Spiritual aspects of Modern Tantra™ Part 1- Blog

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At the foundation of Modern Tantra™ lies spiritual connection and the exploration of how that connection can fill you up, nourish you from the inside out. Being nourished from the inside out by connecting to something bigger than ourselves is what I call “insourcing”.

“Insourcing” is imperative because right now most of us are running on empty as well as suffering from information overload. We are accumulating knowledge in our heads but infrequently have the time to actually integrate that knowledge. More importantly few of us were taught to understand how to sort out our truth from our programming and therein lays a real issue of internal conflict that affects our whole lives.

All animals either have an instinctual understanding of how to get food, shelter, mate, along with other life skills, or they are programmed (trained) by their pack, tribe, flock, family.  And while this some of this programming is imperative to understanding how to get along in life, most of it is laced with the parents wounding and societal ills.

In some tribes elders teach the way of finding oneself, the journey to the heart and soul, this knowledge allows one to understand at a deep level one’s life purpose and who we are as an individual. This is a lost art form.

Instead today we have the internet and facebook and self help workshops and so much information it can be overwhelming. Who is to know who’s advice you should take or who’s track you should be on? And the more you read, the more you have to choose from until eventually all you do is take in knowledge but not make headway, always feeling less than and that you should be doing more, or better, or something that you are not.

Taking the time to get to know you, learn about yourself, unwind you from the wounding and programming of your family and society is paramount to living a life of YOUR truth, not others and learning to “insource” is the start of that process.

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