Tantra Uncovered

From the West’s #1 Tantra Master and Educator Comes A Unique Transformational 

Tantra and Neo-Tantra Membership Community

 With Incredible Practices For You To…

Experience Amazing Breakthroughs

 In Love, Life and Intimacy
So You Too Can Make the Same Incredible Progress In Life, Love, and Intimacy, solo or partnered That Tanja’s Clients Have Enjoyed For More Than 25 Years Now

This online membership community is for anyone who’s looking to increase their knowledge of Tantra, Neo Tantra, love, connection, intimacy, and spiritual connection to it all. Single or partnered, new to it all or well versed there is something for everyone!

I’m going to share with you what I have learned over the last 25+ years, from both my traditional Tantra Lineage training and my Neo Tantra education. Join me and explore ancient art forms of increasing awareness, life force energy and pleasure.
Also learn about how to let go of lack of understanding, past trauma and old programs which are holding you back from a true connection, peak arousal, deep intimacy and full on passionate living!
Experience what it’s like to live in an extraordinary way. Live your life full on, unapologetic of yourself and desires, a greater spiritual connection and the ability to surround yourself with love and happiness.
If you’re ready to start discovering yourself and others in a brand new and thrilling way keep reading.

Revealed: The Exact Secrets To Living a Peak Arousal Life

and Being Deeply Connected and Truly Happy!

What Is Peak Arousal living?
Imagine… being so energized and turned on by everything in your life, just the act of opening your eyes in the morning is exquisite. And it only gets better from there.
Being so connected and aware of one’s self so deeply that taking a breath sends waves of blissful energy coursing through your whole body. This is not some fairy tale or new age spiritual BS. This is as real as it gets.
But the only way this can happen is…
Discovering the Secret Life Force “Switch”
Classical Tantra Masters were grand experimenters, believing if they could master their internal world, they would unlock the secrets to the universe.
They did crazy things with their bodies and minds through wild and exotic rituals to expand the bounds of human potential, and I am not talking about sex because only 3 percent of classical Tantra even addressed sex. Most of those masters were actually celibate using energy for other practices. (Good news, we can have it all and NOT have to be celibate)
And the discoveries they made were phenomenal! Creating the ability to regenerate limbs and other seemingly human defying feats. 
So believe me when I tell you that achieving Peak Arousal Living is just a matter of learning…
Tantra Uncovered: An Accelerated Journey To Unleash the 8 Expressions that will enable you To Live in Peak Arousal
The Eight Expressions will have a deep, life-altering impact on you with incredible and profound sustainability. You will be experiencing a PEAK AROUSAL life  a life where you experience a quality of connection others can only dream about.
You get all the practices, the understanding and the support you need, first in the 9 week Tantra Uncovered Foundations course and then ongoing lessons and community interaction in the member’s area. This is Tantra Uncovered.
The awesome part is… if you’re already having amazement in some area of your life, these eight expressions will turn those into new superpowers, while you level up everywhere else!
You can HAVE it ALL — Peak Arousal living is living awake and connected, in greater intimacy, with fantastic relationships, in abundance of money and love, with Inner peace and you will NEVER question if you lived fully.
You enter the realm of people living lives only imagined.
Best thing ever, you can do it now. Right NOW.
What Makes Tantra Uncovered Unique

1. Ancient Secrets and Wisdom meet Modern Brain Science

Tanja has been working with the world’s seekers of Peak Arousal Living for the past 25 years, including world-class athletes, CEO’s, celebrities, and business owners. She is sought out by high performers for one reason only: Tanja’s depth of knowledge and unique skill set provide the shortest path to your best life ever.

2. Created for the most sustainable, accelerated growth possible

When you master these 8 expressions, you will be in an echelon of living that’s less than 1% even know about. And in this community, Tanja will lead you every step of the way. Her lessons and teaching include the energy and vibration of her lineage training. You will experience changes just for showing up and participating beyond what you understand.

3. Once the 9 Week Foundational Course is Complete the experience is just Gearing up!

Everyone who enters the community and membership will take the 9 Week Tantra Uncovered Foundations online course. You can do this self-paced and you get new lessons often. It prepares you for the online group experience and gets everyone on the same page. Once in the community, you will continue to get practices and lessons and personal access to Tanja directly.
Meet Tanja Diamond: The Master Of Peak Arousal Living

Tanja Diamond had a rough start in life. A sensitive and bright child, who suffered sexual abuse a few different times, neglect, emotionally abandonment by an alcoholic Dad and a chemically unstable Mother. Psoriasis at 10 and several severe traumatic injuries further isolated her. 

A nervous breakdown in her teens, lead her to spiral into self-destruction and finally put a gun to her head and pull the trigger. 

