The Transformative Aspects of Classical Tantra, Neo Tantra and Modern Tantra™

 The Transformative Aspects of Classical Tantra, Neo Tantra and Modern Tantra™

The Transformative Aspects of Modern Tantra™

I created Modern Tantra™ as a transformative program to life mastery. Transformative in this instance means to peel away practices that no longer serve you while replacing them with practices that enhance your evolution and personal truth- and enable sustainability.

There are many programs out there, many really good ones, I know I have tried and used a whole slew of them. And though each of them had their differences the bottom line was take action. I agree with that wholeheartedly AND taking action in a direction that you do not feel at an integrated core level will not sustain you for long. So many programs so many people not following through on most for any long term effect.

What I really love about Classical Tantra and Modern Tantra™ is that their premise is evolutionary. As we achieve one aspect of transformation we desire, we can evolve to another level and the practices remain relevant, and continue to do so through your life span.  With a solid foundation there is no stopping point there is only transformative sustainability. That means you do not need to learn another practice just keep practicing what you know at each level and you will keep evolving.

The power of transformation within the Modern Tantra™ structure is locked into Level 1 Tantra of Awareness where you experience the power of “insourcing”.  Once accessing your spiritual connection you start to create personal transformation from the power of your internal source, a place of personal sustainability over and over, it is truly timeless.                                                                                        Read More soon



The Transformative Aspects of Classical Tantra

To me there is nothing as transformative as Classical Tantra (Modern Tantra™ following a close second).

A Classical Tantra master takes you from where you are and prepares you for an amazing journey that encompasses all aspects of you and everything around you.  Once you are prepared body, mind and energy, you become a catalyst for radical change, and the deeper you go, the deeper you can go, a cycle of death and rebirth over and over again.  Typically all this is achieved at the pace of the adept, sometimes at the speed of the master.

I know I could have had an easier transformation but my teacher was running out of time and he felt I was capable of a radical experience.

This is nothing I could have undertaken without the ability to completely let go as some of the fear as illusions and reality shattered are impossible to describe and if I had remained stuck I know I would have been physically, emotionally and mentally shredded. My whole concept of time, and now and everything shifted. Even with immaculate preparation one is not able to fully comprehend energetic beheading over and over and having someone to be tethered to energetically, is crucial.

The transformative powers of Classical Tantra deal with following a systematic protocol which enable to adept to step out of programs and constructs “outsourcing” and allow them to step into a space of transformative personal authentic truth “insourcing”.                                                                      Read More soon



The Transformative Aspects of Neo Tantra

Neo Tantra uses sex and pleasure as platforms for transformation. Indeed to someone who has never experienced love and sex combined, or orgasm, or the timelessness of sacred sex, their transformation can be visible.

This is where everything can diverge in Neo Tantra, depending on the student and the teacher. Although we can achieve amazing and awe inspiring experiences by learning to have extended orgasms and heartfelt connected sex, and I teach those techniques and methods, the transformation I am seriously grateful to be a part of is in the realm of sexual healing.

Sexual healing was not part of Classical Tantra as far as I was taught and I first learned about it when I attended a Neo Tantra beginner’s weekend. Although this particular form was taught as a way to heal there was no distinction between arousing people and healing them, and it was in fact encouraged to use pleasure as a base.

I remember at the end of the weekend, having worked with a man who had done this training before,  I came away with a sense of something even bigger than what was happening here or what we had done. I wanted more. I talked my way into attending the instructor’s first ever certified Tantra Educators training, even though typically they wanted someone who had done all their classes before. Either I was a serious pest or they saw something in me.

By the end of that training I knew what I was doing was completely different than what I was seeing done or being taught. In fact throughout the training I had students in my room after class into the wee hours of the morning asking me to do ritual with them.

People healing from their past sexual abuse, even the heinous abuse of being in a Satan based cult lead by their parents,  letting go of fear after being tortured in a concentration camp, incest, rape, and other things, I was stunned at the power of transformation that was available via this method.

Read More soon


You can benefit from the transformative aspects of Classical Tantra, Neo Tantra Or Modern Tantra™ if you are ready to change the patterns you have been running consciously or unconsciously. You must be ready to grow and challenge yourself. Whether new to all this or already practicing there are things here that will help you grow.

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