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I am not a Neo Tantra scholar so all the information about the beginnings of Neo Tantra have been carefully researched using the top most Tantra scholars I am acquainted with. Understand that even they have some discrepancies among them as once Classical Tantra ripped open in the early 4th century A.D. it spread like wildfire and everyone grabbed a slice and made it their own.

Using old scriptures out of context and taking what worked for what they wanted to promote, much of the foundation and traditions of Classical Tantra disappeared only to be held intact by people who were lineage holders of the ancient lines. Most Neo Tantra lineages start about 11th century, after the sage Abhinavagupta invented it in the 10th century, making Neo Tantra popular as a sexual art form.

Like many things in history people left the traditional ways and created their own experiences and Neo Tantra is no different. From this movement away from traditional guru energetic transmission to a different form of teaching, different branches and schools of Neo Tantra emerged.

Hindu Tantra, Buddhist Tantra, Tibetan Tantra, according to scholars Tantric ideas and practices spread far outside of India, into Tibet, Nepal, China, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.. Today, it is Tibetan Buddhism and various forms of Hinduism that show the strongest Tantric influence. Believe it or not all these can fall under Neo Tantra.

Many of the foundations of the practice of Classical Tantra were by passed or considered unnecessary and this allowed for more and more deviations from the tradition. It became a religion, a spirituality practice, a cult, a philosophy, a business, and other things as cultures devoured it.

Some old texts were translated however without the understanding of the time they were written or the foundations that were needed to achieve the specific trainings Classical Tantra was known for.

The exciting part of any break from tradition is the new experiences that can be created and Neo Tantra was no exception. It became a synergy of yoga, sex, massage, healing, energy all with the express goal of creating more and more pleasure in the body.

Some of the traditional schools frowned upon promoting “lust” that raised dopamine levels to a point that was considered harmful to the physical and spiritual body and were not fans of chasing bigger and bigger orgasms. Of course being human and pleasure seeking, this was the part of Neo Tantra that became legendary.

While Classical Tantra was all about seed retention, frictionless sex without orgasm as a goal, this seemed dreary to many, while the techniques and practices of Neo Tantra were exciting, new and sold to blow your mind with pleasure while you held the hands of God.

Where as many Classical Tantriks were celibate or used sexual energy for raising Kundalini and not orgasm, the Neo Tantriks were developing better and better ways to experience the physical limits of pleasure and orgasm and of course this seems more fun.

You may have heard about schools that divided and the right and left handed paths, where one seeks to use the body as a path to enlightenment by utilizing pleasure, alcohol, meat, and other wordy items and the other uses celibacy , no meat, no herbs, no alcohol and nothing but the mind and energy to attain growth and peace.

As Neo Tantra spread so did its entrepreneurs. Neo Tantra unlike Classical Tantra has always been an industry in one form or another. Even if the industry was simply getting the master tons of sex from ignorance outsiders believing that sex with the master would enlighten them.

They flocked in droves to these exotic temples and ashrams, paid with their sexual eagerness and sad to say, not everyone was having a good time. This is real life and in every place in the world and in every venue there are ethical teachers and non ethical ones.

I think Neo Tantra has so much benefit or I would not teach it. I also think we must take caution when using the most primal and wounded aspects of our humanity as a path to anything until we have done our personal ground work. Many people were and still are taken advantage of by unscrupulous self proclaimed teachers of Sacred Sexuality (another name for Neo Tantra).

Neo Tantra made its way here in the 60’s on the wings of some masterful teachers and charlatans sometimes hard to distinguish between the two. Here it became clumped in with the new age movement and was thought to be whatever you wanted it to be. Love, love, the upper chakras, Neo Tantra became synonymous for all things positive and beautiful, going with the flow, and no training needed.

Classical Tantra the oldest most disciplined and formal scientific training ever became a rainbow, and it became lost as it was swallowed up in new age spirituality.

Today Neo Tantra is thriving in many formats in many areas of the world. It is being used for as a healing modality, erotic massage, sex work, for workshops, helping couples, sexual healing, as a code word for sex parties, and so many other things. There are many people including myself who have created their own “brand” of Tantra (me Modern Tantra). These may or may not have anything to do with anything Classical or Neo Tantra at all.

You can find clothing optional retreats, places to do bodywork with your sisters only or brothers only, single retreats where you can get respectful touch, sexual free for all’s, more mainstream approaches for people more conservative, pretty much anything you can think of. Make sure you read and ask questions so you can get what you really want.

I tell you this so you know when you decide to look into using Neo Tantra, which can be an amazing tool for healing and education that you are sure to find what you are looking for and not get surprised or wounded. There are many awesome people out there practicing Neo Tantra even if they do not know the history of it, or call it the wrong thing (Tantra). They have great intent and deep desire to help others out of sexual shame, out of the fear of abuse, into happy healthy sex lives and like me, desire for you to feel everything you can in your body.

Your body and pleasure is important. It is not a luxury that should be reserved for special occasions. Living in the fullest expression you can as a human means your sexual energy and pleasure is a priority even if you are solo. Getting the healing you need from your past or abuse is imperative as you can only experience joy and bliss when you can FEEL everything.

Have fun and leave me some feedback.

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  1. I love how you put being grounded as prior to healing. I’d like to share my experience. I had tried several techniques for building my self-esteem, self-worth and grounding. Recently i started owning my body through sensory and sensual techniques. Those have really helped me be more grounded while giving me an impulse to my self-acceptance, self-esteem and empowerment. And that is exactly how I came to Tantra. To explore deeper, more spiritually in more ownership.

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