Spiritual aspects of Neo Tantra part 1- Blog

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Using pleasure as a path to enlightenment is attractive, no doubt about it and it is effective as well providing one does the preparation and foundational exploration. Since we are not capable of expanding past our current constraints, physically, emotionally or mentally without first being aware of them, a great start to all practices is Conscious breath work.

All practices are solo practices to start; learning to connect deeply with ourselves is the first step to connecting deeply with anyone else. Stripping away our blocks to pleasure is a step that requires uncovering sexual wounding, shame , poor sexual programming and sexual ignorance and the courage to move that stuck energy and mental beliefs up and out of the self.

If we are caught in a cycle of sexual excitement and shame which is so prevalent that it feels normal to most, moving past all that can feel like taking a giant step backwards in pleasure and spiritual comfort.

It helps to be guided through that process and it can take time to relearn and experience pleasure devoid of past wounding and programming.

To create a spiritual path from pleasure also means to move the experience of pleasure out of the small areas we feel it and to integrate it in mind, all our body and our energy fields. Being able to provide an expansive container for the pleasure to move allows sexual pleasure to become spiritual arousal which has the ability to be unlimited in it capacity as well as life altering.

Typically I teach Neo Tantra as a solo practice to start much like any Tantra I teach. So good news, if you are single dive right in, no need to wait for anyone. If you have a partner then you would want to do some solo time as well as create practice time with your lover.

Creating the  journey to sacred sex or attaining spiritual connection with your partner through sexuality is not about a bunch of techniques and simply having lots of sex and feeling good. It is a meditative process that does require the personal journey first and foremost.            More coming

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