depth of knowledge, teaching style, and integrity that is second to none.
I now have foundational skills that have seen me through intense changes in my life situation. I feel now more powerful, current, and deliciously alive. I am eagerly looking forward to sharing these gifts with my coaching clients. I highly recommended Tanja and her program to you. She Rocks!
Bev Manchester- Evolution Coach

If there is one person in the world I can trust to call it like it is and master an effective solution at the same time- it’s Tanja. Using insight and understanding to model compassion in a new way, she establishes a new accountability to the essential elements in relationships, business and personal. Success follows the simple formulas that we often overlook due to our patterns and beliefs about the way things should be, instead of the way things are. I always look for the WOW experiences; seeing her do this with me and lead others to succeed in this way is completely miraculous! Thank you for being an exquisite woman, a marvelous teacher, a very wise and very incredible master whose sense of the world is profound.

Max Bellasys- CEO Starlogic Systems

Hi. I’m taking your 7 wk video training on Lasting Longer. I have had some good experiences,  I even think I experienced the full-body orgasm once. All the steps are really making sense. I actually look forward to them now and am making more of a commitment. I’ve come to realize how tense and uptight I am and these exercises are helping me unwind. The first thing I had to do to start getting control was to give up wanting to orgasm/ejaculate. It used to be my comfort escape and I used it frequently. I do believe you have “nailed it” with your program so want to give it my best.

Thanks again for making this available. You’re a God-send.

J.T Australia

“Tanja, where do I start? I saw you because I could only last 3 minutes during sex. I was humiliated and down. After your initial training course on lasting longer for sex I was blown away by my ability to last for 30, 45 or more minutes and in more pleasure than I have ever experience. My lover was blown away because she had no idea that sex could be that good. It was great to be with a woman who was after me about sex all the time instead of the other way around.

I decided to take the next training because I had felt a few moments of the separation between orgasm and ejaculation in the last training and I wanted more (and so did she).

OMG! Get out of town! This is flipping brilliant! When I told my buddies I am a multi orgasm man they laughed at me. Then when they saw my lover making special trips to see me in the middle of the day, looking like she couldn’t get enough of me they started asking questions. Trust me I gave them an earful and sent them your way! Thanks don’t cut it!”

Steve (lasting-longer) M- Seattle

Besides a wealth of knowledge, self-awareness and the ability to be more honest and vulnerable; I have learned what it feels like to experience my body again.  The tightness, the inflexibility and how it’s excruciatingly frustrating and depressing to want to dance but to be limited in movement and confidence.  But it’s incredibly exciting and freeing to FEEL the tightness, the inflexibility; to respond to touch.  To feel a touch on one part of my body and experience it in other parts of my body as well.  Tanja’s program has helped me to re-inhabit my body; to feel awake, and to really question my life; the how and why I do everything.

Kristine R

Just wanted to thank you again Tanja for the very powerful journey of sharing and growth….I find I am still processing the experience and look forward to continued opening and expansion in these areas. Your facilitation was inspiring, informative and safe, your personal style of respect, tolerance and caring for others came through loud and clear and made it easier for those of us who are new arrivals on this path to take risks and be vulnerable. Occasionally you meet people that are doing exactly what they are called to do. You are clearly one of those people.

Stephen Frazer- CEO

Working with Tanja has been transformative. I am no newbie. I came to her well versed in many of the categories she deftly leads us into. Yet Tanja is my highest teacher, her breadth of knowledge is extraordinary, her leadership unmatched. What makes her incredibly different, truly unique is her overhaul of our understanding our of arousal system: her science behind how we do what we do (in our bodies, our hearts, our belief system) and providing the individual practices for us to do so, so much more than I previously had imagined. I will say there was a “before” and “after” Tanja. I am reminded daily that the “before Tanja “ me is barely recognizable. This isn’t about following someone, this is about stripping away the things we follow, to become our fullest selves.

CS New York

I have to say that the past few years working with Tanja has been phenomenal.
It is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced in my life because I’m actually taking actions. This work is so unlike anything I’ve ever done. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on other programs. This work has actually allowed me to shift my entire life with ease and with joy, even amidst all the craziness and the uncertainty. I am a completely different person due to this work. Yet at the same time, I’m completely into my essence, and the soul of “me” is coming through. Just so grateful that I said yes to this, and if you say yes, you’ll be grateful too. Thank you so much, Tanja. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s really good to be me now…
Donnaah Sparkle- Evolution Coach

I struggle to write this testimonial, not because Tanja had done so little but because she has done so much in my life in so many ways along so many avenues. The struggle is where to start?  How do I condense all that she has been, and continues to be, for me as a teacher, a healer, a coach, and a guru.

Her knowledge is only surpassed by her compassion which is fueled with a passionate love of… The Universe, Life, and the wonders of the world.

