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Classical Tantra, Neo Tantra and Modern Tantra™ Classes and Workshops

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If a group is not your thing, please consider a personal Peak Arousal Intensive at your location, or coach with me privately. Please contact me.


Tantra Weekend Workshops and Tantra Retreats

“Just wanted to thank you again for the very powerful weekend of sharing and growth….I find I am still processing the experience and look forward to continued opening and expansion in this area. Your facilitation was inspiring, informative and safe, your personal style of respect, tolerance and caring for others came through loud and clear and made it easier for those of us who are new arrivals on this path to take risks and be vulnerable. Occasionally you meet people that are doing exactly what they are called to do. You are clearly one of those people”.-Stephen Fraser

All my workshops are safe, respectful, and designed as a gateway to expand your knowledge.

I can also be contracted to teach a custom workshop for a group. Please contact me to discuss your needs.


Peak Arousal Intensive- personal schedule

Immersion into pleasure for couples



Deep Sacred Intimacy Retreat-   Spring 2018 in Washington State

An ultra exclusive retreat for couples


Unleash Your Bliss- a Tantra healing retreat – Spring 2018- Washington State

A Tantra weekend retreat of exploration and healing for women


Awaken Your Warrior- a Tantra retreat for men-  Spring 2018 – Washington State

A Tantra weekend retreat for men



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Tantra and Neo Tantra Classes


Tantra Cuddle Events- ongoing 


Neo Tantra for Couples: Intimacy, love and sex – 3.5 hrs- couples only– This class is taught via Skype one on one, or your group

This is a lecture and experiential workshop for couples. We will cover communication, special connects, kissing, myths about sexuality, techniques for improved sexual union and talk about the things that need to be said in a couple’s relationship. Couples who have taken this workshop have told me they are so much closer than they ever thought possible, and they are sustaining and improving upon the passion of their early days.



Neo Tantra for Women: unleashing your bliss-  2.5 hrs- women only-single- partnered —This class is taught via Skype one on one, or your group

This Neo Tantra for women class will teach both the spiritual aspects and sexual techniques of Neo Tantra. This is a frank conversation with some experiential components that will awaken your senses and dispel the myths that are keeping you from experiencing the bliss that is your birthright. Learn about becoming orgasmic, multi-orgasmic, your G-spot for sexual healing and pleasure, female ejaculation: myths and truths, becoming the goddess you were born to be. Learn why you do not need a partner to become sexually awakened. We will also discuss men’s bodies and needs and new ways to pleasure your partner and yourself.



Neo Tantra for Men: Vitality and Sexual Mastery –  2.5 hrs men only-single- partnered — This class is taught via Skype one on one, or your group

Want to get more out of your love making and excel at the Tantric sexual arts?  We will discuss myths and truths about the female body, red Tantric techniques for love making, kissing, pillow talk, ancient techniques for extended arousal, and techniques for attaining multiple orgasms for both men and women. With this knowledge and these techniques, you will regain or retain the stamina and vigor of your youth. Cure PE ED and prostate issues.

Sexual vitality is your most prized asset as a sexually healthy male. The knowledge from this class will help you never worry about suffering from penile aging, and the devastating effects of declined sexual function. All men desire to please their women and this class  is designed to expand your confidence and knowledge.



Classical Tantra Classes


Conscious Breath 2 hrs –singles-couples-men-women–This class is taught via Skype one on one, or your group

Join me for an exploration into yourself and the world around you through the practice of Conscious Breath. This is a highly experiential class and most of our time will be used exploring the practice of Conscious Breath and the personal journey that your breath invites you to follow. Conscious Breath will enhance your health, love making, life, mediation, your relationships, your athletics and just about everything you do.



Conscious Breath Dynamic    2 hrs –singles-couples-men-women –This class is taught via Skype one on one, or your group

In this highly experiential class we will use Dynamic breathing practices for clearing stuck energy in our cells. Please be ready to move a lot of energy in this safe space. Bring a water bottle, comfortable non restrictive layered clothing, throw or blanket and a light snack for afterwards.



Tantra for love and life  2 hrs –singles-couples-men-women-This class is taught via Skype one on one, or your group

Come explore the art of Tantra, an often misunderstood philosophy that can help to transform your life and super charge your love life. The ancient secrets of Tantra are generally guarded and are rarely shared with westerners. In this class you will learn some of the techniques created for making you confident in your abilities to connect with another person. Whether you are looking to understand the spiritual sexual connection or are interested in mind blowing orgasms, this class has something for you. Learn how you can attract the love you want, keep the love you have and experience the ecstatic bliss you were born for.



Intro to Mastering Energy  3 hrs  –singles-couples-men-women–   This class is taught via Skype one on one, or your group                                     

Energy is all around us, it is us. When we learn to become aware of it in all its subtle forms we can start to work with it. Working with it allows us to either become open channels for it, allowing us to direct it through our body or hands, or we can use it to expand past our personal containers. Join me for an adventure into energy.



Using Energy to Heal  4 hrs  –singles-couples-men-women– In person- contact me for dates

Utilizing energy to heal oneself or another is truly inspiring. It is one of the few things you can do for someone else that actually benefits you as well. Allowing universal energy to flow through you without your personal stuff going with it and burdening the person you are working with,  can takes some practice.  We call this, “getting out of your way”. Also learning to be empathetic but not a victim that takes energy of someone else on require self understanding and practice. Join me as we put energy healing into practice. Be ready to be experiential. (prerequisite Intro to Mastering Energy)



Intro to Tantra Sexual Healing using energy 4 hrs  –singles-couples-men-women — In person, please contact me for details

Are you interested in moving your sexual blocks or abuse from your past? Interested in learning to help other free their shame guilt, and pain? This class is designed for hands on experiential healing. There will be no sexual touching or nudity. Experience one of the most powerful energy experiences I have ever been a witness to or had done. This is a very safe space to do some very deep work. Class requires instructor approval please contact me.



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 Modern Tantra Classes


Intro to Modern Tantra™  2 hrs –singles-couples-men-women–This class is taught via Skype one on one, or your group

The core of Modern Tantra™ -the seven tantras of integrated intelligence begins with the Tantra of Awareness. Becoming aware of how we are connected to everything and how to access and create that connection is vital components to living your personal truth. The premise that most of us “outsource” all our information and rarely understand if what we find is even the right thing for us is seen in how most people live in constant search mode. Searching for things that will make up feel better, be better, look better, make more money, find love sex or… Stop the search and learn to how find the answers within.



Tantra for Business: building your foundation    5 hrs-  This class is taught via Skype one on one, or your group

Tantra is a technology for life mastery so powerful that its understanding gives you command of your energy and the energy around you. Once we learned that all thoughts are energy and we can manifest what we focus on (this has been known by business greats since Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich) Tantra stepped into the forefront of business mastery. Business is not just about flow charts and paperwork. Its foundation is built upon relationships with people and the knowledge of how others think and feel. Business is about knowledge but that’s only in your head. When you can translate that knowledge into your entire being you begin to understand mastery. Mastery is what you witness in the top business people in the world. When you gain mastery you walk into any space and command it.

Tantra for Business™ is about that mastery.

Tantra for Business™ was created by Tanja Diamond as a synergy of Classical Tantra, Modern Tantra and the new science of today. You will learn how to actually use Chapter 11 of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich to improve your finances and the way you do business. You cannot afford to miss this education and that is so advanced it will put you ahead of the competition in a very short time.