Tantra Counseling

Tantra for recovery, life skills, healing, love, sex, and spirituality

My Tantra counseling is a blend of ancient techniques and new brain science along with 25 years of practical personal and client experiences. I typically work with people who have been in traditional counseling for years and are still stuck or suffering. Of course you do not need to be in an extreme situation to benefit.

As a master  life strategist and counselor I am able to assist you with a great many things you may need to talk with someone about. This can be done individually or with someone else or even a family.

I have counseled people on just about anything you might think about and am very open to whatever you might have going on. I will work with your mental health practitioner if you are under care for a psychiatric disorder, or may refer you to someone if I feel that would benefit you.

Although this is a tad like typical talk therapy, I will give you exercises to do that help you not just talk from your head, but discover your heart, and body as well. In talk only therapy you may not completely move the trauma/block from a cellular level and therefore not get through it completely. I work with you to remove all of it so you can recover your life.

All programs are customized for you so please drop me and email and we can set up a 30 Minute Discovery session no charge so we can figure out exactly how to get you the results you need.

For details on what topics you can be coached on using Tantra check out the links below.

You might also look at Healing.

Here is a partial list of things and remember to just drop me an email or call me if you have a question about how I might help you.

Relationship issues, family issues, sexual issues, business, career changes, work challenges, interaction (dating, social skills, self confidence) athletic performance, fear, anxiety, children’s anxiety, fear or behavior, teens issues, addictions, recovery from chronic illness or surgery, terminal medical conditions, passing over rituals and grieving, depression, sexual identity issues, preparing for and integrating big change, rape recovery, sexual abuse, PTSD and more.