As a coach, there is no one else I know who will hold space and kick your ass simultaneously. And you KNOW when it’s happening that it’s the best thing for you (even if it sucks in the moment). Her willingness to remain exposed in all her ways of being in the public eye speaks volumes. She walks the walk she talks about to others.
I’ve witnessed over a decade of growth not just in myself through Tanja’s teachings and coaching, but with Tanja herself.  Witnessed the creation and evolution of her program and how each step is made up of her knowledge, training, assimilation, and personal trial/error/execution of techniques.  And just in case my words are too flowery, I’ll get specific.
With Tanja’s coaching over the past 15 years, I’ve:
Kicked cancer’s ass
Successfully quit smoking
Learned sacred intimacy rituals
Gained increased insight to female sexuality
Gained increased insight and understanding of male sexuality
Introduced to the wonder of Tantra and it’s universal connections
Overcome tremendous health issues
Developed personal awareness
Rediscovered inner strength
Learned how to be an even BIGGER Warrior in my life.
She is a tremendous, loving presence that guides you through busting open your patterns, igniting your passion, and soaring with your dreams. In short, I just love her.
Kristina Morgan-Houston - Gourmet Baker

Tanja distinguishes herself as a tantric practitioner through great integrity and commitment to healing. The way she comes from her heart, wisdom and grounded knowledge and her work has been inspirational to me. I enjoy and grow by learning from and with Tanja in my own tantric journey.

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth, Director Tantra Nova Institute

Tanja embodies the depth of love and power of shakti that is required in making fundamental changes for all those who are blessed to find their way into her heart.

Caroline Muir, Founder of Divine Feminine

My experience with Tanja’s work is that she is amazingly sensitive insightful, present and loving. I felt so safe in her womb like space of creative healing which she created for me. It was like she dared to be all that I could be for me to heal, to go where I feared to tread so that I felt safe to go there myself. She’s that big, that brave, and that wise.

Ma Yoga Anurag - Hawaii

Tanja is a very powerful woman with years of teaching experience. She is highly intuitive and great at finding just the right thing to say to challenge you into breaking through your own patterns.

I believe Tanja has what it takes to bring Tantra into the mainstream and play a role in removing sexuality from America’s taboo list. She creates unique and engaging content on both her website and for her coaching programs. If you are searching for your own personal empowerment, Tanja’s guidance will create the change you are looking for.

Chris Porter - Project and production manager

Tanja, this class has definitely had a great impact on me. I actually have forgotten how far I’ve come since the beginning of the class. I’m still me, but with modifications that are noticeable.

Albert Rosenbaum

Hi Tanja, Thank you so much for the video. Very well done. It’s a nice, concise, introduction. I’ve watched it myself and started to share it with my significant other.

I see many compassionate explanations of the ups and downs of a dynamic 24-year relationship with some constructive solutions to make the next 24 way better, more connected, and more passionate.

Joe and Sue

In the last 6 years, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous healers on my tantric path. As I search my memory for those on my A-list, Tanja surfaces first. It was immediately apparent to me as well as others, that she embodied every attribute one needs to be, truly in service of this work… Absolute personal and professional integrity, a spiritual being, honest, compassionate and highly skilled. Tanja exhibits each of these with a great sense of humor added to one’s process of discovery.

Jewel - California

Hi Tanja, You are amazing…It is shocking how we are so timid about expressing our aspirations. You rise above the norm as an example of exuberance. I recognized the possibility of dropping contraction (the baggage, the story, the past) and choosing expansion love, acceptance. Expanding…

Greg - Actor

I can honestly say that my torrid past pales in comparisons to what Tanja has overcome and to see the kind, loving giving person she is has inspired me to finally realize that the past cannot be altered so “onward”. She is a true Godsend. I have never been in a group and fancy myself the quintessential loner but the Your LIfe UnLeashed Group Coaching has been a true revelation. You would be wise to engage her-

Ron McIIwain - CEO

We saw Tanja because we hadn’t been intimate in 8 yearsI was ready to have an affair or just walk out the door. We had been through years of talk therapy already and gotten nowhere. With Tanja’s help, I heard my wife talk about her needs that hadn’t been met, and she was able to hear me.  Through the sexual healing practices, I learned to awaken my wife’s desires and create safety for us both. I was able to heal through her touch as well. How can we thank someone for not only saving our marriage but teaching us to have the best sex we have ever had in our lives! Tanja, you’re a marvel!

Ken and Marie, Kemore, WA. - Super Happy Couple

Tanja is an amazing counselorShe is empathetic and will help you through your issues, but she’s not a pushover and she’s got a fantastic bullshit detector. She won’t let you get away with you tricking yourself or lying to yourself. She helps you find your way but requires that you do the work. Tanja’s understanding of men’s issues is a strength, one that I really appreciate. I would highly recommend Tanja if you need help with your marriage or other life challenges.

Matt Jones - Chef

I was so excited to be a guest on Tanja’s show after being a fan for months. Here was a woman, suddenly appearing on thousands of people’s radars (including mine) speaking out about eradicating sexual ignorance. Amen, sister! I couldn’t wait to dig in together and see where the conversation would lead. And, in true professional form, Tanja gently directed the program while keeping us all laughing and allowing the best of us to shine. Time flies with Tanja….that’s a great feeling! My favorite part, though, was discovering that there is so much more to Tanja and her experiences than an hour a week can divulge. Her credibility just keeps growing in my eyes and each week I can’t wait to hear the next nugget she has to share in service to us all, encouraging us to be the best person and lover we can be. Thanks, Tanja!

