Tantra Energy Healing Sessions

I love to do energy healing with people (and animals). The transformations are astounding and there is just nothing like that journey with another. I feel so humbled and grateful and amazed. Sharing  that connection of energy running through us is always different every time and that is one of the things that fascinates me so.

The laying on of hands has been utilized for thousands of years by many cultures and religions.

I have worked with people who had never had anything like this done and were skeptical as well as people who are energy transformation connoisseurs and I love it all.

Animals were my greatest teachers with understanding the subtly of working with another and getting ego out of the way when doing energy work. I have worked with animals and energy since I was a child. I was formally introduced to energy in my Classical Tantra training as well as my African and South American apprenticeships, and then Reiki and I started working with hand on energy healing with people in my late 20’s.

My healing sessions are a combination of hands on or off energy work and can be done remotely if that is your desire.

These sessions are not sexual or sensual in nature and I use whatever form of energy training or combinations of them as I intuitively feel is expressed at the time. I have  used sound, chanting, tuning forks, scents, colors, movement, singing bowls, stones, water, hypnosis, acupressure and other experiences as I see needed and we decide are desired.

These healing sessions allow you to bring universal energy into your body to use as you feel appropriate. You can either utilize me as your portal if you wish to drive the journey or you may leave me to be your guide or a combination of both.

These sessions can be used for healing disease, moving emotional blocks, moving physically stuck places, past abuse issues, depression, spiritual journeying, pain relief, expansion, an experience, accessing the spirit  realm, or really anything you would like.

I also teach energy work through classes or privately.

Contact me with any questions or book an appointment.


Sessions (sliding fee available)

1.5 hours  $197

2   hours   $247


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