Tanja Credentials

Credentials, Accomplishments, Businesses


Here is a summary in bullet point for those who prefer that.


Owner, director or founder of (in a little bit of chronological order starting when I was 14) all of these made money for me.

Diamond Horse training- behaviorist and riding teacher 1974-1981

Tanja Diamond -gym owner 1978- 1981

Tanja Diamond training- personal trainer, nutritionist 1979-1997

Diamond Designs- hair salon 1985- 2017 retired

Diamond Designs Jewelry- 1987- present

Sun Your Buns- tanning salon- 1986-1992

Tanja Diamond- Master Life Strategist™ 1986- present

Diamond Interiors- interior design- 1987-2000

Diamond Consulting- business consulting- 1988- present

Diamond training and healing- animal behaviorist and body worker-1988-present

Water life Video-underwater videographer- 1992-2000

Willowsgate Equestrian Center- 50 horse equestrian center- 1997-2003

Institute of Empathic Healing- Horse healing and body working- 1997-2005

Center for Sexual and Spiritual Enlightenment- retreat and workshop center- 1997-2003

Tantra Cuddle™– 2008-present (looking for partners)

Tanja Speed Dating™- 2009- present (looking for partners)

Tantra Matchmaking™- 2009- present (looking for partners)

Tantra Healing Oils™- 2014 -present, handcrafted oils for healing emotional, physical and spiritual issues.

Learning Tantra- the hub of all things Tantra we have which includes 15 other websites for Tantra-  2000-present

Tantra, sex, love and intimacy radio show 2008-2010

Tantra for Business™- Tantra for Life Purpose and Business- 2008- present; coaching conscious people towards their life purpose and business, training corporate trainers and certifying coaches in Tantra for Business.

Inspire Life LLC – 2000- present the corporation for all the brands

Inspire Life Certified Coach™ training – 2014- present- training people to become Your Personal Evolution Coaches, Your Relationship Evolution Coaches, High Speed Evolution Coaches, Life Strategist and Master life Strategist.

Inspire Life™ Certified Neo Tantra coaches-2014- training people to coach and heal using Neo Tantra

Modern Tantra™- a 6 step foundational process to integrated living- 2009-present

Trust Touch Techniques™-  healing touch trauma 2009- present

Touch Positive Community™- a foundation for the touch positive, classes, workshops, certification 2014- present

Your Personal Evolution™- 2014- present, website housing group coaching, one on one coaching and the format of learning called High Speed Evolution™ to obtain your personal freedom

Integrated Intelligence™ 2014- present- by invitation only mastermind think tank

High Speed Evolution™- change naturally- 2014- present- brand and process for obtaining your personal freedom and life mastery

Peak Experience Educator™- 2014 – guiding people from beyond success to Peak Experience Living

International Tantra University™- ITantraU,  2015-present -online Tantra learning university and certifying agency

Inspire Life University™– 2015 -present, online personal development learning university and certifying agency

A Business Alchemist- 2000-present- business consulting


Credentials and Trainings

Master Life Strategist™ (over 18,000 hours of coaching clients)

Master Coach Trainer- trainer of speciality coaches

Peak Experience Educator™

A Business Alchemist

Motivational and corporate speaker


NLP practitioner -NLP

Clinical hypnotherapist -C.Ht

Time Empowerment techniques -TET

Nganga spiritual  healer

Curandero healer

Lineage Tantra Master 3 lineages, Tantra Master energy healer and passing over guide

Neo Tantra Sexual Healer

Tantric Sexual Therapist and Coach

Advanced Certified Tantra Educator (Neo Tantra) ACTE-3

Reiki Master Level V  RM -V

Laser Reiki LR

Myofascia release therapist

Acupressure practitioner

Stillpoint practitioner

Bach Flower remedy practitioner Level 2 BFRP

Aromatherapist- RACT

Sound therapist

Vibrational therapist

T-Touch practitioner

Homeopath practitioner

EFT, on going training

Meditation teacher

Kundalini teacher


White Tantra educator ( yoga)

White Tigress- on going studies

PADI diver master

Helicopter pilot

Certified Skipper (sailboat)

Cosmetology instructor

Swim coach/ lifeguard

Personal trainer/ nutritionist

Riding instructor/ horse trainer-Western gaming , dressage and hunter/jumper

Equine Sports Massage Therapist- ESMT

Animal behaviorist- specialty in horse, parrots and exotics

Equine Holistic Healing

Gung Fu- Red sash dragon stylist

Hsin Tao- student



Using hardship in my life to propel me upward

Getting rid of close minded programming from childhood

First business at 14

High school graduate at 16

First million at 24

Motherhood at 42

Finding my soul mate at 48

Comedy night At Giggles

Sang Opera, Rock, Country, blues and Pop to audiences in live performances

Radio host  and TV personality

Paid artist

My voice is on a CD

Published poet

#1 International Bestselling Author, both books so far

Finding an authentic lineage Tantra teacher…. Getting trained by him… making it through to the other side

Incredible apprenticeships  in other countries

Recovering from severe emotional and physical trauma

Curing three incurable illnesses

Assisting others to heal their bodies and minds