Kat Williams - Intuitive Bodywork Specialist Denver, CO

You know that feeling when something really magical is coming to an end and you want to share it with the world? That’s how I feel about the Your Life UnLeashed group coaching program I just finished with Tanja Diamond.

Tinamarie Bernard

Thanks for providing high-quality content and sincere help Tanja!


Tanja, Yes, it was fabulous! Love your practical, down-to-earth approach!

Lisa Forner

Tanja is one of the most incredible intuitive energy healers that I have had the honor to experience. Her playful approach to healing is refreshing and inspiring. She incorporates ritual, love, and laughter in an atmosphere of complete respect, reverence, and empathy for you as an individual. Her sensitivity an insight into what is happening for you emotionally an energetically is uncanny and her ability to gather and move energy is immense.

When she said to me, “are you ready” and I said yes, she facilitated me in removing energy attachments out of my body that had been stuck there a long time. The following transformation was one of the powerful energetic experiences I have ever had. I was bliss and universal love. I highly recommend Tanja to anyone who is serious about their own healing.

Lynette Littlerose, CTE, Spiritual Guide, Melbourne Australia.

Tanja is on fire and she is living the words other people simply talk about. I find her brilliant, entertaining, sexy and I count myself blessed to be part of her Inner Circle. Life is far more interesting with Tanja around.

Darren Jacklin - World-Class Professional Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Investor

I now understand how all of this transfers over to unbelievable sex…

I am writing this to tell you that I am beyond excited, amazed, and full of joy.
I cannot find the words to completely describe the sense of pure freedom I am now experiencing.
All fear is gone!
I’ve been going to your workshops, following your teachings and doing what you recommend and some of the time not understanding any of it…but I did it all anyway because I sensed I could trust you.
I can’t explain exactly how or when it happened but, my senses are now alive, I feel I am totally living in the fullness of the human experience and…I now TRUST MYSELF!
I just walk around all day with this little smile on my face.
I began with the idea that I wanted to learn about sex.
I had no idea I would get a lifetime transformation out of this AND I now understand how all of this transfers over to unbelievable sex. I get it!
How can I properly thank you for something like this? You’ve not only touched me profoundly but all my clients and everyone they come in contact with as well. More people must know about you and what is possible…and very doable.
My deepest gratitude.

Craig Sigl - Master Trainer

This past Thursday I appeared on Tanja Diamond’s radio show Tantra, Love, Sex and Intimacy. I was extremely impressed with her knowledge, intuition, passion, and enthusiasm for her show. Her ability to bring out the best in someone and to share that knowledge was very evident from the first minute of the show. Her mantra of “be amazing” has never been more needed than today. I look forward to many more discussions with Tanja. She is amazing!

David Brooke - The Productivity Coach Teaching Frustrated Professionals to be More Productive Permanently

I have known Tanja for several years now. First as a student of hers, second as a partnership between and Lifestyle Transformations.

As a student, she has changed my life and has helped me become a better, more authentic man as well as an avid learner of tantra and has helped me develop my relationships with women.

As a partner, she has been extremely professional and reliable to work with. She is committed to adding value to the lives of others, which is why she is so amazing at what she does.

We have shared some of the same clients and I’ve put on several events with Tanja, and there are nothing but incredible testimonials and comments across the board. I recommend anyone to work with this woman, as she will change your life!

Stefan James - internet entrepreneur, life and business coach, philanthropist

With only a few scattered YouTube video clips, Tanja has given me an experiential knowledge that has added both life and power to every touch I make. …the idea that my touch should carry “intention”, in and of its self, was a quantum leap for me. I judge people by the results of their actions, not just the content of their words; the “results” of knowing Tanja has been an enriched life. Thank you Ms.Diamond! June 7, 2008

Rodney Hamm

Get ready to get plugged in and turned on… Tanja Diamond will awaken your energy. She has dedicated her life to sharing the healing practices from many traditions to those ready to wake-up and live a life filled with energy and love!

David Pond - Astrologer/author/speaker

Tanja’s Tantra class…On a recent afternoon, I was privileged to attend one of Tanja Diamond’s tantra-for-couples classes. In a small, nondescript conference room in downtown Vancouver, seven couples had gathered. The couples ranged in age and experience. The male half of one duo had been practicing tantra for the last 10 years, while another pair had no what they were getting into. They were the winners of a radio contest. But more on them later.

I’d been to Tanja’s men’s class, so I kind of knew what to expect. I knew, for instance, that she’d talk about breathing, that she’d demonstrate how to kiss and touch with intent, and that we’d be told about the different kind of orgasms open to both men and women by following tantric practices. I had found those classes educational and inspiring.

They had included some intense moments, but they hadn’t prepared me for the overwhelming experience of the couples class. By the end of the session, which included a healing ceremony, husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends, even some people paired up for the first time, were touching each other and holding hands in a more loving, intimate way than when we’d first come in. Many were in tears.

