The Sexual Aspects of Classical Tantra, Neo Tantra and Modern Tantra™

 The Sexual Aspects of Classical Tantra, Neo Tantra and Modern Tantra™

The Sexual Aspect of Neo Tantra

When it comes to sexual techniques very few things beat Neo Tantra, which have their beginnings in a particular school in Classical Tantra, blended with the Indian sexual art forms, the Taoist and other Chinese sexual arts.

Depending on who you study with the techniques can vary widely though called the same thing. If you are interested in pursuing spiritual aspects of Neo Tantra please refer to The Spiritual Aspects of Neo Tantra.

Some Neo Tantra practitioners have read about techniques and apply them, some have trained with teachers who have ancient knowledge and some are just using the word Tantra as it is a catch all buzz word.  Always practice due diligence before training with or having services performed by anyone using Tantra or Neo Tantra on their card/website, be sure of what you want and ask questions about what you can expect to receive.

The sexual arts of Neo Tantra and these other art forms are designed to teach you how to enhance your sexual pleasure through knowledge of your body and your lovers body as well as training you to ancient knowledge about extending orgasm in both men and women, separating orgasm and ejaculation in men, connecting deeply to yourself and partner, and healing sexual abuse or misuse through sexual healing methods.

Sacred sex is a practice used to bring sexuality and spirituality into one experience and requires knowledge of the sexual arts as well as some spiritual components.

Neo Tantra is associated, though incorrectly, with erotic massage and sex work these days and it is important to note that those services are illegal in many places. You can easily learn Neo Tantra without having to get naked with or having sex with your teacher or other people. In fact the best way to start any sexual technique practices is solo even while involved in a relationship                          Read more soon


The Sexual Aspect of Modern Tantra™  

Modern Tantra™ incorporates sexuality training in Level 2 Tantra of Self, and Level 3 Tantra of Relations in the 5 levels to life Mastery. I utilize both sexual art forms from Classical Tantra and Neo Tantra in the format.

We are sexual beings no doubt about it, and whether you want to have sex or be celibate, understanding your sexual self and sexual energy is pretty paramount.  Without this education we tend to be ruled by our biology running inside us and leaving us no way to bring consciousness to it. I prefer that rather than being ruled by our chemistry we can indeed utilize it for not only sex, we can use it for creativity, life extension, business success, manifesting ( Think Chapter 11 of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill) and any other thing we want… And yes fabulous amazing sex as well.

Pleasure is an important aspect of living, expressing ourselves sexually is more than just having an orgasm; it is an extension of showing love and vulnerability if we are connected to ourselves. I understand that many use sex as a way to relieve stress, to get off, as a medication (addiction) even as a way to push away intimacy. I get it, I was there, so I am here to offer than there is way more than that and not only that, once we experience the difference between connected sexuality and other ways we have sex, going back is rarely a choice.

Connected sexuality is not about candles, incense; romance, although you can use those as ritual items to move you along the path. Connected sexuality, is a deep understanding of your personal sexual nature, your needs, wants, your patterns, your fears, your deepest pleasure, your personal limiting beliefs and your ability to move to an amazing place solo and with a partner.                            Read More soon



The Sexual Aspect of Classical Tantra

Because Classical Tantra is the study and utilization of nature and our whole bodies, it follows sexuality plays apart in that. Not in the Neo Tantra way of enhancing pleasure for sex, in Classical Tantra as a way of understanding energy. Sexual energy is one of our most potent and easily felt expressions of energy. It is a great beginner tool because almost anyone can feel it.

When that great rush of hormones happen and we feel all the energy in our genitals we understand being turned on. Turned on in that particular place, just like when we fall in love we feel amazing heart energy or when we overcome something terrifying we feel powerful in our gut. These great energies are milestones of body and energy awareness and with a Classical Tantra foundation we would utilize them as such, tools for awareness and awakening.

This big bold sexual energy gives beginners an easy grasp of how to start feeling and then moving energy within the body.  First bring awareness to the area and energy in it, then prepare the body and mind for the journey, then purify (unblock the energy), then awaken (amp it up), then deepen (feel it all over) , and finally extend the physical container you are in. This does not mean orgasm, this means experience the energy beyond your body, your physical container. For the purpose of Classical Tantra there is no physical release of energy in the form of orgasm at this point. The higher you build the energy the easier it is to learn to manipulate it. It is the difference between learning to park in a big open parking lot or parallel park downtown.

As the adept becomes aware and skilled the purpose is not to keep expanding but then to become more and more aware of less and less. A skilled Classical Tantra master will ask the adept to make things bigger only as much as the adept needs to get the lesson, from there it is all about becoming more skilled by being more subtle all the time. While the sexual arts of Neo Tantra teach us bigger and bigger orgasm and pleasure, more and more all the time (well most teachers anyway), Classical Tantra strives to bring the student to such an exquisite space of subtly,  so subtle that time seemingly stands still and the look of matter is seen as what it actually…vibration.                                                                        Read More soon



You can benefit from the sexual aspects of Classical Tantra, Neo Tantra or Modern Tantra™ if you are ready to take your life to the next level understanding your sexual energy, how it motivates or controls you, how to consciously utilize it and get rid of patterns that are not serving you and to enhance your pleasure and that of your partners. Either new to the arts or seasoned there are things to embrace.

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