Rather than dying, she received a gift that set her on a quest to transform her life. She went on to become trained by an authentic Tantra Master and be the only woman and westerner to receive his energetic transmission and carry the lineage forward. Tanja has extensive Neo Tantra training and 32 credentials in allopathic and holistic healing modalities enabling her to bring a unique approach to this field.

Today, Tanja Diamond is known as a world authority in the field of expanding the limits of human potential, rapid sustainable change, and Peak Experience Living. She created a system called Modern Tantra- the 6 foundations to Integrated Living and High Speed Evolution. For the last 25 years she has been a life strategist to a client list including thought leaders, celebrities around the world, CEO’s of multi-million dollars companies, Mensa members, and top performers from all walks of life.  
Through Tanja’s work and personal journey, she has discovered the 8 expressions which  enables her clients to go beyond the norm, indeed go beyond even success to a place of extraordinary.
In this Tantra Uncovered Community Membership, we’re going to go deep into the experience of discovering what it means to live in Peak Arousal, to explore Lineage Tantra, Neo Tantra and living a life that’s extraordinary.
Here’s What People Say About Tanja
“I just wanted to tell you a little about my experiences with Tanja as my coach and mentor for the last 2 years.”
I have come so far with her support and guidance and along with my own devotion to self by doing the practices in her program; today I have a much larger emotional range and resilience and capacity that I feel so much more secure in myself than I ever have before and I am so appreciative of that. Thank you Tanja.
Keli Dean
“I have really enjoyed the course Tanja”
Having picked up many new and interesting strategies and practices to assist with integration. Thank you so very much. I find you to be very real, down to earth and a straight shooter. I love the simplicity of your practices and your caring and kick butt approach all rolled into one!!
Robyn Streiner

“I started working with her 2 years ago, and I’m so glad that I did”

She has a depth of knowledge, teaching style, and integrity that is second to none.
I now have foundational skills that have seen me through intense changes in my life situation. I feel now more powerful, current, and deliciously alive. I am eagerly looking forward to sharing these gifts with my coaching clients. I highly recommended Tanja and her program toyou. She Rocks!
Bev Manchester
“I have to say that the past couple years working with Tanja has been phenomenal.”
It is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced in my life because I’m actually taking actions. This work is so unlike anything I’ve ever done. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on other programs. This work has actually allowed me to shift my entire life with ease and with joy, even amidst all the craziness and the uncertainty. I am a completely different person due to this work. Yet at the same time, I’m completely into my essence, and the soul of “me” is coming through. Just so grateful that I said yes to this, and if you say yes, you’ll be grateful too. Thank you so much, Tanja. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. It’s really good to be me now…
Donnaah Sparkle
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What You’ll Learn
Eight Ways In Which You’ll Experience The Peak Arousal Life

The result of mastering the Eight Expressions is an incredible Peak Arousal Life and a deep understanding of presence, connection and intimacy. This is not the new age it’s all good, spiritual by-pass, just go with the flow, experience. It’s way more profound than that.

After integrating the Eight Expressions… you will be forever changed at a cellular level. You will love more fully, have infinite capacity for pleasure, and experience your  life as a playground of possibilities.


Deep Awareness
Experience the ability to tune in to yourself and others at a level that will make you feel as though you are reading minds. All your senses heightened.

Increased Intention

Watch yourself become intentioned so that your truth and integrity are at the forefront of your communication. You inhale what is and exhale what will be.

Effortless Presence

Truly show up. Clarity and effortless focus on whatever it is you want to experience. Don’t miss a moment of the juice of life.

True Intimacy

There’s nothing most of us want more than the feeling of being completely met. To do that we need to walk into unknown territories of ourselves and others.You’ll walk there with ease.

Conscious Breath

The practice, once mastered will give you the ability to connect to your subconcsious mind and physical body to bring about rapid transformations in any area of your life and endless energic body bliss.

Find Your voice, sound, and truth

Conscious communication and your authentic truth give you the ability to be fully heard and received. Using sound gives you access to moving immense energy through your body.

Leave static and stuck behind

Everything in life is in motion and being in a place of stuck goes against the natural order giving rise to internal and energetic conflict. You will easily move those conflicts out for good.

Self Confidence 

Having the correct knowledge about love, intimacy and connection to yourself and others give you an edge on the rest of the world where there is much confusion and ignorance.
Download The Ancient Energy Of Tantra Masters Directly Into Your Body For Unearthly Results

An energetic download is not as mysterious as it might seem and so you know, you are the one in control of this experience. When the student is ready all the information is right there, waiting. Will you be one of the fortunate who receives this experience?

