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Modern Tantra™ is my baby, a labor of love and experience. My years of life, my challenges, my successes my training and my insight have all been used to create a plan for living that I use as well as teach my family and friends.

It is not grandiose; it will not change your world overnight however it will assist you to find out what really matters to YOU. It will teach you skills to understand yourself and your life choices with consciousness and confidence. It will teach you to weather life’s surprises awesome or not in a way that makes things way that takes the majority of anxiety and stress out. Once you get it you will use it for the rest of your life.

Modern Tantra™ has 6 foundations to life mastery.

Foundation One- Tantra of Awareness
FoundationTwo- Tantra of Self
Foundation Three- Tantra of Sexuality
Foundation Four- Tantra of Relationship
Foundation Five- Tantra of Passion and Purpose
Foundation Six- Tantra of Integration

The purpose of achieving life mastery is really about understanding yourself and also have created a personal plan of health, healing, purpose and a way to navigate the world we live in today while prospering, not just getting by. It’s about integrated living which is where integrity is truly achieved.
Life happens that is a certainty. How you deal with it, whether you actually can move through it or get paralyzed by it is the real feat.

I get asked quite a bit if I have this magical life and I have to say yes, although not because nothing ever happens but bliss and love. I have had to overcome very serious life challenges and emotional and physical traumas. Had I not had a foundation upon which to rebuild and draw strength I would not have made it, or at least not as easily.

I believe that there are minimum requirements we all have for happiness and prosperity, and I am not talking about financial wealth when I say prosperity, though there are requirements for that as well.

The kind of minimums I am talking about have to do with our fundamental needs. If we cannot distinguish between wants and needs we can lead some very unhappy lives and not realize why. Many people put their wants ahead of their needs and create a life of needless stress, anxiety, and unhappiness, never knowing why.

So take a moment and let me ask you, what do you actually NEED in life? Are you getting what you NEED or are you filling your life with WANTS because the NEEDS seem too big or too far away, or too…

Do you know where to even start with that question, because many people I have asked do not.

I would love it if you would take some time and really examine your needs and wants. Get to know what they are, dare to express your NEED on paper no matter how far-fetched you think they are.

As kids, we are not really taught about our NEEDS being important. Most of the time we are programmed by our parents who also may not be getting their needs met or they may not even know how to talk about it, some have never even considered the question.

Some people believe NEEDS are selfish. Most people create their lives without their needs being taken into consideration and then wonder why they are so unhappy even though it appears they have everything anyone could want.
OK so get ready… have an honest sit down with yourself and write about your NEEDS, your true NEEDS, not just your wants.

Until next time….

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  1. What an interesting question. You would think that defining your needs would be quite easy like money to live by, a roof over your head, food to eat, and love but when you start really thinking about it, your life experiences change those basic needs into something much more specific. Then you start thinking, I want a job that I love that will give me the necessary money to have my basic needs met but also to save for the future and have enough to create memorable experiences in my day to day life. I also want to experience exceptional love which encompasses, trust, compassion, communication, love being with each other but also apart, touching, kissing, great sex. I can see how some of these might fall into the WANTS group and that I could possibly settle on some of my NEEDS but at this point in my life, I feel that this is what I need.

    Thank you for such a thought provoking question. Julie L

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