Spiritual Products

Spiritual products are designed to be part of a foundation for spiritual growth and conscious living. They may be Tantra related or not. I will be adding more products as we go.

Beyond Sex: Tantra, a practical guide to extraordinary livingbeyond sex Tantra book

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What is a V-book?
This is an ebook that has video embedded directly into the container of the book. This means you can watch us doing the breathing practices and make sure you are getting it right and be effective right off the bat.It is the newest technology available and you are sure to enjoy it very much.There is nothing else like it on the market.
“I’ve never done conscious breath work before, my partner, one of Tanja’s students, showed me a simple breath practice. Within 10 minutes of our beginning to work together, I reached a state of depth and intimacy with her that might have taken months to achieve otherwise. The world shifted, colors were brighter, and the details sharper… it was as if I had awakened from a hazy dream. I quit smoking within a week and my partner and I have continued to deepen our love together. I plan to start teaching conscious breath work to my children.”
– Matt B LPN Seattle, WA

Breath Awareness 1 Mp3

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A delightful and relaxing breath practice with Tanja as your guide.

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Healing through Tantra- emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual

We all need some kind of healing, after all life can be rough. The good news is it is never too late to do so.

This Mp3 series is for everyone and anyone who desires to feel free of the emotional, physical, or spiritual pain they carry.

Each Mp3 is 1 hour or so and provides exercises along the way to help you move to a more whole you.

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Sacred Sexuality- Tantra Energetic Orgasm Mp3

For Men and Women- this is one of our edgier spiritual mp3’s. What if I told you that your life force and soul can be accessed through your sexual energy?

This mp3 leads you to the awareness of how to have an orgasm on every in-breath and sit in meditation as orgasmic energy just ripples through your whole body, instead of just feeling it in your crotch.

Learn this and you’ll have the tools to succeed everywhere- so don’t let the simple (and sexual) focus throw you!

What if I told you that this is the journey into the practical side of “energetic transformation” as you learn to apply the power of your spirit?

What if you realized that this could be applied to many other more complex areas in your life beyond sexuality? This is the proving ground…

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