It takes the understanding of how to open your body, mind, and soul and in just the right way, much like tuning a fine instrument. It takes the practices and knowledge you will be learning.
To be clear I am not making a guarantee this will happen, that takes time and devotion to yourself and the process, the intention and some initiation, however, this might be the closest you ever get to it in the west. And isn’t’ that exciting!
NOW I do guarantee you absolutely will gain the ability to live as few other people in the world live… in the extraordinary state of Peak Arousal and that is INCREDIBLE.
Access everything In The Tantra Uncovered Member’s Area
  Tantra Uncovered Foundational Course
  Twice a Month Lessons and Practices
  Once a Month Live Q-A Community Call
  All Your Lessons in Your Own Personal Member’s Area
  Tantra Uncovered Bonus Material
 Secret FB Group Membership Community

Once you have completed the nine week online Tantra Uncovered Foundational course you will be directed to the community FB group where all the members are housed together.

In our Secret Group, the amazement continues as you have access to me and your tribe all on the same journey to Peak Arousal living.
Experience ongoing twice a month calls on lessons and practices of Tantra and Neo Tantra and a monthly live Q-A.

I will be in the group with you and guiding interaction and practice challenges. Lots of support and fun!

Here’s What Past Students Say About Tanja Diamond’s Work
“When I first heard Tanja’s voice on the phone, I instantly knew something was radically different and intriguing about her.”
Relatively soon after that, at one of the lowest points in my life, I reached out to Tanja for guidance. My life has subsequently shifted in ways I could not imagine at the time. Now, Tanja is not one to coddle or bullshit to make anyone feel good. I am regularly amused by her shockingly candid heartfelt manner. There are few people in this world, I trust as much as Tanja. If you want a vivid, vibrant life of freedom and presence, then take Tanja’s classes.
Doug Sparks

“I have found Tanja to be an open book, meaning she coaches from her center, from her integral self – and lays out her life and experience for you to draw upon, and to understand her by.” 

“There is a lack of pretense, a vulnerability, a brutal honesty, and a walking of her own talk to Tanja that I can rely upon, because I know the source. Who knew integrity meant awakening to and aligning with our real values and beliefs, letting feelings just play out inside us, and nudging ourselves to alignment and realignment through little practices and pattern breaks? Although she has tremendous depth and knowledge around sexuality – the subject I first came to her for – she normalized the topic for me as an expression and outgrowth of integral self – not for separate consideration, but an important part of my whole. Thank you Tanja”
Paul A
Some teachers have the ability to demonstrate the techniques in comfortable circumstances.”
“Others are the living example of their teachings. Some can reveal the deeper concepts and roots of the path. Others will bring you closer to living the practice each moment of every day. It is rare to find one teacher who embodies all of these qualities. That teacher is Tanja Diamond!”
Shaun Robinson
“Tanja distinguishes herself as a tantric practitioner through great integrity…”
…and commitment to healing. The way she comes from her heart, wisdom and grounded knowledge and her work has been inspirational to me. I enjoy and grow by learning from and with Tanja in my own tantric journey.”
Dr. Elsbeth Meuth, Director Tantra Nova Institute

“These teachings have been life changing.”


“I am not the person I was. The daily practices are integrating and I find slipping into the energy stream comes easier each day. Thank you Tanja and everyone who has provided witnessing of this unfolding.”

Hazel Tree

“Hi Tanja, You are amazing…”

“It is shocking how we are so timid about expressing our aspirations. You rise above the norm as an example of exuberance. I recognized the possibility of dropping contraction (the baggage, the story, the past) and choosing expansion love, acceptance. Expanding…”
“Tanja embodies the depth of love and power of shakti…”
“…that is required in making fundamental changes for all those who are blessed to find their way into her heart.”
Caroline Muir, Founder of Divine Feminine

“Just wanted to thank you again Tanja for the very powerful journey of sharing and growth….”


I find I am still processing the experience and look forward to continued opening and expansion in these areas. Your facilitation was inspiring, informative and safe, your personal style of respect, tolerance and caring for others came through loud and clear and made it easier for those of us who are new arrivals on this path to take risks and be vulnerable. Occasionally you meet people that are doing exactly what they are called to do. You are clearly one of those people”.

Stephen Frazer

“My experience with Tanja’s work is that she is amazingly sensitive….”

