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Neo Tantra in Brief

Neo Tantra, Western Tantra, New Age Tantra or sometimes called Sacred Sex, is an important practice in our society where shame and repression are common around sexuality. Neo Tantra offers a variety of formats and practices designed to enhance our sexual pleasure, expand our capacity to experience better orgasms, better connection to ourselves and others and to heal from our sexual wounding.

When Neo Tantra found its way west in the 60′ s it was just what a society coming out of sexual repression wanted. It caught fire and soon everyone was creating a version of it. It has roller coastered up and down over the years always seen as something new age and fringe. Just like yoga interestingly.

Over the last 10 to 15 years it has made a comeback and moved in to the limelight most notably by  musical performer Sting. Sting talked about  the bedroom technique of Neo Tantra and his sexual prowess and more recently even Hollywood has jumped on board with the American Pie movies and Oprah talking about it.

Today Neo Tantra is frequently called Tantra and many of its teachers and practitioners do not know its origins or history and do not realize that Tantra and Neo Tantra are barely even related.

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Tanja and Neo Tantra in Brief

I am founder of the Center for Spiritual and Sexual Enlightenment (currently closed), Advanced Certified Tantra Educator Level 2 through Source School of Tantra, Sexual Healer, Holistic Sexual Trainer, Tantric Sexual Therapist and Coach, Couples Intimacy Coach and Tantric Energy Healer.

What I bring to the table in Neo Tantra is the extensive knowledge of Classical and Neo Tantra sexual arts, Taoist sexual arts, White Tigress training and a few others. I have the ability to assist men, women and couples to connect deeply to themselves sexually and understand how to utilize their sexual energy for healing and life presence. I create a space for you to let go of any emotional, or physical wounding relating to sex abuse, physical abuse, or emotional abuse, past heartaches, as well as societal ignorance or past learnings that no longer serve you.

I really took to sexual healing techniques in Neo Tantra and coupled them with my Classical training and was incredibly impressed with the results. The fusion of witness, intent, energy and body work, sound and motion was nothing less than miraculous.

I have read and studied almost all of the Neo Tantra literature available from a wide range of teachers, Western and European. After an accelerated study program with Charles and Caroline Muir who are considered to be the forefront of the Neo Tantra movement in the US, I created my own brand of sexual healing that was very different from mainstream Neo Tantra practices, based more in healing and less focused on only pleasure.                                                                                                                                         Read more


You and Neo Tantra

Is Neo Tantra what you are seeking? What can Neo Tantra do for you? Well let me break it down for you. Neo Tantra as you have read deals with the sexual arts of Tantra, Taoism and other eastern sexual practices. Yes there is a spiritual component too, especially how I teach.

Neo Tantra will not interfere with any religious or other foundations you believe in as you can tailor it to those beliefs. It will strengthen your connection to your divinity and self.

If you want to super charge your love life, connect to yourself more fully, form more meaningful and intimate connections with your lover,  learn how to use your sexual energy with purpose,  retain vitality, have your passion last a lifetime, heal from sexual wounding, understand your body or your lovers, end sexual dysfunction, become more orgasmic, learn about multiple orgasm and Tantra ejaculation mastery, connect to the hands of God or the universe through sexual expression, this is where it all takes place.

You will find all my coaching and training in Neo Tantra to be grounded in practical aspects and I use modern day terminology to make some of the ancient techniques accessible.

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