Tantra and Business

When I first brought Tantra for Business out many people dropped their jaws. Few people would have ever thought of Tantra and business being in the same sentence unless they were talking about people being in the business teaching or doing  Tantra and although I do coach that, Tantra for Business is specifically designed for any and all businesses.

Tantra for Business is about using the technology of Modern Tantra™ to create immense motion and prosperity in your business dealings.

Business is about people and the ability to connect, communicate, synergies  and getting  the deal done. Really successful business also has a spiritual component to it, and I am not talking new age mumbo jumbo, I am talking about a foundation of heart, integrity and soul. It is also true there are more and more business lining up with earth consciousness as well.

Using the foundation of Modern Tantra™ to create harmony in your life allows you to find your truth about your dealings with others and money. The only real definition of success is created by you.

Tantra For Business is also designed to help you find your true purpose or life calling even if you are not desiring to go into business for yourself.

I have been self employed since I was 16 years old and have owned many businesses along the way. I have made millions and lost them as well, all part of the process of exploring my calling and curiosity about life. I have been calling my own shots, my schedule, where I live and what I do, and I have had the resources to live an extraordinary life.

I have owned many types of businesses, and that enables me to be helpful to almost anyone in any business. I am tech, SEO and internet marketing savvy and my husband is a internet and computer super geek,  I have worked with CEO’s of corporations as well as smaller start up’s.

Tantra for Business can help if:

You are successful with business and money at the expense of the rest of your life, family, friends, love, your health

You keep hitting a ceiling in business and not moving past it

You are great with people, not with money

You are great with money, not with people

You have an issue staying productive

You are always sabotaging your business

You have chronic anxiety about your business

You want to find your purpose and life calling

Contact me for a no charge 20 minute consult about Tantra For Business and how we may work together.

You can get more in depth info at tantraforbusiness.com