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against cancer you are in the right place.

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My Mom and Dad died of cancer. My mom’s sister died of cancer. My Dad’s brother had cancer. Everywhere we looked there seemed like cancer in the family.

I had a paranoid GYN when I was in my 20’s and she insisted I get a transvaginal ultrasound every time I came in, she also tested my CA125 to get some baselines.

I participated in a study of ovarian cancer for 5 years. Ever questionnaire they asked me if I thought about cancer, was I worried about it, did I think I would get it… nope.
I was not going to get cancer.

I was wrong… I was diagnosed on June 5th, 2020, when I was 58 years old.
(I actually had to go look up the date).


I remember when the Doctor asked if anyone was with me, (I knew it was going to be bad news) right before he told me I had “surprise cancer.” Yeah.  Stage 2A Fallopian Tube Cancer, found by the pathologist reviewing my organs post hysterectomy for cancerous uterine cells. 

I didn’t feel shocked, I didn’t cry, I wasn’t mad or feel scared. The Doctor even remarked about that.

Now, where does the Tantra come in? Tantra means the practice or treatise of… This is The Tantra of Fuck off Cancer.

This is my story of VICTORY over cancer. Join me for the ride.



Never thought I would do it and yet
here I am, 6 rounds 4 weeks apart


This is my jam and I have spent 25 years entrenched in it and biohacking


Currently 70% survival to 5 years,
I have a 10-year plan I’m going to enjoy


A crap ton of supplements and herbs, fasting, cryotherapy, laughter,
orgasms, great sleep, sunshine, mediation, breath practice,
gratitude AND meaningful work.


UW & Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Dr. Kathryn Pennington at the UW and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. I switched from Swedish to there before the first chemo. 

My insurance covers this

Bellevue Natural Health

Dr. Steve Matthewson Chiropractor
Dr. Sean Bradley Naturopath, Acupuncturist
& Dr. of Chinese Medicine.
Dr. Jeannette Birnbach, Clinical Nutrition

Out of Pocket


You are an important part of my team with your love and support in all ways that you bring it to me. THANK YOU!

YAY Priceless

I do chemo every 4 weeks
July 21st, August 18th, Sept 15th,
Oct 13th, Nov 10th, Dec 8th.

I need to do acupuncture 3 times a month,
massage 2 times and get adjusted once.
Because this is out of pocket I need
your help to achieve this. See below.


Yet a wise man once told me, “Your demons aren’t my demons.”
So I am digging in and ACCEPTING what you bring.

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Thank you so very much!!! I am so appreciative that you want to help.