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Tantra Tantra Tantra, what does it even mean?

Look on the internet for information on Tantra and you will likely come away even more confused than when you started.
A spritual practice? A religion? A sex cult? Yoga? Massage? Sex techniques? Personal transformation? Only done with a partner?
Everwhere you look someone is saying they are doing, practicing, experiencing, teaching something called Tantra.
You have a feeling Tantra might be somehting that’s right for you if only you coud get some solid answers about it.
Tantra Foundations Ebook is going to give you a real look at Tantra and Neo Tantra so you can better understand how to find the right path for your personal journey to transformation.
Uncovering the Mysteries of An Ancient Practice
So what’s inside Tantra Foundations Ebook
  • Tantra and Neo Tantra, what’s the difference and why does it matter
  • Tantra Guru’s and Masters, do you need one
  • Tantra is a personal journey, no partner needed
  • ​Breath- the foundation of everything
  • ​Mediation- moving and stillness
  • ​Tantra Rituals- Yantra, Mantras, and Mudras
  • ​Celibacy- one tantric path
  • ​Tantra Union- holding the hands of God while making love
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Tantra Foundations For Only $7
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