Tantra and Premature Ejaculation Mp3

Tantra and Premature Ejaculation



Join me for this Mp3 about premature ejaculation, the causes, myths, truths and what you can do about improving your sexual experience.

Tanja Diamond has been assisting men with their sexual issues and challenges for over 25 years and is practical and down to earth with her advice, tools and techniques.

You will easily be able to create REAL change and have LASTING results.

Most men have learned to distract themselves while having sex attempting to not ejaculate too soon.

They use changing positions and thinking about baseball or strange and weird hand techniques that leaves their partners wondering what is going on.

Do you know how long is long ENOUGH during intercourse?

Do you know a woman’s FAVORITE part of intercourse and why most of the time you are not giving her that experience long enough?

Have you been working on lasting longer for years with no success?

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