Tantra and Couples


Why I love to work with couples


Couples are a real treat, and I have worked with over a thousand over the years privately and in workshops. It is so awesome to get the masculine and feminine to understand each other to use eyes of compassion and get techniques and tools that create progressive moment into a place that benefit both. Some come to me in trouble, others come to me to deepen an already great relationship and others just because they are curious.

I love to create a container than allows each to feel heard and to feel safe to speak of what they need and want. I love to give techniques so each can see where they can step up and be the one to help heal hurts they have caused and to really see the love and caring from each other.

Move out of stalemate and into creating successes and each catching each other creating success.

I enjoy passing along all my knowledge about couples dynamics, sex, intimacy and the special exercises that are so very powerful some can make amazing things happen the very first appointment.

It is so incredible and humbling to be allowed to assist in transforming a couple’s relationship, whether they were in trouble or making sure they had all the tools to keep them out of trouble.

It is especially beneficial when couples see me early on before they add layers on top of layers, but most couples wait at least 7 years after they start to have problems to get help.

Alas I typically get couples after they have “tried everything” and I am a last resort. Of course that adds an extra dimension to the event. They are frustrated, exhausted, hopeless, distant, scared, and preparing for the worst.

Sometimes only one of the partners comes to work on issues and I will tell you that this can change your dynamic as well, so if your partner is stuck, you can go ahead and help your relationship do not feel helpless.

It’s ok, wherever you are right now… I can handle it and am ready and able to give you my all because being part of helping you succeed as a couple is awe inspiring.

Might I suggest if you are in crisis you jump right in and email or call me straight away.

Here are the three main categories we can work together in.



One on one coaching (Skype/phone) Use my life strategist skills for specific challenges, removing old programming that keeps you stuck,  relaxation and stress reduction, anger management, addiction, lack of confidence, weight issues, poor body image, procrastination, conscious femininity, social skills, destructive behaviors, health issues, recovering from illness and surgery, post traumatic stress syndrome

Modern Tantra™ for a formatted path to Life Mastery, that includes, health, sex, relationship, purpose, business/money



One on one coaching (Skype/phone) Orgasm disorders, Ejaculation Dysfunction (PE ED DE) arousal issues, recovering from female/male related treatment/surgery, sexual  inexperience,  learning about women/men, fertility, sexual addiction issues, sexual confidence, sexual skills, gender issues, polyamory, infidelity, aging, sex and menopause, prostate health, revive sex life, sexual abuse,  sexless relationship help

Neo Tantra training -sacred sex, sexual healing, relationship and intimacy, prolonged orgasm, awakening your goddess powers,  mastering Tantra orgasm men/women, Tantra ejaculation mastery, massage, sexual mastery, sex magic, sexual ritual, sexual potency, sexual vitality, sexual energy management, sexual meditation, sexual polarity, women/men’s sexuality, kissing, touching,  intimacy

Products Mp3 series, Sexual Mastery for men (women coming soon) last longer for sex video training. Tantra ejaculation Mastery



One on One coaching (Skype/phone) to take your life to the next level, breath work, meditation, Kundalini yoga, Life challenges, integrating femininity/masculinity,  fertility issues, sexual polarity, sexual ritual, evolving relationship, energy mastery, energy healing,

Classical Tantra is the ultimate in understanding yourself and the universe

If you prefer to learn in a group, for your consideration Tantra workshops,


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