Tantra and Men


Why I love working with men.

I am really happy you are here, I adore working with men. Most of the time I feel like you guys have a lot of pressure and not a lot of support. I grew up with primarily male friends and spent a lot of time in male dominated sports and have worked with thousands of men over the years. I have been told over and over again by male clients that they felt understood and appreciated.

I like working with men because I honestly believe men want to be honorable, compassionate, loving, strong, sexual, authentic, and love to see the woman they love happy and smiling. Unfortunately many men do this at the expense of their happiness and truth. A lot of men are perplexed by the fact women who fall in love with them as they are want the man to change once in a serious relationship.

Frankly there is a lot of confusion around relationships, sex, what it is to be a good man or even a man for that matter, what the heck women really want, how to get one, how to keep one happy, or how to be happy without one.

I do know one thing for sure, most men want to be successful at whatever they are doing, and I find helping them get there very rewarding.

Why you may want to work with me

I respect the male path and your challenges; I am on your side. I will not sugar coat things and I speak clearly, you can trust me to give you the real scoop. I have very practical advice with actionable plans.

As a woman I can really help you understand us at a core level a male teacher cannot. So then what can I teach you about being a man? I will let some of my male students and clients tell you that (click here)

You should know you are truly needed in our world, by women, kids, your brothers, by our society. We need you as a healthy man with your gifts, talents masculinity, strength, courage, resilience, intelligence, drive, and all the other amazing things you bring to all of us. And even if you are not feeling all that right now, you will… it is all there waiting for you to let it through.

As a woman and human I beseech you to learn, expand, grow, heal, empower yourself, because the planet needs you. Really. I would be honored to assist you in any way possible.

Ok, then the first order of business is to decide why you are here and what you want to get out of your experience.

Here are 3 major categories you can start with.



One on one coaching (Skype/phone) Use my life strategist skills for specific challenges, removing old programming that keeps you stuck,  relaxation and stress reduction, anger management, addiction, lack of confidence, weight issues, poor body image, procrastination, conscious masculinity, social skills, destructive behaviors, health issues, recovering from illness and surgery, post traumatic stress syndrome

Modern Tantra provides you with a step by step path to Life Mastery, that includes, health, sex, relationship, purpose, business/money



One on one coaching (Skype/phone) Ejaculation disorders (PE ED DE) recovering from prostate treatment/surgery, sexual  inexperience,  learning about women, sexual addiction issues, sexual confidence, sexual skills, gender issues, polyamory, infidelity, aging, revive sex life, sexual abuse,  sexless relationship help, intimacy

Neo Tantra training -sacred sex, sexual healing, relationship and intimacy, ejaculation mastery, prolonged orgasm, massage, sexual mastery, sex magic, sexual ritual, sexual potency, sexual vitality, sexual energy management, sexual meditation, sexual polarity, prostate health, her orgasm, kissing, touching, experience more pleasure, becoming a multi-orgasmic man

Products video training, PE ebook, last Longer For Sex, Tantra ejaculation mastery, Tantra Sexual Mastery, Mp3 series



One on One coaching (Skype/phone) to take your life to the next level, breath work, meditation, Kundalini yoga, Life challenges, integrating masculinity, sexual polarity, sexual ritual, evolving relationship, energy mastery, energy healing

 Classical Tantra is the ultimate in understanding yourself and the universe

If you prefer to learn in a group, for your consideration Tantra workshops


Professional Practitioners page


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Define what you are looking for

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Review the categories, Tantra Coaching, Tantra Workshops/Classes, and Tantra Products. If you know nothing about breath work and its importance consider the Conscious Breath V-book as a great foundation for any and every direction you want to go. A life change in itself.

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