Tantra For Women Mp3 series

“Hi Tanja,
I am so glad I finally got a chance to listen to the first session. Wow, you are amazing. So many pearls of wisdom I heard from you. Thank you SO much. I am very happy to be a part of your classes! Yay. I appreciate you and your wisdom.”Warmly,Hadassah

Join Tanja Diamond for an adventure into Tantra for Women through this 3 part Mp3 series. 3 one hour Mp3’s you can download and listen when and where ever it suits you!

These audios were created from Tanja’s Tantra For Women teleseminar series done in 2012. This will benefit you single or partnered.

Tantra is not only about great sex, it is about great life and you can discover quickly how to incorporate some very practical aspects of Tantra into your everyday life.

Ramp up the quality of all you do, revitalize your relationship with yourself, your family, your lover.

Explore the mysteries of sexual arousal and how lack of it means more than just a decline in the bedroom department.

Get solid knowledge on how to get your mojo back, whether you are single or in a partnership and why this is critical for your health.

Understand the anti-aging properties of learning Tantra and how to make that part of your daily routine and save a ton on all the expensive devices you may be using now.

Get the real scoop on becoming orgasmic, vaginal orgasm, multiple orgasm, g-spot, and female ejaculation, and why they should not be goals, but instead sign posts along the way to living your bliss.

Find out why menopause is not the enemy of your life, and so much more…

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All for only $97

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