Tanja In the Media

Tanja Diamond,  MLS, MCT, Peak Experience Educator, author of Beyond Sex: Tantra and Riding The Phoenix,  is a veteran of radio, print, and TV and hosts her own radio show. “Sometimes controversial, but always entertaining, passionate, and exciting, she will have your audience (and your office) talking about her interview at the water cooler for days afterwards.”

Tanja knows how to match her message to the audience and has appeal in any group.

She has spoken for corporate groups on business tactics, women on parenting and relationships, men on sex and dating, churches on spirituality, and a whole lot more. She is as comfortable speaking on topic to deeply religious and spiritual groups as she is with X-rated shows.

Call 206-276-2735 now to book an interview or  email her


Tanja has been interviewed for Cosmopolitan, Northwest Afternoon, King 5, Kiro 7, CBS 5, Natural Choice, The Ultimate Tantra Summit, The Ecosex Summit,  Ultrafeel TV, Xzone Radio, Seattle Times and many others.

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