The Spiritual Aspects of Classical Tantra, Neo Tantra and Modern Tantra™

 The Spiritual Aspects of Classical Tantra, Neo Tantra and Modern Tantra™

The Spiritual aspects of Classical Tantra

Let’s first define spirituality for the point of our discussion.

I really resonate with Wiki’s definition: I have paraphrased some of the exact quote.

“Spirituality is an inner path enabling a person to discover the essence of his/her being; or the “deepest values and meanings by which people live. Spiritual practices are intended to develop an individual’s inner life. Spiritual experiences can include being connected to a larger reality, yielding a more comprehensive self; joining with other individuals or the human community; with nature or the cosmos; or with the divine realm. Spirituality is often experienced as a source of inspiration or orientation in life.”

If you are interested in spirituality and what Classical Tantra can do for you in that regard step right up.

Classical Tantra is one of the oldest known spiritual practices that we can trace through lineages that were passed along from Tantra master to adept.  All was done through energetic transmission, oral language with some stylized drawings and symbols- and before the 5th century it was all done in secret. You can read more about Classical Tantra and its history here.

For the purposes of our discussion the strength of getting to the heart of a spiritual practice through Classical Tantra lies in the fact that Classical Tantra is based in the study of the universe and nature.

This means that we use natural objects as well as our bodies to learn about intangible things, for instance, Energy.  We can see results of energy throughout natural things, with very little effort. However to harness and utilize energy we need to develop awareness and techniques to do so.

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The Spiritual Aspects of Modern Tantra™


Like Classical Tantra and Neo Tantra, Modern Tantra™ can be used as a path to spirituality. As you may suspect at this point there are many things that could possibly be used as a vehicle given that you had the knowledge of how to go about it.

In Modern Tantra™ level one The Tantra of Awareness is the process in which you are guided to finding your personal spiritual connection. Figuring out what is a spiritual connection is the first key.  Many people have a notion of what it is to be spiritual however to find something that you can count on to connect you to the feelings you have can be trickier.

What I have discovered as I refined this process over the years is that when we lack the feeling of connection to divinity, however that appears to you, we lose resiliency and feelings of apathy, isolation, depression, loneliness, non-connection can set in.

Of course one of the most popular experiences of spiritual connection may be the one people feel to God and though I hold honor and respect for that belief I think there might be something you can add even to that experience.

I believe if we are not practicing our spiritual connection a minimum number of times each week for our personal need than we are running on empty. Spiritual connection is the process of filling up on universal energy. This process nourishes us from the inside out; from there we have what I refer to as “insourcing.”

Spiritual connection occurs not as mental process but a full body, full-sensory process, a process of tangible connection with ourselves and the universe. We feel it from the inside out.                                                               Read More



The Spiritual Aspects of Neo Tantra


When we talk about spirituality and Neo Tantra we are on a different track than the spirituality of Classical Tantra, though it can be said that one is still learning about self in either regard. Whereas Classical Tantra cannot be separated into a spiritual practice or a primarily sexual practice, Neo Tantra can.

Neo Tantra is based on the sexual arts of Classical Tantra and other Eastern arts, and the focus is using sexual energy, pleasure, connection to self and others, and orgasm as a way to gain enlightenment. Keep in mind however you can practice Neo Tantra with no spirituality whatsoever depending on how you go about it.

If you prefer to study Neo Tantra as a sexual practice only please go to the Sexual aspects of Neo Tantra.

Learning about a better way to “get off” is not the same thing as learning to experience spiritual divinity through pleasure, although it can certainly seem like it given we are such a pleasure deprived world.

Sacred Sex is a term used in modern terms to describe using Neo Tantra sexual arts as a spiritual practice, and its premise is using love making as a mediation between self and divinity- or your partner and self- your sexual polarities intertwined to reach the cosmos.

If we do not address our very basic underpinning of being human, which is expressed as a drive to have sex to procreate, we will be cutting off a very powerful and vital force within us. I do not mean we are nothing if we are not having sex or having babies; I do mean we are in conflict if we are not addressing the natural forces within us that mimic the universal force outside of us.                                   Read More



You can benefit from the spiritual aspects of Classical Tantra, Neo Tantra or Modern Tantra  if you are ready to enhance your connection to Divinity, One, Source, God and lose your sense of dis-ease. Expand the practice you already have or create new ones.

Read more specifics on how each one can help you under Men, Women, Couples, Practitioners, or Aspirants

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