Neo Tantra Certifications Programs

Neo Tantra certifications through Tanja Diamond and International Tantra University, ITantraU



You can become certified to teach others Neo Tantra with no hands on sessions or if you like ADD the hands on sessions certification. You can choose to be a specialist with men, women or couples or move on to teach workshops or to certify others.

All training is suitable for men or women, can be taken from anywhere in the world and are self paced.

Becoming certified means you will have the utmost confidence that you are ready to practice, heal and teach and can handle the things that come up when coaching or doing healing work with clients. You will also be backed by a Master teacher of Tantra with 30 years of experience and the support of a reputable institution with a stellar reputation.

“I find helping people discover their sexuality and enhance their love making and relationships skills so inspiring. Few things make me happier than watching people blossom after trauma, or create huge breakthroughs in their personal and relational lives. Coaching is a super way to be in service to others and make a spectacular difference in the world, it’s powerful, humbling and  I am grateful for the journey”  -Tanja Diamond

OK then, how to get started.

Everyone starts with the International Tantra University Certified Neo Tantra Coach, Core Modules Level 1 and 2  and from there, you  break off into the specialties that best suit you and align with your personal desires and mission. I have outlined below a quick summary of the certifications you can work towards and a link to the full page with details. (certifications pages beyond the first are not available to the public, please contact me for details)

Common questions and answers most people have are on this page at the bottom.

“Tanja Diamond is full on, and the real deal.  I started working with her two years ago, and I am so glad I did.  She has a depth of knowledge, teaching style and integrity that is second to none.  I now have foundational skills that have seen me through intense changes in my life situation, and I have never felt more powerful, current, and deliciously alive.  I am eagerly looking forward to sharing these gifts with my coaching clients.  I highly recommend her to you – she rocks!”  Bev Manchester- Canada  (Coaching candidate in training 2015)


chakras neo tantraInternational Tantra University Certified, Neo Tantra Coach- 

You want to make a difference in the world and you love to assist people to be their best.

This certification is all about coaching men, women or couples in the Art of Neo Tantra. You can choose to specialize in one- men or women- or couples which requires both plus the couples module. This is a comprehensive educational certification for non hands-on coaching sessions. There is a high need and demand for this type of coaching. You can help people discover the joys of healthy sexual expression and to find more passion and pleasure in their lives as well as break the myths and ignorance about sex.

This is the first certification needed to move on to do hands-on portion of the training if that is something you wish to peruse, although this certification stands on its own.

These classes are taught through online modules, books and Mp3 as well as an online support group and  individual coaching calls with Tanja. For more details and to enroll please click here.



Healing_handsInternational Tantra University Certified Neo Tantra Healer- 

You love to be hands-on and love the fact energy can be used by all to heal, to evolve, to give pleasure.

This level of certification will train you to do hands on healing.  After the Core Module you will decide on which specialty works best for your life and goals. You can choose from hands-on Tantra energy healing,  hands-on  Neo Tantra sexual healing or hands-on Neo Tantra pleasure healing or do all three.

Using energy and hands-on healing you can make a huge difference in someone’s life and there is a need for hands-on healers today who hold boundaries and integrity and have been trained to understand the subtle nuances you can experience when work with others who put their trust in you.

Prerequisites-  ITantraU Certified Neo Tantra Coach– see above

These classes are taught through online modules, books and Mp3, video demonstrations as well as an online support group and individual coaching calls with Tanja. Details made available by contacting Tanja.




International Tantra University Certified Neo Tantra Teacher-

You are a born teacher and you want to take Neo Tantra out to the world!

This certification enables you to do all of the above as well as teach workshops and learn to teach my famous Couples Intimacy Weekend and support others on their certification journey.

Prerequisite-ITantraU Certified Neo Tantra Coach and ITantraU Certified Neo Tantra Healer- see above

These classes are taught through online modules, books and Mp3, video demonstrations  as well as an online support group and individual coaching calls with Tanja and live event requirement.

Details made available by contacting Tanja.



International Tantra University Certified Neo Tantra Trainer- crackedopen

You always go for the top and want to master whatever it is you decide to do. You are up for being part of a revolution! Well here it is! The full meal deal.

This certification enables you to do it all,  Teach Neo Tantra, individually, do hands on work, teach workshops and to certify all levels of training for others.

Prerequisite- ITantraU Certified Neo Tantra Coach and ITantraU Certified Neo Tantra Healer, ITantraU Certified Neo Tantra Teacher and see above.

These classes are taught through online modules, books and Mp3, video demonstrations  as well as an online support group and individual coaching calls with Tanja and live event requirement.

Details made available by contacting Tanja.




Questions and Answers.
Q-Where do I find out more details about the trainings?

Please look under each certification category above…”For more details ” at the end of each description.  You can click any active link to go to the full page or you can always  email me if you need to speak with me. I do take limited number of participants during the year to provide excellent coaching. The details of certifications past the first one are available after speaking with me first.

Q- I don’t know where to start what do I do?

Everyone has to start with the first certification course- ITantraU Certified Neo Tantra Coach–  The only exception to this would be with my approval based on your past training and my assessment of that training.

Q- I don’t live near you how can I take your program?

You can take the certifications courses from anywhere in the world as long as you can access a computer. In the Healer certification you will need Skype and video capabilities. If you progress to the hands on healing certifications programs you will be required to demonstrate your skills via video and have case studies reviewed.

Q- How long does it take to get certified?