Perhaps the most profound effect was felt by the woman who had won the class through the radio contest. “This is so outside the box for me,” she said at the end, shaking her head. It’s a tribute to Tanja Diamond’s positive energy and effectiveness as a teacher that this woman and her partner not only stayed for the whole four-hour class but seemed to get as much out of it as those who came in with minds and hearts already open.

Shawn Conner, freelance writer, Vancouver B.C

Hi Tanja: Thanks yet again for your amazing help. You have the ability to read my wife and I with such speed, insight and then provide graceful feedback. I think the two hours Sunday morning were the most valuable I have spent on our relationship.
I am very hopeful for the future.

Herman Seattle, WA

Tanja has a certain energy under her control that one can quickly associate with calmness and love. Tanja connects deeply with people and always has encouraging motivational words. I very much enjoy being someone she considers a friend.

Lane Pierce Master practitioner and Trainer of Hypnosis, NLP, and Time Empowerment Techniques

This dynamo elevates the classroom situation of sex education to a whole new level. Tanja gives a fantastic strength-building and cardio workout in the relationship arena. What one thinks they are learning to create great sex can be used to transform one’s life.

Kittyn -

I feel more brave and determined to move through the edgy places as a result of working with Tanja and the exemplary model she is.

Anne Douglas, Banff, AB, Canada (2-18-8 workshop in Vancouver)

Tanja Diamond is a healer and leader in nurturing and developing human potential and sexual transformation. When others in the world of tantra focus on masking old Western techniques and approaches with Eastern language and empty actions, Tanja is actually an experienced and legitimate teacher working with others to embrace the craft and art of being a fully awakened human.

Jeff L. Coach, Washington

Tanja is a dakini in the highest sense of the word. She has the ability to cut through all the walls and disguises and see the areas that need healing and attention. She does so with an abundance of love, intelligence, and a knowing that supersedes earthly awareness. A goddess healer of the highest order. Anyone blessed with the opportunity to have a session with Tanja will be amazed at her depth integrity, compassion and love.

Gino Valente, Daka, CTE California

Tanja, Greetings from Tantra north. I wanted to follow-up on last weekend’s event to comment a little on the ‘experience’.

First let me say it was terrific to be a room with others so motivated to do something positive about their relationships – Energy in Focus! None of it could have occurred without your preparations to make it a safe place to talk, listen and learn. This was equally true for the men’s session as for the couples.

Probably next for me was the frankness of your presentation – without the ‘woo-woo’ you referred to. You repeated in both sessions that this was very much an introduction to Tantra of which sex was only a small part. I felt definitely here was something I could investigate further should the interest arise, and in the meantime I would hear some practical advice to improve this very important aspect of my relations with my partner Barbara.

Breathe, connection, intent, be in the present.raised my awareness of the attentiveness required of being together.

Lastly, I learned something special with the ‘healing’ rituals, goddess recognition – that among total strangers there was an ability to cast a caring and positive ‘spell’. I saw in the many pairs of eyes of the women who shifted by: fear, hurt, vulnerability, desperation, caring, love, tenderness, hope and a flood of emotions.

A magical moment, for which I could not imagine I had any special talent, was holding the hands of a young woman and by your guidance recognize those hands and that person’s emotional charge.

What happened was this: First the hand-holding was awkward. I changed my grip mostly to let her hands rest in mine rather than being held. Then I recall lifting them slightly just to convey the honour and respect intended by your message. At some moment while I raised my eyes from her hands I could feel her letting something go. I looked at her face and tears were streaming down her cheeks.

It was as if some huge burden had been lifted and this was one moment when whatever held her shifted and got out. My positive thought while witnessing her tears was to convey ‘goodness’ – to let that thought flow as freely as her tears. I was humbled to feel a part of another’s deepest emotions.

So maybe some of the ‘woo-woo’ comes as a bonus! It was fascinating. This was overall one grand experience.
I expectantly await Mastery II

Dana, Vancouver, BC

Hi Tanja thank you very much for the awesome course! You were funny, down to earth and really informative. I couldn’t believe how fast the three hours went by. It was very cool that your focus was on the “love stuff” and that is what Syncrohearts is all about. I am looking forward to putting my new skills into practice! Thank you so much! Lots of love Bobby

Bobby - Creator of

Thank you, Tanja for the couples intimacy workshop this past weekend. I was about to give up on my relationship but now I feel like we’ve been reborn as a couple. Those simple exercises recreated our connection and made me feel like I can deal with all the little stuff much better now. The most amazing thing to me was how much he ‘got into it’– not easy for an engineer, I think. He got a million brownie points for participating so fully! Thanks again,

Jane S. - Wa

Hi Tanja, You may or may not remember me, because of all the men you met today. I was the one who talked to you about 7 chakras, soul gazing, etc.the asian Jason. Well, I just wanted to thank you from my heart for the amazing seminar workshop.

One part that really touched me was when you apologized for women and thanked the men for choosing to become master lovers. It really struck a chord with me.And actually just thinking about it gets me all choked up inside.

I really enjoyed the breathing technique, and the spirituality aspect of the program as well.I know it was hard to talk to all these mind-based guys, analyzing and critiquing everything you say. But I want you to know that I felt what you had to say, and it was very much healing. Just absolutely lovely energy, you filled the room with a great vibe. ?

