Tantra and Athletes

I spent most of my life as a competitive athlete of one kind or another, nor professionally but for sport. Equestrian show jumping, tennis, swimming, martial arts, bodybuilding, power lifter, rock climbing, yoga, rodeo, Divemaster, downhill skier, water skier, sky diving, paragliding, to name a few of the sports I participated in. I was not one of those natural born athletes, I had to work for what I wanted.

I coached swimming, diving, tennis, horse riding, yoga, bodybuilding and general fitness (personal trainer) Scuba diving, and other general sports.

Once I received my Classical Tantra training my athletic performance drastically changed. The ability to be subtly aware of my physical body, emotions, the unconscious mind and energy created a complete experience. I did not have one aspect sandbagging   the rest of what I was doing.

If you are a professional athlete or even just want to up your regular game come talk to me about how Tantra can bring you to the next level.