I am happy to book you for a complimentary  0 minute Discovery Session to best design a results oriented package just for you or to recommend one of my premium package you can see below.

A wise man once said, ” the day you plant the seeds is not the day you eat the fruit”.

For this reason I no longer do single session appointments. Ethically I feel it does you a huge disservice. No matter how good I am or how well you follow instructions, unless it is a simple question, we can only get you the results with time together.

Any longer term work we will do together is highly personalized for your specific goal or challenges. Typically we would work together one to two times a week or every other week depending on your schedule and what we are working on together.

The average person works with me for 3-6 months dependant on the goals we have set out and I have long terms clients desiring radical life changes who work with me for several years. I also have students, apprentices or practitioners with me for many years.

I deliver information at the rate you can integrate it and that means I could, in theory, get you where you want to be VERY quickly, the progress is wholly dictated by you and your ability to do the process and program.

We can  design a completely personal plan just for you or for a great value check out the  premium packages below.



 Deep Sexy Relationship 4 months

Sexual Dysfunctions men or women 2-3 months

Tantra sexual knowledge men or women 3-6 months

Couples relationship rescue 4-6 months

Internet porn addiction recovery 3-5 months

Breath work for spirituality and healing 2 months

Life coaching 6-24 months

Sexual healing from childhood abuse 6-12 months