Thanks for the wonderful experience.

Jason - Canada

Tanja thank you, so much I am so looking forward to your talk. I like that you give, sensible grounded achievable advice, not airy-fairy stuff.


Yes, it does go way Beyond Sex!

I found Tanja Diamond on Facebook after a friend recommended her. She is bright, honest, and extremely knowledgeable about Tantra after spending over 20 years learning it. She has opened my eyes and challenged me to see certain parts of my life in a different light.

When I saw her book here, I had to have it. Iíve always been fascinated by the thought of Tantra, but never knew what it was except for a vague idea it was connected to sex. In reality, only 3% of Tantra is about sex. It spans way beyond orgasms to every aspect of your life, from awareness of self to life mastery to business. As the book says, Modern Tantra believes that your foundation as a human needs to be solid in order to move through life in a meaningful and delighted manner.

The tools to do that are exactly what you’ll find here. I was pleasantly surprised at the sheer volume of what I’ve learned from this book .from arousal of me, not just my body, to Conscious Breath (this one blew me away, no pun intended), to something that was particularly eye-opening for me  a brand-new look at relationships that disputes the traditional marriage model that just didnít work for me.

Forgiveness and being present are currently-fashionable buzzwords. Tanja shows you what those concepts truly mean, and she gives you plenty to think about throughout the book. If you don’t want to be mentally, physically, and spiritually challenged and expanded, don’t buy this book. But if you want to take your life to the next level, you need it.


My husband and I were definitely in love but NOT communicating well or getting along. During our first visit with Tanja, she not only helped us see the love we had but why we had it. But the best part was that she helped to interpret his language to me and my language to him. Suddenly, we were able to tentatively begin communicating with love and kindness.

After only three visits, THREE!, my husband of 8 years actually is able to hear me and talk with me even when I am upset and I am able to remind myself that because I am in love with him it is very important to speak kindly when I do have an important issue to bring up. This was a breakthrough for us. I have already called Tanja to tell her personally how much we value our time with her.

Actually, about once a month I send her a message to tell her how she helped us to fall into a deeper love than we even knew was possible. I honestly recommend her to any couple who is having marital difficulties. You will be satisfied with your time and money spent and literally thrilled with your new found love of both your partner and most importantly, yourself.

Rebecca Wirtel - Radio Host 91.3-One World Report

Tanja, I have undergone what can only be described as a transformational metamorphosis. After many years of marketing and promoting my patented water filtration technology and meeting with nothing but accumulated rejection or insanely ridiculous offers that were designed to squeeze me out of my company when I “knew” I had the ‘better mousetrap” made me very angry. That anger was evident to all that I came in contact with.
Consulting with you has exponentially diminished the anger and replaced it with compassion and grace which is translating into contracts {witness the latest press release} and investment suitors. The conscious breathing and focus when meeting clients has made them exceptionally receptive to what my technology offers. It’s wonderful to behold. I look forward to the rest of this grandiloquent journey. Faith,

Ron McIlwain, CEO President Filtersure Inc.

Tanja, I wanted to thank you for your support and guidance at the point in time we met you. I’ll always recall the last thing you said to me when we last met. “so what are you going to do?” I didn’t get it t the time but I do now…we all have choices…I had no idea I was choosing the excruciating existence I was in and had the power to choose differently. I hope I never forget that lesson.
With appreciation.


Hi Tanja, Thank you very much for Sunday’s Intro class. Neither my husband nor I knew what to expect, yet it exceeded our expectations. We were the couple on the 3 person couch. The class was my idea and I dragged my husband with some trepidation. He is generally the cynic (he’s a litigator by training and nature) and while a believer in the benefits of Zen Buddhism, not so much into pretty much anything else. We went because I have a recently discovered, long-repressed sensual side that needs some exercising and he and I, while very much in love, sometimes struggle with how to express and be intimate. I was pleasantly surprised by my husband’s reaction to the class and his suggestion that we take the next one. So, we will be signing up for your next class.

Suzanne - Seattle

I am the Program Director for DiscoverU in Seattle, WA. We offer a wide variety of classes, seminars and experiences for adults, ranging from wine tasting to computer training to classes in investing in real estate and more.

Tanja Diamond has been teaching several courses at DiscoverU for over 6 years and has received positive reviews from our students and staff for her ability to teach her classes in a clear, concise and respectful manner. She has also participated in the Northwest Women’s Show, delivering a mini-version of her class on the DiscoverU stage.

Tanja will be a welcome contributor to any organization due to her:

  • First hand knowledge and experience of her subject matter
  • Ongoing commitment to education and application in the subject
  • Past experience in training and education
  • Manner in delivering her subject matter in a tactfully humorous way
  • Ability to offer a safe environment for learning

If you have any questions regarding Tanja please feel free to contact me anytime. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with her for current and future courses at Discover U. Best regards,

Cheri Jessup Program & Marketing Director DiscoverU

So I am not going to write the usual American styled hype as part of my endorsement of Tanja. I am going to be perfectly boring (I am after all an engineer with a PhD, I am sorry) and probably as a result unconventional (I am after all a long time researcher and practitioner of tantra). I’ll give some vignettes that may give a flavor to your appreciation of Tanja’s work and dedication.

