Tantra Cuddle™

Tantra Cuddle™  is about empowerment, trust,  connection, love and healing

Cuddling isn’t just for babies and puppies… You need it too! Studies show we need at least 12 hugs a day to thrive.

We all need to experience physical touch, it is an essential life connecting experience and it enhances immunity, emotional morale and healthy expression. It builds compassion, trust, safety and community.

Many people don’t get any or enough non-sexual affection touching and we all suffer for that. Yes touch without sex is not only possible, it is imperative. And we are going to show you how good it feels.

Tantra Cuddle™ events are all about getting your basic need of touch met, safely, respectfully and honorably and we specialize in working with people who have suffered at the hands of others.


Tantra Cuddle™  is place to heal, grow and play! Combine a workshop with playtime and you have fun with practical tools you can use through out your life!

Lead by the creator master life strategist Tanja Diamond and her amazing facilitators, you will begin the journey to healthy self-expression through consensual touch.

Experience and discover:

  • Healthy boundaries
  • Self-dignity and love
  • Compassionate communication
  • Respect and trust of self and others
  • A fun and relaxing way to support your personal growth and healing
  • Find your healing powers to support others
  • Learn about intent and energy
  • Deeper self-awareness
  • Find your voice
  • The different types of touch you need




How Long are the events and what can I expect?

Typically three and a half  hrs. We start on time and if you are late you will not be able to come in. This is because we need everyone to be in included in the meet and greet and beginning exercises to maximize everyones peace of mind and comfort.

We will get together take some time to say hello, get changed if you need to, have some water,  and then we will begin with some facilitated exercises and practices. After we finish those you will be given time to practice and cuddle, touch, massage, converse, nap, give, receive, hang out, or whatever you need or feel the need for.



I heard Tantra is about getting naked- what gives?

Tantra is actually the most powerful technology for transformation on the planet. Tantra is well known for the power of energy mastery and healing and a small part about sexuality, although that’s what we primarily hear about it. Tantra cuddle™ events are not sexual in nature.

Why is this different than other cuddle parties?

Tantra Cuddle™ is similar in the fact we cuddle and have non sexual touching however we diverge from there to offer the ability to learn healing through touch and we do specialize in including people who want to work through their previous touch trauma.

Do I have to know anything about Tantra to attend?

No not at all and in fact if you have taken any tantra classes or read anything I would suggest keeping your mind open to what we are doing and bring a curious mind to the events and not your tantra knowledge or assumptions 😉

Who goes to Tantra Cuddle™ events?

Lots and lots of different kinds of of people, and some just like you! Many people start out hesitant and yet intrigued. You might be single or in a relationship, you might bring some friends or come by yourself. It’s all good and if you get here and decide you need to just hang out, and see what it’s all about that’s cool too.

I have some old injuries that keep me from being able to get up and down off the floor, can I still attend?

Yes, you can sit on a couch or chair and participate, or maybe you might just need a hand up or down and we can help there as well.

Why are you qualified to help people who have been hurt through touch?

I have been working with people who have been abused through touch for over 3 decades. I am the creator/founder of Trust Touch Technique™- a proven program to heal touch trauma. If you are someone who wishes to use a Tantra Cuddle™  to work towards healing please contact us after signing up. You can also contact us for some personal one on one work.

Is this co-ed and do you screen people?

Yes it is co-ed and we can also do women/men only parties. As far as screening, we have never had a problem running similar events and I know we will draw safe and respectful people. I also am pretty badass so I doubt anyone is going to push any boundaries.

Will I have to touch people of the same gender as I am?

You never have to touch or be touched by anyone. However if you have a problem with seeing same gender engaged in consensual non sexual touching, this may not be the experience for you OR you might just come and help heal the discomfort you have! If you have these issues and really want to expand and heal your perspective then give us a call and let’s talk. Tantra Cuddle™ is a great place to heal all sorts of things.

How long has Tantra Cuddle™ been going on?

I threw the first Tantra Cuddle™ event back in 1998 and have had them off and on informally since then. Informally because I was way too busy diving all over the world and showing horses internationally. When Cuddle Party came out in 2004 I decided that perhaps I didn’t need to market my event and “compete”. Since  then I have attended “Cuddle Party” I know there are enough differences, so I want to continue on with mine, and of course coming from a place of abundance, there can never be too many places to go and get your cuddle on 🙂

How much do they cost?

Different locations can have different price structures, though typically between $20- $40. Event details are emailed out when you register after contacting us.

What do I wear and bring?

Be comfortable; however leave the jewelry, revealing lingerie and accessories at home. Please be artificial scent free, clean and wear layered clothes or pajamas. You can bring your favorite pillow, cozy blanket and a water bottle. Please no tank tops or shorts.

Do you certify facilitators in Tantra Cuddle™?

Yes indeed we do. Please email us for more information, and put Tantra Cuddle in the subject line.


Please come sober and straight.

Join us for a South Whidbey Island Tantra Cuddle™  TBA    $20

Venue details will be emailed to you from Tanja@learningtantra.com subject line CUDDLE



You will be emailed venue details after payment.


Seattle Tantra Cuddle™  TBA    $20

Venue details will be emailed to you from Tanja@learningtantra.com subject line CUDDLE