Tantra For Couples Mp3 Series

Tantra For Couples Mp3 Series



Join Tantra Teacher Tanja Diamond for this 3 part Tantra for Couples Mp3 series created from her teleseminars in 2012. There are 3 one hour segments for you to download along with some other goodies and great information.

We say our relationship is the most important thing to us yet we seem to spend less time involved with that with the rest of our lives.

Like we expect just because we are in love that everything will just be ok. I have news for you, it probably is not.

Both men and women are suffering in relationships that are not meeting their needs.

Did you know that the chemicals that make you feel in love die after 6 to 18 months? That is not IF they die that IS they die for everyone. Unless you are doing specific things to create another chemical you will “fall out of love”, and that can be pretty tough because this feeling can lead to serious issues.

In my coaching and teaching work I have found a whole lot of ignorance about how to be happy as a couple. I mean who trained us for this stuff really?

Time and time again I get couples in my office who are seriously struggling and have been for over 7 years. It takes the average couples 7 years to get help after they start having problems.
7 years!

Do you know how much damage and unhappiness and disappointment heaps on you after that long?

Perhaps you do and that is why you are here.

Letting fear, shame, guilt or ignorance keeping you from living fully in life and love?

Are you wondering why you are never truly satisfied in life and sex?

Do you feel lonely after making love?

Are you curious about how your sex life influences the rest of your life?

Feeling successful and wanting even more?

Have you and your partner come to a stalemate about loving and sexual intimacy?

Are you one of the 40 million sexless couples living as roommates?

Married for many years and finding that your sex life is about as exciting as a sitcom rerun on tv?

In a new relationship wondering why that initial spark and electricity has already started to die down?

SO I would love to take you both on a journey into understanding how to get your needs met and how to create a relationship that you both want, desire, and nurture.Join me for the Tantra For Couples teleseminar and get some answers, practical advice you can use right away, tools and techniques to get connected and heal each other, and a whole lot more.

Some of the things we will cover are:

Understanding why the way you are communicating is probably not working

What he needs from her, What she needs from him and how to actually get there

Tantra sexual Arts, what are they and how they can help you both

Tantra Sexual healing how to be more than lovers

Intimacy, what is it and why if you do not have it your relationship will never fulfil either of you

Incompatible sexual desires and what to do about it

How to create sexual experiences that not only rock your physical world but take you to a spiritual connection as well

Orgasms, his, hers, how to get out of goal oriented sex

and more…..


All for only $97

Do not miss a single moment of this amazing Mp3 series


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