Tantra and the Aspirant


Not many people desire an old school approach to learning and have the respect and devotional mind set.

I did my training that way and there was much merit in it. I am qualified to teach you this way although my lifestyle is not set up traditionally.

I do earn an income and am not supported by my aspirants, consequently you would not be supporting me, that also means under most circumstances you would not be living with me either. My teacher had no place that he lived, so we hung out wherever he happened to be.

We would have to discuss our current circumstances and our needs and see where we go from there. I am able to commit to your training at the present time so please contact me if interested. This is a service based exchange.

I am looking towards the future as more people ask about this possibility and will create a living arrangement, probably not here in the US, to accommodate aspirants who wish to train for periods of time with me.

Please contact me if you are called to this path.