Tantra Online via Skype


Tantra  Coaching Using Skype

Thank goodness for technology as it allows you and I to work together no matter where you live. I have worked with people on every continent!

I am comfortable working via Skype and if you have a different technology vehicle you like better, let’s talk about it.

Once you start working with me this way you can realize the many benefits. No parking, no commuting, your own comfy couch or chair and you can wear your slippers and have your favorite tea or beverage as well.

Skype, is a free, high quality video conferencing program that allows us to see and hear each other using your computer and a webcam (and headset if you choose and I can work with video or without whatever you are comfortable doing.).

Skype is free to download off the internet, easy to install and set up, is free of adware/malware/spyware etc and, most importantly, is confidential.

I can work with singles, couples and families this way.

Is Skype Confidential?

Yes, all Skype sessions are encrypted to ensure privacy and confidentiality. You can read more about it on Skype’s website here.

To Get Started with Skype:

1. Go the Skype website and download the latest version of Skype for Windows or Mac, then install it on your computer. For help and any questions you have about setting up or using Skype, click here.

2. Open Skype and add me to your Contact List. I will give you my user name when we schedule an appointment.

3. You will need a webcam if your computer doesn’t have one built in, and possibly a headset although I do not always use a head set. If you prefer to not use a webcam that is fine as well.

Download Skype and let’s get started by making an appointment.