You became aware of some of your patterns and places you hold back in Level 1

You may have even broken through barriers and found new levels of pleasure and being in your body. Well hang on to your knickers…


In Level II we’re going even deeper, yes there are the practices (and new ones)
and we will dive into the mysteries of Neo Tantric sexual healing ritual as well.

Start The 8 Week Program

Discover Sacred Healing

Feel Orgasmic and Empowered

What we’ll do together

Starting  July 10th
, 2021 at 12.00 pm (noon) PST we will have a group zoom call each week for 8 weeks.

The calls are about an 60 minutes + Q-A time
lecture-based, no nudity or sexual touching during the ZOOM

 All class zoom links, REPLAY links and other information will be in our PRIVATE Facebook Group.

This is where you will get personal support and special bonus live videos as I answer your questions.

   Discover Deep Sexual Self Awareness 

  Release Your Energetic Holding Patterns

  Learn to rescue yourself 

  Self Soothe and Comfort

  Integrate Sexual Trauma

  End Sexual Frustration

  Free Your Orgasm

  Ignite Your Peak Arousal

Learn Neo Tantra Sexual Healing Ritual


Everyone who pays in full with a single payment will receive a 45 min one on one coaching call with me. ($147 value)

Ok so here’s the deal, there is no hard sell to this program.

This is so needed.

After 20 years of hearing from women and men who have been abused
by others when seeking healing I have to do this.  This matters to me greatly.

The price for the 8-week program is $347


You can break it into 2 payments of $175


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2 payments of $175

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Long past the program’s end these skills you learn will continue to heal you as you use them

They are yours for life


You deserve being all you can be as a healthy sexually empowered woman


I am so excited to guide you to the most powerful experience I believe anyone can have


Being your own sexual healer and discovering your immense pleasure potential