What do I know of this energy body healer. I can tell you that as a child, in Zambia (I think) she was walking through a native town and the shaman came out and recognized her as some powerful spirit, blessed her imprinting his hand on her forehead, all while the tribe kneeled to the child. He called her Fire Woman. It is true. The odd thing is a similar thing happened when she was in Argentina (I think). Called her Fire Woman again. I don’t particularly believe in native models of reality but, in my mind, the moniker has caught. Fire Woman.

Contrast this to 4 planets in the 8th house (mysteries, sex death and transformation), three of them in Scorpio (feeling deeply) Pluto (death and regeneration) on the descendant in Virgo (health, service and mentorship), Chiron  (the wounded healer and mentor of sons of gods) on the ascendant Pisces (selfless service and visionary). Perhaps Fire-Water woman is a better appellation; but, more importantly, what an excellent planetary configuration for a healer.

What other reflections and recollections do I have to offer. Her primary vocation, at this time, is actually energetically and emphatically healing horses; a vocation that I first considered the vocation of a crackpot. Until I saw her woo several animals and saw the animals respond; she has a gift, the touch.

I look forward to her success in transplanting her healing obsession and gift into human realms and am thankful for the opportunity to have been a recipient of her energies. This woman lives for healing. In our “teacher training” courses she was the most requested healer in sessions that were not assigned. The woman is indefatigable in the healing aspects of this practice.

She is the real thing. I have a new psychosomatic system after several healing “events” with included a four hours session which is the deepest, NB… I have ever gone energetically into the body, and I am an obsessive get-better-junkie.

What does she do? She does authentic deep energy work using several tools borrowed from Tantra and not the licentious “California” version of tantra that has so tarnished the name. In a culture raised on fast food and sound bytes without a readily available culture of inner work, it is easy to mistake dilettantism for expertise. Tanja is an authentic healer.

Ray R. - PhD

My partner and I have been experimenting with the art of tantra for several years. After taking Tanja’s couples intimacy retreat we realized how much deeper we could go with each other and ourselves. All of the mental learning we had done through tantra books was finally able to be put into practice with the guidance of a true tantra master.

This course allowed my partner and I to learn more about one another on all levels of our emotional, spiritual and physical being. I have taken hundreds of workshops in my life and for value, you cannot do any better. It is a must for all couples who want to have a more meaningful and deeply satisfying sexual relationship. Your orgasms will never be the same, as you learn that you no longer need to ejaculate, and they only keep getting deeper, longer and much more blissed out. I can’t wait to take the next couples retreat with Tanja.

Chris Fletcher - Coach and owner Half Moon Haven

Hey Tanja, here’s a short testimonial from the masculine workshop. Loved it, great stuff!
Thanks Tanja for putting on this workshop. I got a lot of value from it especially the breathing techniques and knowing the importance of focus and integrity. I came to recognize some realizations that I was not being that enlightened man. Through this workshop I realized the importance of feeling the energy and feeling the moment that I’m in; to both receive and take in energy. This is absolutely vital in building connections. Being the man, taking charge, being true to myself and having 100% laser focus, that’s masculine energy.


It was a great pleasure to be interviewed by Tanja Diamond. Her style is intelligent and penetrating yet I always felt comfortable and welcomed. Her knowledge of human sexuality is impressive and she confronts a challenging subject matter with humor, humility, and great skill.

David Bruce Leonard, Author of How to Worship the Goddess and Keep Your Balls

Yeah baby, you are amazing…. my lover thinks you and your program are the best things ever invented, we both love you Tanja!

Lloyd Green, Japan

Hi Tanja,Thank you for taking us on short notice.  After our sessions, I felt a huge weight lifted  & for the first time in my life I felt I had an advocate.

MR Seattle

Tanja, as an abuse survivor, I can honestly say that one afternoon changed whom I selected to help! Because of that afternoon how I ask for help, how I seek accountability and how I exude power over my choices, body, and mind changed. I went from victim to survivor to conscious activist. Not too shabby!

Julianne Pierson 2014

Habitual procrastination issues held me in thrall. They were subtle and fear-based, and blocked me from stepping up to the life I wanted to live.Through their supportive coaching, Tanja, and her student Bev, helped me realize new ways in which I could create the space I needed to become the person I want to see in the world.They cut through my stories, excuses and distractions and helped me own up to my real power and authority. The coaching session proved to be an important and pivotal point in moving away from procrastination and forward with my life. I feel a greater sense of well-being, clarity and focus now.

Tina D. - Connecticut

Tanja is dynamite with one hell of some WOW factor. The concepts from this workshop were clear and easy to understand. Life is going to be getting a whole lot bigger. I loved it!

Adele Caron, Maple Ridge BC Canada

Hi Tanja, Thank you so much for the video. Very well done. It’s a nice, concise, introduction. I’ve watched it myself and started to share it with my significant other. I see many compassionate explanations of the ups and downs of a dynamic 24-year relationship with some constructive solutions to make the next 24 way better, more connected, and more passionate. Best…


Tanja Diamond inhales the ancient alchemy of Tantra and breathes new life into us through our senses, re-awakening the magic that is our birthright.

