Ethics in this definition is our promise to you of how we do business. Here are the codes in which Learning Tantra and I operate.

I will always be authentic and honest with you.

I have and will happily work with everyone human and people who identify as non-human. I also work with animals.

I do reserve the right to not work with you if I believe we are not a good fit and someone could serve you better. If that happens there are often times I can find you someone more suitable.

Everything you say to me is confidential, your safety and peace of mind are paramount to me, and an integral part of the process. There are students and clients that have given me permission to share all or part of their journey, so if you hear me tell stories about others, named or not named I have their permission and I give them my gratitude because their stories help others. Many clients are referrals and I take that as a compliment of my confidentiality ethics. If you have questions about this please ask.

As I chose to not get a license as a therapist I am not held by the law about reporting certain behaviors you display or acts you make me aware of. Please do understand that if you are intentionally harming others in unlawful ways we will be having a serious discussion about this and I will be very clear about what I expect us to do.

I may ask you to disclose medical or psychological diagnosis or medication you are taking. You have the right to refuse and it may be at my discretion to stop working with you at that time if I feel that there may be a risk to either of us.

Although you need not tell your partner or spouse you are working with me and I will hold your confidence I would prefer you did tell them.

I will only work with clients under 16 with permission from parents or guardians, or if they are emancipated or homeless.

I do not take complete written notes of our session’s only barely legible notes to remind me of things to follow up with or things to ask you about. I destroy these by shredding when we are no longer working together.

You may record our sessions with permission. You are not authorized to share my part of our conversation (as in the recording) without my permission.

I am qualified to provide the services that are stipulated on the site AND as my client, you assume full responsibility for your actions in deciding to follow or implement my suggestions.

I will continue to evolve as a person to care for myself to serve you better.

I will respond to your concerns and feedback.

I will strive for clear communication in our interactions.

I am in some instances compensated for recommendations and referrals. I would only ever recommend or refer you to someone or another product I believed in 100 percent. If you have questions please ask.

We strive to make our web privacy policies, shopping cart security, refunds, and cancellation policies very clear. Please ask questions if need be.

We do not sell your personal information to anyone.

I work within all the laws of the state or country I am working in and will never put you in a compromising legal situation.