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 Modern Tantra™

Modern Tantra™ in brief

Modern Tantra™, created in 2009 by Tanja Diamond bringing her promise to her Classical Tantra Master to fruition.  Modern Tantra™ creates a platform for true transformation and healing in our modern time.

Ancient alchemy and wisdom from several continents, esoteric,  traditional methodologies along with new brain sciences and Tanja’s own intuitive gifts,  provide the substance that propels Modern Tantra ™  forward as a contemporary path to finding ones personal healing and truth.

Modern Tantra™ is a formatted process when one undertakes will create a solid personal foundation in the 4 areas of life needed to access life mastery. Tantra Of Awareness, Tantra of Self, Tantra of Relations, Tantra of Purpose and  Tantra OF life Mastery.

The purpose of the process and format is to allow you to learn to “insource” your wisdom instead of outsourcing it, as is typical given today’s lifestyles.                                                        Read more



Tanja and Modern Tantra™ in Brief

Tanja is  the creator of Modern Tantra™ and its unique format. After a 20 year evolution of life she was finally up for the task her Classical Tantra master had asked of her very long ago. He knew that society was moving away from traditions and the old school form of guru worship, serving a master and spending one life in devotion to something bigger than themselves.

He did not want to see his beloved lineage and knowledge go by the wayside and he bid Tanja to create a system that would provide the depth of understanding of self and the universe and enable it to be taught to many at a time.  She was young when he asked her and it took her evolution spiritually and in this world to create a program that honored him and was effective in modern society.

“As a past workshop junkie and self help book reader I wonder why I had to keep doing more and reading more if any of it was actually working. And yes I know, work the plan and the plan will work. Except it was always someone else’s plan and not all of it resonated with me. If it did not resonate with me, inevitable I would seek something else. Problem with that, was seeking from my wounded place, seeking from my lower self place, seeking from my needs place, or my scared place, or my inner child place. These things always lead me to other things that would seem interesting or just what I needed until I found they no longer were or I would not stick with them and then on the hunt I was again.

Most things we learn stay in our head as knowledge. Clearly the integration was a key and getting the knowledge out of the head and through and through was the challenge.


After being involved with Classical Tantra I found that we all have the ability to “insource” our best path and resources IF we can get our bad programming and patterns out of the way. Most programs start with a self place, you know, love yourself, self care, that sort of thing. All well and good however there is a layer below that.

I learned in my Classical Tantra training that below the self was the ability and imperative need to connect to a bigger source than ourselves. If we could do that, understand it  and integrated it fully, we would have an easier time clearing our baggage and getting to the heart, the center, the power within ourselves, our truth. Not our learned truth, not our programmed truth, our personal vibration at source truth.”                                                                       Read more


You and Modern Tantra™

Wondering if Modern Tantra™ is the right path for you? I think that if you are at a point in your life where you really are ready to create the life you desire, than yes  Modern Tantra™ is your ticket.

Modern Tantra™ is a culmination of love, life mastery and experience, deep understanding of human nature and the ability to teach huge concepts from a very grounded, practical and simple process. It is the very practices and foundation I use with my family and life.

I see many people seeking and reading, and learning only to fall back to the same patterns. Tony Robbins has one of the best track records in the self empowerment industry and his results are a whopping 5 percent (industry standard 2 percent). 5 percent of people who use his programs or go to a workshop continue to use the training and grow. I did not want people who worked with me to be in that 2 or 5 percent. I aspired to more for you.

The process I teach creates integration at a deep level, so you do not have to do the same thing over and over in your life, you can break free and live fully. Your fully , not mine.

Are you tired of starting and stopping or getting stuck in the same loop?

Wondering what your life purpose is?

Confused about all the choices of self care and health and information you are subject to?

Struggling with self care, or relationships, your sex life, your creativity, your path?

Do you wonder how to get and stay connected to your divinity, the universe, God?

Why oh why every time you think you are finally there in one area of life, others crumble out from under you?

Does your finances situation cause you stress?

Bad relationships over and over again?

Maybe you are just ready to step up your game and live an extraordinary life.

Modern Tantra™ is right for you if you want a format to life mastery, your life, your mastery, harmony in all facets. You can take the time you need to complete the levels and once you have, you are then empowered to understand the critical components of your life choices. You can quickly scan what you are doing and see if there are any holes in your foundation, and address them easily.

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