Unleash Your Bliss- Tantra Retreat for Women

Unleash Your Bliss

Tantra For Women Retreat- Evolution of Self

“Attending Tanja’s retreat was the best choice I have made for myself in years! The women I met were amazing and their own journey inspiring. That weekend has changed my life! I have been able to move forward and out of “my story”. As the tears fill my eyes I feel so much love and gratitude for Tanja and the other women. I feel that a more graceful me can move forward with ease. I look forward to working with Tanja again. You keep being amazing… Sending so much love and appreciation”- S.T. Portland, Or.


  • Want to let go of the things holding you back from Love, Intimacy, Sex, Abundance and true healing?
  • Do you long to connect with yourself deeply, fully with no doubts or self-sabotage?


I invite you to an experience like no other, where you can learn to let go of anything not serving you with very specific practices that are both ancient and new.

  • Open the stuck places and expose the wounded spaces with beautiful practices that you can use throughout your lifetime.
  • Experience other women and their wisdom and power as we celebrate the magnificence of authenticity, communication, intention and energy mastery.
  • Allow the pain of the past to melt away, awaken to the power of life force within us all.
  • Learn to integrate the knowledge from your head into your full body so you may experience “insourcing” at a grounded and real level.
  • Wake to the wonders of your sexual energy for manifesting abundance, wholeness, creativity as well as making love with yourself through the whole of your existence.
  • Prepare to laugh and cry as you come to the realization you are whole, you are enough.
  • Embrace the feelings you have, all the feelings and empower them to serve you and others in the highest.

You will leave this amazing weekend, awakened, exhilarated, relaxed and powerful with a feeling of community.



This is a highly experiential retreat and we will work with these topics:

  • evolution of self and what it entails
  • balancing feminine and masculine energies
  • self-care and self-love
  • joy and pleasure-maximizing passion
  • designing your happiness
  • sensual and sexual arousal
  • sexual empowerment single or partnered
  • wholeness
  • spiritual connection
  • tools for growth and awakening
  • removing blocks and triggers
  • acceptance
  • Tantra sacred sexual healing


Date: Saturday 8 am- Sunday 6 pm (exact date TBA)

Price: $475    (partial scholarships available)

Location: TBA, Washington state

Description:  A women’s only Tantra retreat. Great for single or partnered women.

The weekend includes:

A safe space to explore with safe people

Knowledgeable, respectful, experienced and  humorous teacher

A copy of my Conscious Breath v-book

Invitation to advanced events

Invitation to join online community of like-minded people



To live in a state of bliss we must first get to the reasons we are holding back, the places in us that are wounded and scared. Most of us can “talk” about our pain, although that does not move it out of our cells or our souls.

We all want love, and even more than love a sense of truly belonging, not just fitting in because we are “doing” the right thing. Tantra is a technology for transformation. Its tools of healing will enable you to fully integrate it’s lessons into your mind, body and soul.


Weekend Intent:

  • find your voice- your truth- experience the power of being heard
  • step into the light- be seen
  • embrace and balance your feminine and masculine
  • let go of fear, shame and guilt
  • move past negative stories of women
  • open your energy body
  • connect the disconnected areas of self
  • claim personal power- heal past wounds
  • understand the power of Tantra
  • transformational breath-work experiences
  • play, laugh and cry
  • explore your sexual self
  • learn about extended and spiritual orgasm and it’s potential
  • experience Sexual healing rituals



This Tantra for women workshop will teach both the spiritual aspects and healing aspects of Tantra as well  dipping into the sexual arts of Tantra. Experiential components that will awaken your senses and dispel the myths that are keeping you from experiencing the bliss that is your birthright.



You will learn to work with your sexual energy for manifesting, bliss and healing your self and others.  In the Tantra sexual arts you will earn about becoming orgasmic, multi-orgasmic, your G-spot for sexual healing and pleasure, female ejaculation: myths and truths, and becoming the goddess/tigress you were born to be.


Experience why you do not need a partner to become sexually awakened, or healed to live in your full bliss. This Tantra workshop will change the way you experience love, make love and live your whole life.


“I feel more brave and determined to move through the edgey places as a result of working with Tanja and the exemplary model she is”
Anne Douglas, Banff, AB, Canada (workshop in Vancouver)



Full Pay $475

or two payment option

Two payments of $237.50  -One billed right now and again in 30 days

Contact me for partial scholarship assistance

“As someone who has coached with Tanja for over a year and has attended a retreat, I highly recommend her programs for everyone. Tanja is practical, deeply wise and real in a way that most coaches can’t even begin to duplicate. I’ve worked with many coaches and, as a relationship coach myself with a successful practice, I consider myself discerning. I want the best value for my investment. I want to work with someone I trust to handle anything that comes up. Tanja is by and far an amazing coach and teacher. Tina Eshel CA    Evolution of Self Retreat 2015

“I was very impressed with the women’s retreat hosted by Tanja Diamond. The facility was comfortable, in a fabulous natural setting with nourishing beautifully prepared food. Tanja opened me up with her straightforward compassionate style that inspires trust and confidence. This allowed me to do work that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her retreats!” B.M Vancouver Island, BC    Evolution of Self Retreat 2015

“My experience with Tanja’s healing work is that she is amazingly sensitive, insightful, present and loving. I felt so safe in the womb like space of creative healing which she created for me. It was like she dared to be all that I could be for me to heal, to go where I had feared to tread so that I felt safe to go there myself. She’s that big, that brave, that wise”. — Ma Yoga Anurag, Hawaii 2008

There is no nudity or sexual touching during the workshop