Premature ejaculation

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a real perspective

This is a common reason that a man might contact me. I am so sorry that the information out there is perpetuating a very damaging myth.

We were created to procreate, to have sex to propagate the species. To do this a man must inseminate a woman. So he must ejaculate inside her.

In the old days ( think cave man) I would assume people did not have the luxury of taking their time. They were outside, perhaps there were predators and at the very least there were other men that might want the same woman.

It would have been very beneficial to the man and the survival of the human race to come quickly.

At that time I am quite sure no one was asking the woman if it was over too quickly for her. She probably just went back to doing whatever it was she was doing before she was interrupted.

In today’s age a man wants to be a good lover, and so he has been told that he needs to last a long time to satisfy his woman. Most women will tell you ( if they were as honest with you as they are with me) they are not that interested in the intercourse part and would be quite happy to have your tongue or fingers last a longer time than your penis. There is a very specific part of intercourse that women do want to last longer, but most men have no clue what that is. My ebook on PE explains all of this

Most woman do not orgasm through intercourse, and it is not just because the man isn’t lasting long enough. He isn’t lasting long enough during the right part of the experience.

My personal belief is that you come when you come and if you have not even gotten your pants off then you still have plenty of time to please her other ways, before you get hard again. See more below on the matter.

I do not believe in the label premature ejaculation. I believe that there are men who are not educated in the art form of ejaculation mastery. I believe that there are very, very small percentage of men that have an anxiety problem that causes them to ejaculate easily in seemingly inappropriate circumstances. That might be worth being upset by.

I think it has caused more harm than good and it perpetuates the myth that sex is all about intercourse and an erection.

Yes Tantra is known for it’s techniques to prolong intercourse, and ejaculation mastery. And yes, I do teach those things. But I also think that we need to get out of the mindset that it’s the “RIGHT WAY” to have sex.

Porn is really causing an issue on several fronts. One it keeps the PE myth going, and two, it is one of the reason for having PE to begin with.

The way you learn to masturbate is directly related to how you later have sex. If you are routinely getting off quickly looking at porn than hey, guess what.. you are training your body to climax quickly.

If after reading this you still feel you are plagues by the belief that PE is a problem in your life, please contact me. There are instances when it is a problem to manage your ejaculation and we can overcome these issues. Most issues are completely and easily remedied.

I have a comprehensive e-Learning program about educating yourself to last longer called Last Longer for Sex click here for more details

Please go on to read part two for more information, questions and answers about PE.


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