Tantra Energetic Orgasm Mp3

Of all the things Tantra related, none seems more mysterious to many than the Tantra Energetic Orgasm.

I get asked, is it really possible to have an orgasm without physical contact… come on… really??

Yes, yes you can, male or female can do this. Then I get asked, does it feel as good? Yes it can even be better depending on how your orgasms feel right now. Most people I know only have a few seconds of great feeling when they orgasm now. And even though those seconds can be great, having minutes or hours can be even better.

What if I told you that you could learn to have an orgasm on every in breath and sit in meditation as orgasm energy just rippled through your whole body, instead of just feeling it in your crotch, and lasted as long as you wanted it to? Would that interest you?

How about during business meetings or in your car in traffic? Sure makes boring things more palatable.

What if I told you that you can even modulate the intensity from barely perceptible (only you know you are having one) to as big as you would like?

Interested? Join me on this amazing Mp3 journey to your best ever.




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