This is a self paced program so there is no time limit. You might progress quickly through lessons you already know about depending on your background and past training,  such as breath work or energy understanding. If you believe you know something in a lesson at least review it so when we speak together I can verify you understand what I am teaching you about this. If you learned it somewhere else it might not be the way I teach it or want you to understand it or use it. This is very important as there is a lot of mis-information out there.

Q- You program is way more in depth and has more choices than any other program I have looked at, why is that?

It is really important to me to provide you the very best training available and I have over 30 years of experience in this field. I decided to create specialty modules so you can really focus on the areas that are important to you and your goals. Not everyone wants to work hands-on, so you can get certified to teach without it. Not everyone who works hands-on wants to work on men.. so why spend the time and money having to learn about men. Some people want to teach other people how to be coaches, so you can get certified in that as well. I think having choices is empowering.

Q- I learn best by attending workshops, how come you can’t do it that way for me?

I am happy to be available to teach you individually through personal intensives. It does cost more to learn this way and you will still be required to read and listen to certain materials, as well as be reviewed on your knowledge. I am committed to the best training I can provide you with as well as making it affordable.  Please contact me for details.

Q- How much money can I make after being certified?

Of course I can offer you no guarantees about what you will make since that is based on things that you are in control of outside the training. If you do some google research you can find some ideas based on the area you live and what an educator or hands-on healer charges there. I have seen rates from $85 an hr to $600  an hr for coaching. If you decided to take the Business Module (not required for certification) I will help you determine what’s appropriate for you to charge.

Q- Why get certified by you?

That is the  best question to ask before taking anyone’s course.

I think you should consider these important aspects, the creator’s training and experience and the materials and the support you will get during the program and afterwards.

I have over 30 years in the Tantra world, with classical lineages and Neo Tantra, I have received the best training I could ever imagine being honored to experience, I have also experience trainings I was unhappy with and some that were downright  horrid on so many levels. I am very clear about what makes a great course/program and have taught thousands of people over the years.

I have been making a living in the field for that time and have over 15,000 hours of coaching under my belt making me a Master Life Strategist.  A Life Strategist is someone who can coach all aspects of life, wellness and health, sex, spirituality, relationships, family and parenting, business, and wealth. A Master life strategist has over 10,000 hours of experience. I also hold a Master Coach Trainer certification, that means I have the experience of creating coaching certifications programs and have successfully trained other coaches.

The course materials will be the best information I have to offer, I won’t hold anything back. You will learn through different modalities as well as receive individual one on one coaching with me. I want you to you to be expertly trained, to feel ready, to feel confident, to be proud of your training and certification and to be backed by a company that will continue to support your and your education even after you paid.

To this end I am happy to have coaches I have certified contact you so you can ask them about their experience.

Q- What is International Tantra University and how does it fit in with my training?

International Tantra University or ITantraU as we call it, is the certifying entity for any of my Neo Tantra training course and is one of the companies under my Inspire Life LLC.  Depending on when you coach with me the site may be done and if so there would be an active link here.

Q- Why can’t I see the details on the other programs?

I am happy to speak with you about the details of the other programs, remember though there is a course/certification progression, each one builds upon each other.  So everyone starts with International Tantra University Certified Neo Tantra Coach. 

Q- Who can take your trainings?

The certifications are suitable for men and women or a couple could take it together and work as a team. You must be over 18 to take the first certification and over 21 for hands-on certifications.

Q- I don’t want to do hands-on work with anyone yet I want to be able to teach Neo Tantra as an educator. Can I do that?

Yes, you do not have to take any hands on modules to teach clients  Neo Tantra. You only have to take the certifications for hands-on if you want to move towards being ITantraU Certified Neo Tantra Teacher- or ITantraU Certified Neo Tantra Trainer. 

Q- Will I ever have to get naked or have sex with clients to get certified?

No. In my training there is never any sex with demo clients  even in  the hands on training. There are 3 hands-on healing modalities and you can choose one, two or all three. Learn more about that ITantraU Certified Neo Tantra Healer.

Q- Will you and I have to do hands on work together to be certified?

Yes, although it will be through mini demos of energy work at the live event and we will not get naked together. You will have demo clients  to practice on to show me your proficiency at any of the specialty hands-on certifications and you never have to be naked at anytime.

Q- Does this cost a lot of money?

Many people spend many thousands of dollars getting their degrees, technical training and other specialities. This is a training program that teaches you marketable skills to create a lucrative income just like those do. Whether it is a lot of money to you, I can not say, I can however tell you that you can start to make money after your first certification and that can help as you move on to do the others.
I have worked at making this affordable for you, while honoring my education and expertise as well. I have spent close to $800K in my 30 years getting educated. You won’t come anywhere close to that 🙂

I take payments, have some work study open depending on your skills and occasionally scholarships available. Speak me with about what is possible.

Here is a flowchart of the first 3 certification courses (does not show Trainer) and questions please contact me.

Certified Neo-Tantra Coach Infographic


Q- I want to Certify as a Neo Tantra Couples Educator. According to the chart above, what will I be required to take?

In addition to Core Modules 1 and 2 you must take at least one specialty module,  the Men’s, Women’s and Couple’s Modules.


Q- I want to Certify as a Neo Tantra Teacher, and I want to teach Women. According to the chart above what will I be required to take?

Certified Teachers are not limited in their scope and receive the complete training including the hands-on modules. The teacher may of course state their own specialty, however, they will be Certified and trained for everyone. This means all modules are required with the Teaching Certification- Men’s, Women’s and Couple’s.