“…insightful, present and loving. I felt so safe in her womb like space of creative healing which she created for me. It was like she dared to be all that I could be for me to heal, to go where I feared to tread so that I felt safe to go there myself. She’s that big, that brave, and that wise.”
Ma Yoga Anurag- Hawaii

“In the last 6 years I have had the opportunity to work with numerous healers on my tantric path…”

“As I search my memory for those on my A-list, Tanja surfaces first. It was immediately apparent to me as well as others, that she embodied every attribute one needs to be, truly in service of this work… Absolute personal and professional integrity, a spiritual being, honest, compassionate and highly skilled. Tanja exhibits each of these with a great sense of humor added to one’s process of discovery.”
Jewel- California
Plus You Get These Amazing Fast Action Bonuses NOW…


 The Conscious Breath V-book
This is a foundational book of breath practices and personal stories of my life using them in some very unique circumstances. Can you say shark attack! Learn how I used breath to survive.
4 Private Sessions

You will be entered into a drawing to win 4 private sessions with Tanja on the topic of your choice. Good for the first 150 people who sign up.


Tantra Energetic “O”   Mp3

What if I told you that you could learn to have an “O” on every in breath and sit in meditation as blissful energy just rippled through your whole body, instead of just feeling it in your crotch, and it lasted as long as you wanted it to? Would that interest you?
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tantra Uncovered For? And What will it do for me?

This program is for men, women, singled or partnered — who desire to take their lives to an extraordinary place. You can access this course from anywhere in the world as long as you have a device.
Beginner or have some Tantra already under your belt, you will get value and benefit. I have a unique approach to my teaching.
If you are looking to take your whole life to a new level of experience this is your opportunity. Love, intimacy, connection, bliss, abundance, all yours!
How Long does it take to see results?
I have had clients have a call with me and experience transformation right away. It really depends on what you bring to the table. I generally tell people who desire long-term sustainable transformation and an extraordinary life that devotion to you and your practice is key. I can show you the way but it’s what you do between the times you learn something with me that really counts.
I know you will be blown away by the things you will learn and implement in your life and at this price, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
So click the Add-to-Cart button and try it now.
When does the membership start and finish?
It starts the moment you sign up, and ends when you decide it ends.
Everyone starts in the same place with the Tantra Uncovered Foundational 9 week online course so we are all on the same page when you get entrance to the membership community. Once in the FB community,  you are involved with me and others on this journey to living brilliant lives. As long as you are getting value and enjoying yourself stay with us.
What time are the calls, and what if I can’t access these? 
The Tantra Uncovered Foundational Course is online and in your member’s area right away and you will have access to the monthly community live Q-A’s while you are there. They are recorded so if you miss it or the time doesn’t work, you can get access to them within 24 hrs in your member’s area. You won’t miss a thing no matter where you live or what your schedule is.
Once you get to the FB community I have lcalls 3 times a month. Two are lessons and practices and the other one is the monthly Live Q-A. These are also recorded and the times and days will change to try and accommodate people in different time zones and countries. You can always find the latest calls in your member’s area.

Don’t Decide Now —

Try Tantra Uncovered Community For 30 Days- it’s Free!

After 30 years of teaching people how to live their best lives ever, I can tell you, no one has ever regretted it LOL.

When you take the time to learn what you and your body are truly capable of you will be blown away! We realize so little of our truest potential and abilities.
And there are benefits beyond great love, intimacy, happiness, and connection!  Your health will improve, your stress will disappear, you will find an ease of living and making money. There truly is no part of your life that won’t be influenced for the better.
We set Tantra Uncovered Community up to be as risk-free as anyone can make it. You get a FULL month free to enjoy and if you love it you will only pay $20 a month thereafter. You pay month to month, that’s it. You aren’t happy, you aren’t getting value, you just have to let us know. In fact, email me directly. tanja@tantrauncovered.com and say, I’m done. No questions, I’ll discontinue your payments. ( Do give us 14 days before your next payment so we can process it)
You can keep everything you have, the course, the calls, the practices, and knowledge.
So then, nothing holding you back from checking out the awesome, ancient and powerful world of Tantra and Neo Tantra with me.
Click the Get Tantra Uncovered Community button below.
Try Tantra Uncovered Community Now For FREE!
What’s Included In This Program
  Complete 9-week Tantra Uncovered Foundational course designed to get you on track and have a deeper understanding of Tantra and Neo Tantra
   An Amazing Secret FB community where you can meet others who are on the journey to an extraordinary life and interact with me
  2  lessons and practices a month, recorded so you can access them when you want to
 1 Live community Q-A Zoom call a month, recorded for your convenience. Show up live or ask your questions privately 
  Your private member’s area to hold all the valuable information you receive.
  Commmunity monthly draw and suprises

Plus, Instant Access To The Following Bonuses:

  Conscious Breath- V book
  4 Private Sessions Draw
  Tantra Energetic “O”  Mp3
Get Started With Your Free Month Trial!
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then only pay $20/Month after that if you choose.

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