Use Tantra to Unleash your Orgasmic Potential- Mp3 series

Unleash your Orgasmic potential Using Tantra is a 4 – 1 hour Mp3 series.

I am very excited to be bringing you this very informative and amazing Mp3 series about using Neo Tantra to enhance your orgasmic potential and how to become orgasmic, be more orgasmic and even heal through orgasm. This is for every woman, single or partnered.

The Neo Tantra arts are known for the enhancement of sexual pleasure and allowing the understanding of your body and its fullest potential when it comes to orgasm and beyond.

There are many different types of orgasm and orgasmic potential and it is not just all about having more pleasure, even though most women have not even come close to their ability to experience their fullest ecstasy.  There are orgasms that create great healing, physically, emotionally, and energetically as well as keeping us young and vital.

This is highly comprehensive program about orgasm.You will be taken to a download page and can listen over and over again to the Mp3’s taken from my 2013 teleseminar series for women.

Having had every type of orgasm known as well as spending periods in my life non orgasmic and having great difficulty achieving them with myself and/or with a partner, I completely understand the frustration and emotional pain that a woman can experience from feeling broken. I understand the heroic effort some orgasms can take to get there  or the elusive almost was there orgasm. I have experienced the frustration and disappointment of my partner when he thought he was not a good enough lover, and had lovers that were clueless as well.

I also understand the great healing and spiritual expansion that can happen when one learns to use orgasm to heal, empower and unleash the enormous pleasure potential we all have.

There will be many practical tips and exercises along the way to assist you on your journey.


Here are some of the topics: (not in order)

Classical Tantra and Neo Tantra

Why orgasm is needed by everyone at all ages


Breathing into bliss

Your pelvis, tension and relaxation

Blood flow, stretches and workouts

Self pleasuring versus masturbation

Empowering vocabulary

Pleasure and arousal

Turning off the critical and busy mind

Releasing shame

Why you do not have to be in the mood for amazing pleasure

Tension release versus true pleasure

Types or orgasm

Self healing

Sound for orgasm

How to recover from sexual numbness

Sensitize for immense pleasure

Different sensations and touch

Toys, fantasy and porn and why I’m going to surprise you

Reaching orgasm for the first time

Intercourse and orgasm

Surrender and submission

Chakras, energy and orgasm with no physical touch

Communication to your partner about your needs

Female ejaculation, amrita and magic


I believe that all women should be able to have access to their orgasmic potential so if you truly can not afford the full price of $97 for this course please contact me for a scholarship potential or let me know what you can afford.


 All for only $97


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