Dear Men,


I have spent my life learning from masters and grand masters in the healing arts, the martial arts and the sexual arts and I am here to share my knowledge with you. 

These practices have been historically guarded and kept secret – reserved only for royalty and sages. Until now.

Do you love women?

Are you looking for the woman of your dreams? Maybe you have already found her.

Learn to give her what she needs.

Would you like to give her the best love & intimacy you can? If you want to make the deepest, most loving, most pleasurable connection with your woman, then you have come to the right place.

Do your homework before you meet her.  If you are in the dating game, what do you plan to do with her once you have her? You’ve got one chance to show her you deeply understand how to touch her body and soul. Here is that training.

Deepen your relationship with your wife or partner. If you are partnered, this information will help you go deeper with your women, increase the sexual polarity and nourish both of you even more.

Women want you to know what I share in my program – they thank me for it all the time.

“One of the deepest feminine desires in intimacy is precisely not to have to always figure it out for her man and guide him.”  David Deida

Women want Alpha Males. It is deep in our biology, so women will often keep their mouth shut and sacrifice sharing valuable information with men to not shift the polarity. This is why women thank me for teaching this, because they don’t want to.

An Educated Man is a Sexy Man. Women want a man who is initiated into the mysteries of her body. A woman is grateful when a man shows up initiated into the mysteries of her body and if you have a woman, it shows how much you care to strive to connect to her primal pleasure even more.

Women have secrets they want YOU to know. Women have very specific things that they want me to tell you. Countless women agree when I talk about how to touch the breasts, how to go slow, how to be present, how to kiss… I want to share with you what they are telling me so you get the real info.

Supreme Alphas do their homework. Alpha men put themselves through initiations. Like this one. A Supreme Alpha is super sexy because he ventures into new territory and wants to discover its secrets. Women like this. They want you to figure them out.

Your woman is designed for ecstasy. Her primal brain has primal needs. Safety, abundance, procreation, and ecstasy needs are deeply embedded in our brain. A woman needs to dump love chemicals that are only found in our deep intimate states or she will feel something is missing. I will explain how to evoke these chemicals from her brain with a few simple steps.

…and she’s crazy. Yes, women are crazy. I fully agree. Being a woman, I can help you decode this crazy. Usually she is trying to say something but is hiding other things – actually to try not to hurt you feelings, which backfires because you get completely confused about what she is trying to say and she then becomes a bitch…it’s really crazy.

There are primal drivers I can help you with here to tame the dragon, by either taking her hand or making a stand.

This course will

  • Increase your Alpha Polarity
  • Deepen your relationship to women
  • Boost your confidence
  • Increase your emotional and sexual satisfaction

I invite you to join me over the next 6 weeks for this ground breaking course.

In gratitude,

Who Should Take the Training?

Men in the dating game – A solid alternative to bad Pick Up Artist tactics.  Any woman in her right mind knows that PUA tactics are bullshit. We do not need to be tricked into going on a date or having sex. It is best if you show up so inspired, inspiring and knowledgeable that a woman will want to give herself to you just to be in your good hands!

The most interesting man at the party. Be the magnet of any party. I’m confident that you will be the most interesting person at the party when you know what I am going to teach you.

Men in a long term, committed relationships. We all know the importance of maintaining the spark in our long term relationships. Having more to give your woman, new and fresh understandings about her body could save a marriage.

Men who are looking for the right woman. Prepare for her before you meet her. Show up initiated, avoid putting her in a position of having to teach you. Invest in her now.

Me. I want Supreme Alphas with Heart roaming the earth, keeping it pure and free, holding space for the feminine to unfurl her beauty. And I want the thank you notes form their women.

It’s better if you learn from me, not her

If you get this information from a neutral third party, a woman who has done the research then you will not have to put your woman in the awkward position of wanting you to know things you don’t. You can cover a lot of ground here and then enjoy discovering her unique body.

Consider ME your secret weapon

It’s good to have a woman as a confidant on your side. Consider me your secret weapon. Many of my clients call me right before they go on a date to ask me some specific questions like how can I make her feel like a woman? Tell me again about how to touch the breasts?… She said this, what does it mean?r


“‘A man stands erect in the universe for something,’ my master always
used to say. Having a stand, making a stand lets your woman know
where she stands or… she might walk all over you.”   

What You’ll Receive in the Training

  1. The Art of Love Mens Online Program – 6 LIVE Training Sessions with 

You will be on Live video calls with me for 6-weeks where I will take you through a series of six training sessions. Calls will be divided into theory and practice. (see below for description of the 6-weeks).


  1. Access to all the Video and Audio Recordings in a Private Membership Site

Each week, along with the live session, you will get access to download the weeks training so you will own it forever and you can review in your own time.


  1. A Free Download of The Yoni Care Handbook – Practical Tips on the Care and Feeding of the Yoni for Men & Women

The Yoni Care Handbook is a must read for anyone who has a yoni or has a relationship with yonis. For women, this book shares practical tips on loving, cleansing, healing and honoring the yoni. For men, this book offers invaluable information on how to honor a woman, how to honor the yoni and a preview of more ways you can show up educated for your woman. The Yoni Care Handbook offers 116 pages of fun and rock solid information that simply every man and woman must know!


