What is Premature Ejaculation?

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What is Premature Ejaculation?

Below is an example of the information available and how it can keep you scared and keep you in the myth. Notice that they keep your anxiety high while they set you up to buy something from them. I will make comments in red along the way.

“PE is exceptionally distressing and prevents over a quarter of all men from enjoying their sex life to the full. Making it the most prolific male sexual complaint.

This is true, it is a prolific complaint, and the thought you might have it will keep you from enjoying anything.
With the amount of knowledge I’ve acquired in solving my premature ejaculation and through talking to others with this problem I feel obliged to write this page and dispel all the myths surrounding curing p.e.

The biggest myth out there is that it exsits to the extent that it is believed. I have men call me that can last 10 to 15 minutes in intercourse saying they have PE. I tell them the average sexual act is over in 2 to 3 minutes and they are shocked… Then I let them know that most women are thrilled it is over that fast because they are not enjoying intercourse. For a woman to truly enjoy intercourse the man must learn to be completely present and not trying to concentrate on trying not to come.

See our guide on <<>>. This guide will inform you of scams and provide insight on exactly what cures do and don’t work and also of the dangers, in hope that you too will be able to solve your premature ejaculation without the fuss and heart ache that so many go through.

There are a tremendous amount of scams, dangerous drugs that can and do cause permanent damage to your ability to achieve an erection, and many more tricks pitching to your fears about this.

What is PE?

PE. is the inability to control when you ejaculate. If you ejaculated before your partner and wished to last longer but failed, then you have PE.

No.. then you have simply not mastered ejaculation mastery. You are perfectly normal, just an everyday lover.

Premature ejaculation is primarily the inability to delay ejaculation.

I said you come when you come, there is nothing premature about that. If you desire to last longer than you can learn how to do so, but please let go of the damaging label.

I would classify premature ejaculation as someone who does not even think they are stimulated and climax without perceived provocation, such as sitting in a meeting at work or something like that. That would be the time to get serious help.

How long do you need to last?
That is primarily dependant on your partner. Some women last only 2 minutes others need 30 minutes or more of stimulation to sexually satisfy them. 10-15 minutes is about average.

This is totally untrue.. the average woman does not climax through intercourse at all. She can learn to have sexual tension release orgasms pretty quick but it requires effort on her part and is not intercourse induced.

A woman, if she is orgasmic, can give herself an orgasm in under two minutes, but with a partner it’s alot longer and usually has nothing to do with intercourse. MOST WOMEN DO NOT CLIMAX through intercourse. They can learn to with a skillful lover but that does not mean someone that goes on and on. Most women are not wanting you to bang away on them for that long. Women will dry out if you are continually going at it like a porn star. That is not the way to be a sexual master.

The average woman will want foreplay ( anything other than intercourse) for as long as you can do this for her. So concentrate on that and get some education about sexual mastery for intercourse.

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