Tantra and Women


Why I love to work with women.

I love working with women because we are so capable of so many things and I want to see us all flourish. We can promote great change in global consciousness.

We are the healers of the planet and when we are wounded, the planet is wounded and society is a reflection. We raise children and when we are hurting, so are they. We raise our boys to be men and if we are not in respect of men we raise dis-empowered boys who turn to men who are angry, resentful, feel beaten down and unloved. We hold the power in our hands to create amazing men and women, or heal the ones we find in less than amazing shape.

If we are not raising children we are raising businesses, technology, science, communities, or other amazing and brilliant things. These things we birth creatively are a reflection of what we are bringing to the experience.

Ladies, so excited to see you here, welcome. What an exciting time we live in, with all the opportunities we have. We have the choice to empower ourselves and the resources to do it. No matter what age range you fall into, you know as well as I do that taking care of yourself, living in pleasure, finding your purpose and electrifying your sex life are all key. And that is whether you are single or partnered.

When I talk about your sex life I am also talking about your WHOLE life. We are sexual beings; our bodies are designed for pleasure, creativity, birthing (babies, ideas, businesses). We hold the universe in our womb, we are powerful, beautiful and we are here to help the planet feel and heal, in all the ways we do it.

I would be honored to assist you in your healing, your education, your journey, your empowerment or anything else you desire. All you need to do is decide why you came here, and what path you want to take the first step upon.

Here are 3 major categories you can start with.



One on one coaching (Skype/phone) Use my life strategist skills for specific challenges, removing old programming that keeps you stuck,  relaxation and stress reduction, anger management, addiction, lack of confidence, weight issues, poor body image, procrastination, conscious femininity, social skills, destructive behaviors, health issues, recovering from illness and surgery, post traumatic stress syndrome

Modern Tantra™ for a formatted path to Life Mastery, that includes, health, sex, relationship, purpose, business/money



One on one coaching (Skype/phone) Orgasm disorders, arousal issues, recovering from female related treatment/surgery, sexual  inexperience,  learning about men, fertility, sexual addiction issues, sexual confidence, sexual skills, gender issues, polyamory, infidelity, aging, sex and menopause, revive sex life, sexual abuse,  sexless relationship help

Neo Tantra training -sacred sex, sexual healing, relationship and intimacy, prolonged orgasm, awakening your goddess powers,  mastering Tantra orgasm, massage, sexual mastery, sex magic, sexual ritual, sexual potency, sexual vitality, sexual energy management, sexual meditation, sexual polarity, men’s sexuality, kissing, touching,  intimacy

Products Tantra Sexual Mastery for women (coming soon), Mp3 series



One on One coaching (Skype/phone) to take your life to the next level, breath work, meditation, Kundalini yoga, Life challenges, integrating femininity,  fertility issues, sexual polarity, sexual ritual, evolving relationship, energy mastery, energy healing,

 Classical Tantra is the ultimate in understanding yourself and the universe

If you prefer to learn in a group, for your consideration Tantra workshops,  Professional Practitioners page


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Review the categories, Tantra Coaching, Tantra Workshops/Classes, and Tantra Products. If you know nothing about breath work and its importance consider the Conscious Breath V-book as a great foundation for all your practices

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