Experience the Transformative Sexual Teachings

— An interesting case study: my porn star client —

One of my clients is a world famous porn star. He recently asked me how to touch a woman’s breasts admitting that nobody teaches them and that they do not give them much attention.

With joy, I told him the secret teachings from the ancient Taoist lineages: you lift them this way,  first you go slow… you never do this… this is how you evoke the Peak Elixir….

He came back with a glowing report.

To my delight and surprise, the very next day, he told me he spent some time on the woman’s breasts in his shoot with great results… She loved it!

Be an Adventurer – Explorer

Take the attitude of an adventurer-explorer. The example of my porn star client asking me how to touch a woman’s breasts comes from one of the most studly men in the world and is a great teaching. A great lover is open to learning new things. A man that is interested and excited to know more is the man that will know more. Drop the insecurities and retrieve your childhood excitement and your sexy factor goes up!

What’s Inside The Art of Love for Men
6-Week Training Program

How Her Primal Brain Runs the Show

What women are really thinking and why

How to get to her Primal Hell Yes!

The No fail “3 Inch Test” to see if a woman is really into you or not! – No matter if you are just meeting her or if she is your wife.

What women won’t tell you and why

Why women love bad guys

Accessing the Control Center of Pleasure – Supreme Alpha Polarity. Primal Brain Communication. Dominance. Safety. Her Surrender.

Don’t master a woman, master yourself

Align with your deepest purpose increasing Primal Polarity

Stand Erect In the Universe for Something as a Supreme Alpha

Protecting and directing the feminine – her receptivity is her pleasure

Dominance Triggers on a date and in the bedroom

Mapping the erogenous zones – what they are and how to find them. 

The 20 min warm up and why it is necessary

Awakening her body from the outside in

Kissing, suckling, & sucking, biting, dominance and surrender

Breath for entrainment and deepening connection

How to have a deep heart connection

Tactical Gold: How to melt your woman into pure pleasure

The Lost Art of Foreplay

Remembering How to Awaken the entire body before entry

Ocean Breath that unites two into one

Awaking a woman’s body

The meltdown sequence – how to melt your woman down into pure pleasure

Awakening the Breasts

How to align with the giving nature of her breasts to increase pleasure

6 Different breast touches

How to evoke the Peak Elixir – a rejuvenating hormonal cocktail

How to suckle the breasts, and avoid sucking

The #1 major turn off all men make with women’s breasts and how to never do it again!

The Yoni – What to do once inside the yoni to make your woman melt into pleasure

Understanding the internal anatomy of the yoni

The 3 Main Orgasms of the yoni

Where these orgasms take place

How to make the magnetic nature of the yoni work for you

The 5 Signs the yoni is ready to be entered

PLUS You’ll Receive the Following
Special Bonuses for Joining the Program

BONUS #1: Special Pleasure Master Class
How to Understand and Touch a Woman’s Breast

Learn How to Avoid the #1 Major Mistake almost all men make with breasts.

All women agree they hate it when men do this, yet they almost never tell them! Learn facts about the breasts you never new, including a potent elixir with rejuvenating properties that is secreted with educated handling!

Learn more about how:

  • Breasts are key to opening a woman’s heart,
  • Breasts also have a direct connection to the yoni and are essential to fully awakening the yoni,
  • A woman can have an orgasm from her breasts; and,
  • They can emit the Peak Elixir – a rejuvenating hormonal cocktail


BONUS #2: Special Pleasure Master Class
The Secrets of a Woman’s Yoni
(What She REALLY wants YOU to Know!)

[Value $97]

Learn What NOT to Do and How to Navigate a Woman’s Yoni

Your a man and its not your fault that you have not been guided through the most sensitive and complex area of a woman’s body – her Yoni.

In this pleasure master class I’ll share with you how to avoid the number #1 mistake that can ruin a new or existing relationship. We will also look at:

  • How to understand yoni language…so that you can pleasure her with ease
  • How to know when a yoni is ready for you and why this is so critical in the dance of love
  • How to avoid the big mistake most men make (and why this is a game killer)


Confidential & Professional: Any personal information you choose to share is confidential. I have been a counselor and teacher for 25 years and deeply respect sensitive information. You are always welcome to submit anonymous questions for me to elaborate on for the week’s open discussion.. or you can always preface the question or situation with “What if one…” this way, it can be about anyone.

The Art of Love for Men – Offer Summary

Here is a summary of what you’ll receive
in this powerful program to understand
your woman and to be an empowered lover:

  • The Art of Live 6-Week Live Video Sessions [Value $997]
  • Recordings of all the Audio and Videos [Value $97]
  • The Yoni Handbook Download [Value $20]

PLUS You’ll Also Get the Following LIMITED Bonuses

  • BONUS #1: Pleasure Masterclass – How to Understand and Touch a Woman’s Breast
  • BONUS #2: Pleasure Masterclass – The Secrets of a Woman’s Yoni

Total Course Value: 

One Discounted payment of  $497

3 monthly payments of  $177

Risk Free 100% Guarantee

We have put our hearts and minds into creating the best online learning program including Live Webinars, industry experts and bonuses. Try the program risk-free for the first two weeks and if for any reason you are not satisfied just let us know and we will happily refund you.

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