Tantra Coaching

Tantra for life, love, business, recovery and spirituality

My Tantra coaching is just like any other type of coaching. You have a goal you wish to attain and I have the tools to assist you to get there. I cannot get there for you; you are the one who has to do the work.

You could desire to get more empowered with your life, or work on being more effective at communicating, have a better relationship, do better in a sport, anything really. We can coach on anything, not just sex or spiritual matters, though those are on the table as well.

My job is to help you assess where your education lacks or weakness is, or sticking points lay and then give you the tools, techniques and encouragement so you can be successful.

As a very experienced life strategist, who has trained CEO’s, athletes, couples, men, women, families, kids, teens, business owners, entertainers,  I am able and ready to get you going, using very unique techniques from ancient times as well as new brain science

I use techniques from Classical Tantra, Neo Tantra and my own Modern Tantra™, as well as a whole treasure chest of other modalities.  Read about my credentials and experience.

This is a very action oriented process and you will be doing work outside of our sessions to get the results you want.

All programs are customized for you so please drop me and email and we can set up a 30 Minute Discovery session no charge so we can figure out exactly how to get you the results you need.

For details on what topics you can be coached on using Tantra check out the links below.

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Tantra and coaching women -life, sex, spirituality

Tantra and coaching couples -life, sex, spirituality

Tantra and coaching families –sex, life, spirituality

Tantra and coaching kids/teens –sexual education, life empowerment, spiritual foundations

Tantra and coaching business – building foundations for success

Tantra coaching and athletics –improved athletic performance, injury recovery

Tantra coaching and practitioners

Tantra and the Aspirant