Tanja Credentials and life experience

What talents, training, and knowledge does a healer and guide of human consciousness need?

Answering questions about my training and credentials and it is not as easy a question as one may think.

I have certifications letters, formal traditional education and university, apprenticeships, intuitive gifts, esoteric training, alternative holistic and energetic training and an incredible amount of life experience, both because of my family of origin upbringing and my personal life exploration.

I know for some of you my training/credentials are  important in your decision to work with me and I want to respect your path on that, because we are raised to believe formal education means credibility, at least in western societies. If you want a bullet summary of my training, credentials  accomplishments, businesses and  adversity I have overcome, you can read the list here.

I can tell you that the training received is only as good as the teacher or method you were taught and the effort and natural talent that you have.  I have had some amazing teachers and some truly awful ones and only some of it proportional to what I have paid or the time spent learning it.

The most profound and life altering training and learnings have not come from main stream recognized authorities although I have trained with some of them as well. Then there is also the school of life and wow, that has given me so much texture and abilities to understand what others have gone through. When they said, “been there, done that”… they were talking about me.

My schooling life is peppered with what you might expect from a highly sensitive misunderstood gifted child. I failed a ton in grade school, was ridiculed for not being very smart and being so shy. It did not help that we moved so many times back and forth and all around the world and things were always different and I was always the new kid.

Some teacher in Africa finally saw something in me and when I was around 11 I was tested and moved from 7th grade to 9th, turns out I was uber bright and no one had noticed. Around this time I came down with psoriasis and had to figure out how to navigate life being teased about that every day. Kids can be cruel and yet they taught me resilience in the face of adversity. I made it through high school, two years in Zambia, half a year in Houston TX and the rest at an all girls school in Pennsylvania and graduated at 16.

Even though I had enough university credits to hold several degrees I never pursued applying for them, at the time because I was rebelling against my parents, then later because it did not matter when it came to making money doing what I wanted. I originally wanted to be a neurosurgeon so I have a very grounded background in traditional medicine, psychology, neuroscience and neuropsychology. I keep up with studying and research especially when it comes to sexuality, energy, quantum physics, and human nature, western science meeting eastern philosophy.

I had been holistically healing animals since I was very young, however I didn’t formally  learn about so called alternative methods until after my Classical Tantra training in my early 20’s (read more). That training rounded out an already accomplished natural set of gifts that allowed me to access energy in both people and animals and assist in healing.

I got a cosmetology license for something different to do, something more artistic as I took some time off formal studying and this business which I was only going to do for a few years has been one of the main cash incomes for me. It has allowed me  to explore all the many other things in my life and was the source of my first million dollars.

At 30 I  pondered pursuing a degree in Naturopathic medicine but at that point life stopped me almost dead in my tracks with a head injury, a divorce and my mothers death. Along with the head injury I was given a diagnosis of fibromaylgia which I was told was incurable and I would have to learn to just live with the symptoms. No more body building, no more extreme sports, no more rock star, just a life full of pain and fatigue.

I had already overcome being worried about psoriasis and never worried about living in skirts and tank tops even when they took over 50 percent of my body. I had overcome an alcoholic Father, a mentally ill Mom, a life of loss every time we moved,  childhood sexual abuse, rape, losing a loved one, heartbreak,  other traumatic serious injuries, 3 TMJ surgeries.. I was a bad ass warrior, and yet this debilitating pain and being told this was it, no hope for recovery was almost too much. I was suicidal, I was done… or so I thought.

You can read more about my journey to curing fibromyalgia in my book  when I get it written. Getting better it took a whole lot of self reflection, Tantra  and an amazing 4 year journey. I am cured and have been since about 1996. In 2007 I cured another incurable illness called vestibulitis, that took a year.

After the fibro incident I gained not only my health back, I also decided I never wanted to work more than 20 scheduled  hours a week again, and never have. So I effectively semi retired from any full time work at 30.

Life went on and I turned my life to traveling and scuba diving for quite a few years, underwater video was my passion and I was diving 100 times a year until with my then husband I purchased a 50 horse equestrian center and stared showing horses again in 1996 till 2003 when I had a baby at 42 with another man. It’s ok  my husband was with another man as well. My husband and I  had been friends only for 9 years of our 10 year marriage. That’s another book 🙂

Motherhood was truly the most brutal thing ever for me. From running 5 businesses to not being able to make a phone call I was pretty wrecked. Not to mention I should have left the relationship I was in, but to be frank I was scared to be a single mom, which happened anyway just 3 years later. My daughter has taught me more about myself than I could have ever imagined. When her father left I lost everything. My farm, my animals, my money, my Dad died a couple of months before. Most importantly staying in that relationship had caused me to lose my dignity and self confidence. See this guy was an alcoholic, he got sober when we met and he wanted to be with me, but he couldn’t sustain it and he put us through hell.

Alone with a child at 45, bankrupt, heartbroken and scared I had to get it together and get on with it. Thanks to a few very special people that helped me along the way I climbed back out and restarted coaching, workshops, writing and building my businesses back up. I did it and made things even better. I even taught myself how to build websites and successfully market and sell online.

In 2009 I met my soul mate Max, whom I had been looking for since I was young. He had also been seeking me as well and we met at the most cliche of places- Starbuck’s- because of a Craigslist ad I placed looking for a videographer to work with my team. There is quite a story here and I will save it for another time. We married in 2012 and we are more than happy!

Today I am writing, building my online businesses, working with clients all over the world thanks to Skype, facilitating workshops, creating amazing products to help people and loving life. I love being in a position to do whatever I want and be in service to others.
I hope to connect with you soon.