Rev. Dr. Katherine O’Connell, Jungian Psychologist, Author

Superbly luscious Tanja, I am blown away by the experience I had at your Sexual Healing workshop this Sunday. The container you created during the whole day enabled me to experience a profound physical shift and emotional insight through the healing ritual at the end of the day. And I want more! I want to cultivate this inner knowledge and not let this brief experience slip away again.


Wow Tanja, Thanks! It was a real eye-opener. I have the 7 week last longer lessons but I didn’t go through the whole thing, I should really revisit it and go through it.I also just finished reading your book “Beyond Sex:Tantra”. It’s become my new bible.Take care!


Tanja Diamond makes her expertise in relationships so down to earth and fun that it’s easy to open up when you are in her presence. She loves and life and is full of passion to empower both men and women with their sexuality and sensuality, bringing creativity and trust to sex and intimacy. Amazing work Tanja! Keep on shining out your fabulous light with humor and joy, and thank you for your refreshing new vision.

Yvonne Oswald - Author

Dear Tanja, My heart is overflowing with the gratitude for guiding us so gently on into the most wonderful and sacred journey of transformation. Serving us with grace, honesty, open-mindedness, divine simplicity, creativity and humor. Empowering us to shine in our own light, to claim ourselves in the most amazing ways.

Before we arrived at the Couples  Weekend my hope was that there must be a way to have an intimate and exciting relationship even after 20 years of marriage. To feel alive somehow.

Well we got all the spice and essence we needed (and then some) to cook up the most intimate, sacred and cosmic rituals we were willing to practice.. served with juicy stories, dance, movement, breathing, lots of laughing and lessons how to communicate as pros. My husband wished jokingly (or not) to be like Sting, That was before this weekend… now he doesn’t care about “the sting” thing anymore. It just happens without much effort. He really enjoys some of the little rituals we are doing now- especially the “coming home” one.

I couldn’t tell you enough how much I enjoy being called his Tantric goddess, not only called but being treated like one as well.

Life is so wonderful now! Out children seem happier as well. We are all enjoying long and meaningful conversations at the dinner table, so sweet to look forward to be with each other again. So grateful to you being present in our lives when we were ready for it. Gratefully,

A and L

Hi Tanja, Have been listening to your podcasts and love them! You are an amazing teacher… thank you so much!

Andrea, Canada

Tanja, absolutely!!!! I love that you have done a guided program for men focusing on the difference between masturbation and self-pleasure. I remember when the difference hit me … the difference between working towards an orgasm and truly enjoying the pleasure I was giving myself and allowing it to take as long as it wanted… the difference between enjoying the journey and focusing on the destination.

I just watched your videos about tantra and common mistakes in sex. I am definitely on your ‘vibration’ sexually and spiritually and I was looking for the next step of my journey (especially sexually). I believe that sex is divine and simply another path to spirit… another way we can know ourselves as divine spiritual beings. I don’t know much about Tantra but I assumed it was mostly about sex… hearing what you said about that it is about living in the present and living fully I am excited to learn more.

Thank you for doing what you are doing and I love that you very obviously ENJOY what you are doing! Loved what you said today about using that sexual energy to feel ALIVE! and taking that passion into your life. Love is great, love is wonderful but passion is such a wonderful tool in our box and such a pleasure to use and share!!!! Go Girl!! xxx

ps. LOVED what you said to the lady today about getting out and interviewing potential sex partners!! Action is a vital part of the manifestation process……….. I’ve been single for 8 months (after 9 years) and I’ve been manifesting a sex partner but wasn’t getting ‘out there’…. anyway, last night I did get out and he came right to me!


Within 48 hours of Tanja meeting with my Team at Butterfly Global I am more fired up and excited about my mission and the potential of its fruition then I’ve been in 6 months.

Bret Treadwell - CEO

Amazing and life changing! Forget everything you thought you knew about love, sex, and relationships. Tanja is the real deal and will open you up to a world you’ve never known. One that allows you to break through old barriers and limitations, and begin taking control and accountability for your own life. Not only is the show incredibly enlightening, it’s also a lot of fun too. That’s Tanja. A woman who takes her craft seriously while having an incredibly fun time practicing it. I highly recommend this show to anyone looking for ways to improve their relationships with not only other people but themselves as well.


Give Tanja’s  podcast a try and you won’t be disappointed! This podcast is amazing. Every time I listen to this podcast I learn something entirely new. Highly recommended if you like to learn about every aspect of relationships.

Spiritual Genius

Very practical, easy to understand, powerful and friendly. Beyond Sex: Tantra is not another sex book, or how to book about Tantric sexual techniques. This is a book that takes Tantra back to its root of a technology used for Life Mastery and personal transformation.

It is written as a guide to get started with change or growth right away. It contains deep concepts that are brought to light easily, with a fresh appeal and with humor. Useful for everyone, whether a newbie to Tantra and spiritual growth or a veteran.

Easy to read and navigate, the book can be grabbed and flipped through to any chapter and have insight and Ah HA’s take place.

