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Couples Course-
This is a lecture and experiential workshop for couples. We will cover communication, unique connections, kissing, myths about sexuality, techniques for improved sexual union, and what must be said in a couple’s relationship. Couples who have taken this workshop have told me they are so much closer than they ever thought possible, and they are sustaining and improving upon the passion of their early days. There is no nudity or sexual touching.
Men's Course
Level up your sex life. Discover myths and truths about the female body, kissing, pillow talk, ancient techniques for extended arousal, and techniques for attaining multiple orgasms for both men and women.
Sexual vitality is your most prized asset as a sexually healthy male. With this knowledge, you will regain or retain the stamina and vigor of your youth and stop suffering from penile aging and the devastating effects of declined sexual function. There is no nudity or sexual touching.
Women's course
This women-only class will teach both the spiritual aspects and sexual techniques of Neo Tantra. You don't need a partner to become sexually awakened. A candid conversation with some experiential components will awaken your senses and dispel the myths that keep you from experiencing the pleasure that is your birthright. Learn about becoming orgasmic, multi-orgasmic, your G-spot for sexual healing and pleasure, female ejaculation: myths and truths. Information about men's bodies, needs, and new ways to pleasure your partner and yourself. There is no nudity or sexual touching.