Tantra Sexual Healing

Tantra Sexual Healing is one of the most needed modalities especially in the US. Most of us cheap football jerseys are sexually wounded and it does not take full on sexual assault or physical violation to be sexually hockey jerseys wounded. Sexual wounding can happen being exposed to adult Oakleys sunglasses Outlet sexual content at an early age, being sexually shamed or even just being sexual uniformed.

There are many ways to get some healing around sex and sexual issues and most of the work I do is educational through coaching and <a Cheap Jordans Sale title=”Tantra Counseling” cheap nhl jerseys href=”http://learningtantra.com/tantra-counseling/”>counseling.

There Cheap Jordans are times discount oakley when it becomes purposeful to use energy and body work to move emotional or physical blocks around sexual wounding. As we will be working together already we can discuss this during one of the times we talk to see if it cheap jordan shoes seems appropriate to oakley womens sunglasses do.

I do Neo Tantra Sexual Healing hands on work only with people who are already coaching or counseling with me. This is part of bei a plan to healing  your whole self. This is legitimate healing work, not code for anything else.

There are  practitioners who do male prostate massage, erotic massage, enhanced  pleasure massage, sex work and other things things related to this and call it Neo Tantra. I do teach Kopenhagen, these things, however  I do not do hands on work like this.

Please be aware that in most states any time oakley sunglasses sale you exchange money/donations for hands/body parts on your genitals it is considered sex work and is illegal, no matter what the name.

Please contact me for questions about Tantra Sexual Healing


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