Some of the chapters titles are controversial sounding, like Zen is for Sissies, and yet once read they give the reader something to consider. The book is like a conversation with the author, without airs, pomp or circumstance.


Hi Tanja,

I am so glad I finally got a chance to listen to the first session. Wow, you are amazing. So many pearls of wisdom I heard from you. Thank you SO much. I am very happy to be a part of your classes! Yay. I appreciate you and your wisdom.



Hi Tanja, I’ve only recently found you and am just starting to integrate your teachings. I must say, I love you dearly and find you beautiful.I am at level three, fast learning and heading to level four. Loving life. I’m an independent recently divorced mom of two small boys and I’m looking for a wonderful man to explore with.Thank you for your profound teachings and reminders. Keep up the good work.I’m just one of your ripple effects. Thank you. Keep being amazing. much love,

Jen Dudley

Tanja thank you!!! I’m stoked to reconnect. I was at one of your ladies’ tantric retreats in Halfmoon Bay way back in 2011. The weekend with you helped me change direction in my life 100%. Or should say turned my life upside because I realized I was on a path of destruction if I didn’t get real with myself quickly. I’ve been wanting to write you to tell you how much you helped me in just a weekend.


I am in France. Just heard your show on the internet. LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would love to stay in touch with what you are doing!! Sexual liberation is happening now and it’s so great to hear someone give it a voice!! Power on girl!

Angela Chippendale (France)

I am involved in Tanja’s Inner Circle program (2009) and I truly can’t say enough about Tanja and the program in how it has enlightened and improved my quality life. The teachings she has given me have improved all areas of my life, being able to free myself from destructive behaviors, shame and fear. Tanja has shown me the way to change beliefs in myself to create passion and love in my life for myself and others while living in fearless integrity. Tanja is truly amazing. I highly recommend Tanja’s courses to anyone who wants to empower themselves to setup and succeed in life.

Dan Mellon, Vancouver, BC Canada

I have been a member of Tanja’s Inner Circle since early this year (2009)and it has been an amazing journey. There have been bumps along the way, some big ones, but it has paid dividends. With Tanja’s knowledge, patience, and persistence, real progress has been made. I have basically turned from a glass-half-empty person to a glass-half-full person as a result of working with Tanja. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has been worth it.

Bob Moore, Wa

Tanja’s teachings should be mandatory learning for every human being.

I honestly can’t say enough about Tanja. The tools she has given me have helped me to improve all areas of my life. I’m much more aware of my surroundings and it has helped me in ways I would have never imagined. The skills go far beyond the bedroom and have helped me become a better person. Tanja is an amazing person and I’m truly thankful to have met her.

Jason Rude, Executive Coach, Lifestyle Transformations

In over four years of creating and producing sexual and relational health show: JuiceBox Radio, I have had at least 20 tantric practitioners and experts as guests.
Tanja spoke about this realm of sexuality in a different way than the rest.My co-host and I learned some keys points that I believe will change our sexual experience, indeed our life experience, in a profound way.Tanja was well spoken, intelligently reflective, and besides making an amazing live guest on our show, she spoke to the depth and breadth that is human sexuality in a deeply spiritual and meaningful way.
Professional, compassionate and a fabulous sense of humour to boot, thank you, Tanja.

Julia Sanders Juice Box Radio Vancouver BC

Attending Tanja’s retreat was the best choice I have made for myself in years! The women I met were amazing and their own journey inspiring. That weekend has changed my life! I have been able to moved forward and out of “my story”. As the tears fill my eyes I feel so much love and gratitude for Tanja and the other women. I feel that a more graceful me can move forward with ease. I look forward to working with Tanja again. You keep being amazing… Sending so much love and appreciation.

S.T. Portland, Or

As someone who has coached with Tanja for over a year and has attended a retreat, I highly recommend her programs for everyone. Tanja is practical, deeply wise and real in a way that most coaches can’t even begin to duplicate. I’ve worked with many coaches and, as a relationship coach myself with a successful practice, I consider myself discerning. I want the best value for my investment. I want to work with someone I trust to handle anything that comes up. Tanja is by and far an amazing coach and teacher.

Tina Eshel

I was very impressed with the women’s retreat hosted by Tanja Diamond. The facility was comfortable, in a fabulous natural setting with nourishing beautifully prepared food. Tanja opened me up with her straightforward compassionate style that inspires trust and confidence. This allowed me to do work that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her retreats!

B.M Vancouver Island, BC Evolution of Self Retreat 2015

I’ve never done conscious breath work before, my partner, one of Tanja’s students, showed me a simple breath practice. Within 10 minutes of our beginning to work together, I reached a state of depth and intimacy with her that might have taken months to achieve otherwise. The world shifted, colors were brighter, and the details sharper… it was as if I had awakened from a hazy dream. I quit smoking within a week and my partner and I have continued to deepen our love together. I plan to start teaching conscious breath work to my children.

Matt B LPN Seattle, WA

I wanted to share with you how much your inspired actions have touched me. Thank you, Tanja
Capable and strongly in tune. Your actions inspire boom!

Dan Beavington