Tantra and Practitioners

Professional Practitioners

I am defining a practitioner here as people who are already practicing some form of Tantra as a means to create income or a business, it could be any form including your own, or someone wishing to break into using a form of Tantra for income.

If you want to enhance your practice I offer a variety of training on all levels. These programs will all be tailored to what it is specifically you desire to do or add to your business.

Or perhaps you need personal help from someone who understands the industry you work in and its challenges.

If you have never worked in the field I can help you figure out if it is right for you, what you can offer, the legalities, business ethics, the whole thing.

Please contact me personally to set up a time to discuss how we can work together. Here is a sample of what I offer to you.


Training for Professional Tantra Practitioners

Training in Neo Tantra, Classical Tantra or Modern Tantra™ to enhance your services, or continued personal growth

Personal Coaching for Professional Practitioners

Private coaching to assist you personally with the challenges of your work

Business Coaching for Professional Practitioners

Coaching and consulting for your business, internet marketing, websites, or any other aspect of your business. I work closely with my own personal web and app developer to help you create fabulous user and admin friendly sites if you need them.

Healing for the healers

Personal sessions for you to balance and heal


Neo Tantra-coaching, workshops, hands on

Sexual Healing-coaching, workshops, hands on


I take on a very few students a year in this manner, please contact me and let me know what you are looking for.