Tantra and Kids/Teens

I have such a great time working with kids and teens in regards to life and it’s challenges. Though certainly kids and teens are different in lots of ways the thing most really need is someone who is actually being present and LISTENING to them without a lot of input.

Input comes later when they feel they are being heard and respected for how they feel.

Tantra is about being present, connected and aware. Teaching kids and teens these skills leads them to more successful communication and coping with all the feelings they are having. When they can become aware of what they are feeling and how to communicate these feelings in a productive and conscious way, they get more of what they really need without all the drama.

I work with kids and teens in the areas of reducing anxiety over social situations, being bullied or bullying, divorce, blended families,   school work or athletic challenges, video game addiction, sexuality issues, body issues, food issues, sexual education about feelings and their sexual energy, body respect, dangers of internet porn, porn addiction,  sexting, gender issues, figuring out their sexual identity, recovering from sexual abuse or molestation, teen pregnancy, safer sex and any other life challenge.

I have even worked with kids and teens who are having  thoughts about raping, hurting themselves or others, depression, minor attraction and PTSD.

I teach breath work and mediation in a way kids and teens get and enjoy, giving them a way to find some relief from the day to day stresses of life.

I am here for you and your kids/teens call me and let me know what is going on and I will tell you how I can help.