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It really seemed egotistical to create a system and call it Modern Tantra™ for a number of reasons. One Tantra is so immense tackling creating a system up for the task of creating the transformation Classical Tantra does seemed impossible. Two who the heck am I to use the work Tantra in something I have created.

I know people all over are using the word Tantra. Tantra this and Tantra that, seems like they do not even need to know what Tantra actually is to use the word. Why even use the word people have asked.

Typically there is so much misinformation that it may hardly seem worth it to have to educate about the word Tantra. Just pick a different one. No muss no fuss. And yet I made a promise and even though I have rebelled against that promise at times, I am determined to keep it. I have to.

As I said it has taken me over 20 years to evolve to the point where I could take on this project and feel as though I could do it justice.  Tantrics are experimenters; we use our bodies and the world around us as tools for exploration. I felt in my 20’s I did not have enough worldly experience to create a system that would benefit everyone. Well since then the world has provided and I have experienced so many things.

In my late 40’s I had gathered enough personal life experience, spiritual life experience and along with 20 years of client experience to be certain I could make a difference.

I have been called to service all my life and have done so in many ways, though this you might say is my Magnus opus, what I was really put here for. Even several well renowned astrologers have pointed this out to me there just is no denying it.

I believe Modern Tantra™ is the closest thing most people are going to come to Classical Tantra anymore. I do believe that going through the process will give you the tools to life mastery on your terms. That is the beauty; this is a journey into yourself, where you will lead yourself to the truth…your truth.

Why do you need someone to show you how to get there? Why can you not do this on your own? Why do you need a program?

Well really you don’t.

Just like we didn’t need school to learn anything or our parents or our mentors, coaches and friends, we could have our own experiences and discoveries. We would learn most things we need to learn, or die trying. Pretty simple. We can learn by our own experiences or have guides and mentors who have been in similar circumstances help us more quickly.

Most things in nature live symbiotic lifestyles. We are not living in isolation even when we are alone; everything is connected in some way, given that it just makes sense to work together.


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