Tantra and Families


Families are amazing, all these personalities coming into play creating a very unique dynamic. It can be loving, chaos and everything in between all in one day. Whew.

Where does Tantra fit in?

The principles of Tantra are about awareness, connection and being present. In a family dynamic it can be a challenge to be in the fray and feel sane. Communication can be very tough and requires skills to be present and make sure everyone is feeling heard and cared about. Parents need to be on the same side when parenting and kids need to learn skills to deal with the pressure and challenges of being kids these days.

So many families are living in a state of high anxiety and think that is normal. It is not, and it can damage the connection of your family and everyone’s health.

Everyone might be acting out in ways that are not loving and in fact creating more conflict and less connection.

Let me help.

I can assist your family with conscious communication around any and all topics. If you learn together as a family ways to de-stress you can create a connection around a very healthy experience that will last everyone a lifetime.

Below are a few ways I might be of service to you and your family members however contact me and let me know what is going on and we can come up with a plan.



Family or individual coaching (Skype/phone) Use my life strategist skills for specific challenges, effective communication, removing old programming that keeps you stuck,  relaxation and stress reduction, anger management, addiction, lack of confidence, weight issues, poor body image, procrastination, social skills, destructive behaviors, health issues, post traumatic stress syndrome, general anxiety, bullying issues (bully or bullied).



Family or individual coaching (Skype/phone) sex education, teen porn addiction issues, sexual abuse issues, empowering teens to respect their bodies and what to do with their sexual energy, assisting parents to have important conversations about sexuality with their kids, gender issues, same sex desire and integration.



One on One coaching (Skype/phone) breath work, meditation, conscious parenting and family


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